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Original filename: nataliebeatham-torrington-connecticut-relationship-truth.pdf
Title: - NATALIE BEATHAM TORRINGTON CT Relationship with Evan - 06790 - Jan 2019 - July 2019

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Table of Contents
Reason for this Site About Natalie M Beatham
My Crush on Natalie Beatham
Hell Starts - Natalie Beatham - March - June 2017
Natalie Beatham - June - Dec 2017
Natalie Beatham - Jan - June 2018
Natalie Beatham - July - December 2018
Natalie Beatham - Full Hell - Jan - July 2019
Why Natalie Beatham & Evan Relationship Won't Work
Natalie Beatham & Evan Relationship Jan - Feb 2019
Natalie Beatham & Joshua Steal Natalies Brothers Wallet
Natalie Beatham Throws Josh Under the Bus
Losing My Cool & Acting Like a Fool
Natalie Beatham & Evan March - May 2019
Evan Dumps Natalie Beatham March 2019
Voicemail Proof Natalie Tells Me She Loves Me
My B-day Gift From Natalie Beatham - More Bullshit
Natalie has Two Strange Men in Her House
Natalie Finally Has Sex with Me
Natalie Beatham & Evan Relationship June - July 2019
Natalie Beathams Heroin Overdose and 911 Call
Natalie Beathams Heroin Overdose Video
Natalie Shooting Heroin 2 Weeks After Overdose
Natalie Beatham Insults All Her Friends
Natalie Beatham Cons Mentally Handicapped Out of Money
Natalie Beatham Throws Brother Under Bus
The Final Straw of Natalie Being an Uncompasionate Animal
Natalie Beatham Overdoses on Heroin AGAIN WHILE IN CARNES WEEKS REHAB!!!
Natalie Beatham Cries BOO HOO About Her Kids
2 Days After Rehab Natalie Knocks on My Window
Free 3 Month Vermont Vacation for Natalie
Natalie Beatham and Evan Relationship The Future
Final Offer of Help for Natalie Beatham
I Discovered Just What a Filthy Nasty Skank Natalie Beatham of Torrington CT is

Allison Box Reveals Shocking Info About Natalie Beatham
The End of Natalie Beatham of Torrington CT


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Natalie Beatham, Torrington CT and Evan - From Jan 2019 - July 2019
The next 6 months display an example of the ideal shit for a relationship. Looking back I
have NO IDEA what I was thinking getting involved with a broke chic, addicted to drugs, no
money, no ambition, no future?? In fact, not only do I wonder why it happened to me, but
why has ANY guy EVER been involved with her?!?!? She has and offers NOTHING!
It was during these 6 months that I REALLY got to know Natalie Beatham of Torrington CT. I
got to experience everything that was the reason her brother and many other people told me
to have nothing to do with her.
My parents had met her a couple months before and from just that short, 30 minute meeting
both my mom and dad said "Stay away from her Evan, she is nothing but trouble ". I should
have listened mom and dad - I should have listened.
I found out from Natalies brother that the only reason she started to be my girlfriend
and go out with me was to try to get even MORE money out of me. That is how greedy
and selfish this sociopathic animal is.

Why the Relationship Between Natalie Beatham and Evan Would Never
Things were, for the most part, fine between Natalie and I up and until Jan 2019 and that is
because our expectations were simple and straightforward.
1. I take her to Waterbury to see Tito so she can stick needles in her arm and pollute and
damage her lungs and brain and damage and lose her kids.
2. she takes care of my physical needs and offers me a little companionship - emphasize the
word LITTLE because she is not there even when she is there.

Not exactly a healthy relationship in any sense. Once it becomes a relationship however,
expectations of the other person increase.
Natalie is the kind of person you can't expect ANYTHING from or you will be deeply
dissapointed. Natalie is 100% a taker and 0% a giver.
Natalie pretends to be a giver and fools people who have not gotten to know her that well.
She does this with words. For example she might say "I saw so-and-so today and told him
what a great person you are and he should hire you" when if fact that never happened and she
made it all up. That is one thing Natalie is an expert at: using nothing but words to paint false
pictures of her and who she is in peoples minds. Trust me - IT IS all in your head.
You can't expect Natalie to be:

Morally sound.
Think of anyone but herself 24/7.

Don't believe me? As I have said before - ask her own brother.

Natalie Beatham and Evan Relationship Jan - Feb 2019
Thing started go south pretty fast. The first bad thing that happened is NOTHING. What I
mean by that is, if you are in a relationship with a person, my experience is that you talk to
that person, pretty much every day. Simple things like a text message every day "good
morning, how are you" and "going to bed now - night night ". That is normal is it not? 3 days
after Natalie said she was my girlfriend, I had not heard from her once. So I texted her and
expressed my thoughts about it and then all of a sudden, like clockwork, ALMOST every day
I would get "good morning handsome". And at night "good night my handsome man ". Now am I
the only one who thinks its weird that I had to tell her this? My first clue that Natalie didn't
really give a shit.
Here is something Natalie would regularly do. If we went to Waterbury to pick up and we
got back to Torrington before 8pm or so, Natalie would alway come up with "ok I have to
go home and make my dad dinner. I'll be over right after at about 9pm" or "my dad just shit his
pants, I have to go home and wipe his ass" or "my dad is having a diabetic attack so I have to go
home and feed him baby food". More than half the time Natalie would either ...
Not show up at all. In fact I would hear nothing of her at all and she would not answer calls or texts and
would not hear from her until the next day where her excuse was always "sorry I fell asleep". This
caused me to blow up her phone with calls or texts until or if she answered that night.
Show up late, sometimes very late, and I would have to call and/or text a bunch of times over the next
couple of hours to see how long she will be. Her excuse was always, "I have to wait for my dad to fall
asleep and he is still up watching TV"

I'm sorry but is this girl 16 years old and daddy tells her what to do. When is she going to
grow up and be a lady?? Noone sleeps this much and I doubt her father had dinner at 9pm.
My guess is Natalie was trolling other guys to get more free drugs. If she could scam
another dude, fuck Evan. If she could not con another guy to take her to Waterbury and get
more drugs, she would come over.
If we left late enough so that we got back after 8:30pm or 9pm, she couldn't use that
excuse, so she would then have to come in to take care of my physical needs and hang
around for awhile. Me and Natalie had a code word we used for her giving me a happy
ending massage and that was SURVEY.
Whenever she told anyone, like her father, she was coming over to do a survey for
me, it meant she was coming over to give me a handjob.
However whenever Natalie was over, every minute she was here she was either shooting
coke or shooting heroin. Almost no socializing at all unless I hung in the kitchen with her to
start conversation. It was almost like I had to beat her with a bat to get her to come out to
the living room and cuddle with me and watch TV.

Natalie Beatham & Joshua Steal Natalies Brothers Wallet
Sometime in Jan or Feb 2019 Natalies money/drug source, Josh, was hanging downstairs
with David (Natalies former brother) pretending to be his friend. Josh leaves to go back
upstairs to be with Natalie. David Notices that his sweatpants, which contain his wallet which
had hundreds of dollars in it, was suddenly missing. David goes flying upstairs because he
knows that Josh stole the sweatpants with the wallet.

As David made it to the doorway of Natalies room, he could see that Natalie was trying to
hide Davids sweatpants, so obviously she was in on the theft as well - her own brother!!! Of
course Josh was pissing his pants in utter fear and terror of David. I wish I was there. I am
pretty sure David recovered the sweatpants which still had the wallet. And people wonder
why Josh is on David's hit list?? Are we yet beginning to see what filthy pieces of street
homeless shit these two assholes are?? Daddy Won't be there to protect you forever

Natalie Beatham Throws Josh Under the Bus
So just before Natalie and I start dating, (late dec 2018) Natalie and her dad pick up Josh
from jail. Owen was his assigned babysitter or something like that. I am sure Natalie is also
feeling a bit lonely after my rejection the prior October.
During the month of Jan and Feb 2019, I make it clear to Natalie, multiple times, that I am
anything but OK with Josh living with her, sleeping in the same bed, etc., when WE were
suppose to be dating. From when Josh gets back late Dec 2018 until about mid Feb. 2019,
Josh has no real job and just side gigs like emptying the trash at the Sunoco across the
street. In other words, Josh can't afford to buy Natalie drugs. She knows I have the money
for anything. So in mid Feb. 2019, because "Josh was drinking ", Natalie tells her father about
Well if he can't buy her drugs - WHAT
GOOD IS HE. He was also no good to
Owen because he can't afford to pay
him money for rent. Based upon
Natalies proddings (Natalie - prodding
means coaxed suggestions), her father
Owen turns him in and he gets sent
back to jail.
Natalie was pleasing me because I do
have the money for whatever she
wants. So on the ride all the way back
to jail Josh is insulting Natalie
Beathams father calling him things like "snitch", "faggot", etc. The VERY NEXT day, when I
come over to pick up Natalie, she tells me Josh has been sent back to jail with a big smile
on her face and we both celebrate "the whicked witch is dead, the whicked witch is dead ".
Now how about that for true commitment to her men? "yea MEN not MAN as multiple " Your
not helping Natalie get and do drugs, under the bus with you!

Losing My Cool and Acting Like a Fool
To this day I have no idea why I put so much effort into such a dud. Either she did not like
me much or she was the most boring person in the world. She said she did not like or enjoy
cuddling or sex and mostly just did that because the guy wanted it. I'm sorry but if you refer
back to Natalie and Evan June 2017 - Dec 2017, she was the one who came up with the
idea of intercourse and even pushed it and had three kids she couldn't keep. I am still
baffled by this. She obviously liked sex enough to come up with the idea and initiate it in late
2017, but a year and a half later she doesn't like sex anymore. In other words, when we
were NOT in a relationship she wants sex with me but when we are IN a relationship she

doesn't?? This is one mixed up gal.
Was she attracted to me and liked me back then, but not now, and was just playing the role
of girlfriend because she thought it would get her more money for drugs out of me?? She
still was pleasing me physically in other ways but the whole thing was very very strange. All I
can say, and without meaning to offend Natalie, either you did not like me OR you are the
worst and most boring person in bed in the history of mankind.
The entire 6 months of our relationship my mind was always having a battle of - does
she care about me or is she just using me or a little bit of both.
Needless to say, this type of behavior on Natalies part started to really piss me off, upset
and confuse me. THIS type of shit was why I would lose my temper and sometime do things
out of anger. I never ever hit Natalie OR raised my hand to her or even came close. But I did
lose my temper, at times, to the point that I did scream a lot of very not nice things, things
that I knew would hurt her and eventually make her cry. And the reason for this bad behavior
on my part was not JUST because I was frustrated by this weird behavior of hers, but almost
the ONLY time I really felt like Natalie loved me and cared about me was when I was mad at
her. She would start to cry and get very upset and that made me feel like she cared about

Natalie Beatham and Evan Relationship March - May 2019
The previously bad and weird and confusing behavior by Natalie continued on at a regular
pace. Generally we would get along RELATIVELY fine for about 5 or 6 days and then she
would do something messed up to make me feel like she did not care and when I had
enough I would get upset and yell at her until she cried and I felt like she cared about me.
Not exactly the most productive or healthy relationshit, I am sorry, I mean relationship.
Part of my defense as to why I was an idiot and stayed in a relationship with Natalie
Beatham was ...
I was never friendly with a drug addict before. I had 0 prior experience with this kind of person and I did
not know I had no chance of competing with drugs for Natalies attention.
For some strange reason that I still do not understand, the idea or thought of leaving her was just way
too lonely and painful of a thing. What was it I was so afraid of missing?? Was it the fantasy of who I
thought she was? Was I hoping she would change? Was I holding on to hopeless? Was I going to miss
her squirting her heroin needles and painting my ceiling red so she could make sure her heroin needle
was not clogged?

Evan Dumps Natalie Beatham March 2019
In late March, I was still witnessing Natalie do shitty things to other people, not just me. Like
going down to Waterbury to get drugs for someone and then taking half of whatever was
purchased so she got free drugs, without telling the other person anything or asking.
She was also stealing her fathers pain pills and selling them to people. She has been
permanently kicked out of multiple establishments for stealing such as

She also regularly told other people to back up her lies. Likerotelling
f d l ehh t Jacquie
iw eman t sa l
ycav i r p
to tell me that Natalie always speaks highly of me and loves me to death (this occured
in a couple of months later, in June). One night in late March 2019 I made up my mind I

could no long have anything to do her. I really never met such a terrible person before.
I called Natalie Beatham up on the phone at about 10pm and said ... " Natalie, I am sorry
but I can't be with you anymore. You treat people like shit, lie to them and deceive them.
You are not a good person and I can't be with a person like you."

She immediately began bawling her eyes out. I made the terrible mistake of getting all soft
and changed my mind. I really wish I did not change my mind and stuck to my guns. It would
have saved me a deal of future emotional grief.

Voicemail Proof Natalie Tells Me She Loves Me
Natalie Beatham of Torrington CT has been lying to everyone telling them she was
never with me and never cared about me and I was just a stalker giving her a hard
time because she would not go out with me.
This is a voicemail recording of Natalie in late March 2019. Listen to it for yourself. To
understand the context of the voice recording, Natalie told me she was going to call me back
in 15 minutes. Two hours went by and she still had not called back so that when she did
finally call back I did not hear it. She assumed is was purposely ignoring her. Notice the tone
of Natalies voice when she says "PLEASE call me back - I love you "
You tell me if her " I LOVE YOU " sounds genuine or not. Sounds pretty genuine to me,
but you decide.
Your browser does not support the audio element.

My Birthday, April 9, my Gift From Natalie Beatham - More Bullshit
Natalie had just gotten a waitress job at Chilis in New Britain around April 1st 2019. Natalie
has gotten and been fired from more jobs than anyone alive so I knew this job was not going
to last.
Here comes another Natalie false promise. She promised me that on my birthday, a
Saturday, that she would use her waitressing tips to buy us drugs in Waterbury. Like an ass,
I believed her. She told me to come to her work to pick her up at 8:30pm. She asked me to
bring her some crack that she had left over at my house. I said to her "so you want me to
unnecessarily transport a federally illegal item 30 miles in my car so you can smoke some crack?"
She said absolute nothing which meant YES. See how caring and wonderful Natalie
Beatham. Are you getting to see how she cares about others?
So I get to Natalies work at 8:30 on the dot. She sees me outside through the window
waiting in my car almost as soon as I get there. I am left waiting outside for 30 minutes. She
knew I was there and never acknowledged my presence. I started to get a little peeved
(Natalie - peeved means pissed or angry).
Finally I come in and am like "Natalie, what the hell is going on. I thought you were getting out at
8:30". As usual she gave her bullshit excuse - something like the night is real busy or
something like that. I figured she had me come much earlier than she was getting out so I
would be the one waiting and not her.
She finally comes out at around 10m and at this point I am pretty worked up. When she got
in my car the first thing out of her mouth "I did not make much in tips tonight so I won't be able
to treat." So its my birthday, I am the one paying every single day, and on my birthday she

could do whatever it takes to show her appreciation for me and her love and treat me?? At
this point I am absolutely so furious I couldn't see straight and she knew it.
If I WAS an abusive boyfriend, she would have the shit beat out of her right there. To make
a long story short, we went to Waterbury, I paid like usual, I am anything but happy. I am
hysterical to the point of my facial expressions, body language and driving has Natalie
scared shitless. Once again, Natalie Beathams fucked up behavior and lies turns me into an
angry nut to the point where I scream, put down and insult and she cries.

Natalie has Two Strange Men in Her House, One in the Bedroom
One thing that really bothered me is the entire time we were together, Natalie never once
invited me over to hang out. Even though her place is a disguisting and messy, with dog shit
and piss all over the floor, it was the meaning of the gesture that counted.
In late April, Natalies father was going to be away for about a week caring for and staying at
a friends house who was sick or something like that. I though for sure she would invite me
over then.
About the second or third night with the father gone and the house all to herself, I had the
strange feeling something was up. Since I only live a mile away, it was real easy for me to
sneak over and do a little investigative work. So I pull into her driveway, turn off the
headlights. As I approached the front door, I called her phone as a distraction from my
approach. As soon as I got to the front door I saw one guy in the Living room with her and
another guy coming down the stairs from her bedroom.
I immediately went nuts. She rushed to and opened the front door as I retreated to my car in
anger. When she open the door I blurted out - "fuck you! you can have guys over your house
but I can't have girls over mine!!". I got in my car and sped off. As our ususal, weekly, toxic
relationship fashion, I ended up screaming, throwing lots of sharp daggers for insults. She
started bawling. We make up. What really bothered me about the whole thing is that she
thought two strange guys (strange to me anyway) alone with her in the house was no big
deal and I was making a big deal out of nothing. Tell me readers, does it sound like nothing
to you that I, her boyfriend, and not over when her father is away so I can spend time with
her and instead there are two strange men in the house alone with her??

Natalie Finally Has Sex with Me - No Fireworks
Prior until now me and Natalie had not had sexual intercourse and it bothered me. I had
been with her for 4 months now and she was suppose to be my girlfriend. I basically told her
that is she is not having sex with me at this point then she has to have her heart set on
someone else other than me and that I don't want to pursue here any more without sex. Her
excuse to that point was being violated while very young makes intimacy difficult. I knew that
was BS from her coming after me for the sex previously.
Natalie Beatham agreed to sleep with me.
The whole experience seemed really awkward and weird. I mean I did enjoy it but it was like
someone put a gun to her head or something. It also did not help the fact the entire time I
was thinking "jesus - I hope I don't catch anything ". We had intercourse a total of 2 times in
May. Right afterwards I would quickly go to the bathroom to shower and put a lot of attention
on cleaning my privates out of fear of STD related viruses on the area. Natalie knew I am

sort of a germaphobe so she didn't think I was just going to clean my privates because I
thought she was infected with something. I was still never conviced she was not sharing her
body with other guys for drugs so I was a little STD paranoid about that.
I recently found out from Natalies brother, that all I had to do was tell Natalie that she is not
getting any money unless she sleeps with me and she would have started having sex a lot
sooner. As her brother proclaims: "If it involves somehow being able to get drugs, Natalie will
fuck you".

Natalie Beatham and Evan Relationship June - July 2019
June was the worst month of all. The frequency and level of arguing reached the point that it
was almost daily. It really go ugly and the police got involved saying we could no longer
have contact with each other. A few days later I installed a texting app on my phone called
Talkatone. I messaged her from it. She responded, and we are back at making our toxic
relationship even more toxic.

Natalie Beathams Heroin Overdose and 911 Call
I reached my breaking point in mid June. She had pulled another one of her bullshit games
where she gets her crack and heroin earlier in the day (about 7:30pm.) She comes up with
same lame excuse to go home and will be back later. She was suppose to show back up
around 8:30pm. Like usual,no show.
Finally I call her around 9pm. She answers the phone and I could immediately tell, by the
tone of her voice that she was high on something. Natalie tried to lie and say she was just
tired, but I knew better. I finally got her to admit that she shot 5 bags. She stopped
reponding to me and I felt she was overdosing. I called 911 and her brother and immediately
headed over. When I got there,the ambulance was coming up the hill and Natalies cranky
nasty father said to me "get the hell out of here! ". That is because Natalie has been lying to
her father making it look like it was my fault that she is a drug addict.

Video of Natalie Beatham Torrington CT Heroin Overdose
You see, over time, Natalie had successfully convinced daddy and Josh that I am the bad
guy and its my fault she is a heroin addict that its MY fault she overdosed. Natalie has her
father, and her ex-boyfriend Joshua wrapped around her finger and everyone who knows
her well knows that.
I left and went home. I had not heard from Natalie for two days and did not know why. I
knew she did not die from the overdose and was fine. At this point all of her screwed up and
rude behaviors, over time caused my top to pop. To my surprise, Natalies brother had
actually taken several videos of Natalie nodded out on her overdose.
To make a long story short, the stress and wars between Natalie reached a boiling point,
and DCF could not have picked a better time that a week from now to demand her entering
30 day full time rehab at Carnes Weeks Torrington CT.
A few days before her entrance to rehab, Natalie
ycav iintroduced
r p r o f d l ehh t Jacquie
iw eman t sa l
to our sexual fun. After Natalie left for rehab, two days later, and me and Jacquie has some
sexual fun a few times all by ourselves without Natalie. It was this that made me realize that
I never cared about Natalie, I just wanted a young girl in my life. Jacquie is ten times more
attractive than Natalie and I toldycher
av i r pboyfriend
r o f d l ehh t Nicolas
iw eman t sa l
that he is one lucky

Natalie Shooting Heroin 2 Weeks After Overdose
Just days after her heroin overdose, Natalie is back at it. The images below are Natalie
Beatham shooting coke and then heroin. I never understood how someone can shoot
anything in their body.
This is why I have no hope for Natalie ever being clean. 911 is called because of an
overdose on heroin and days later you are back on it?? Natalie Beatham either can't help
herself from doing drugs or she WANTS to die and this is her form of suicide??

Natalie Insults All Her Friends
Another wonderful trait of Natalies is the inability to shut up when she is smoking crack. And
when her mouth is running as we return from Waterbury, all she does is put down and talk
bad about people who think Natalie is her friend.
During her crack induced return trip tirades Natalie has insulted and put down ...
Her father:"what ia pain in the ass - why does he stop calling me every two minues", "he can never leave me
alone and is always up my ass".

Her mother:"she is a horroble mother who was never there for us and chose a child molester over us"
Her brother:"his girlfriend is using him and he is too blind or stupid to see it.", "he is bipolar and fucked up in
the head and should be on meds".
ycav i r p r o f d l ehhBernadette
t i w eman t sa l
ycav i r p r o f d l ehh t i w em
an t sa l

: "she is a shitty and neglectiful mother and does not deserve her kids."
: "what a whore she is - doesn't she have any self respect", "she goes around to all

the guys at the clinic in Torrington and tells them she will give them sex if they buy her drugs"
ycav i r p r o f d l ehh t i wNicolas
eman t sa l

: "he is so possessive and controlling over Jacquie", "he goes to work making

sure he has food for himself and leaves pregnant Jacquie with nothing ".

av i r p r o f d l ehh t i w eman Jeff
t sa l

: "he is a creep. I was upstairs and he texted me from downstairs and said 'hey

Natalie, I am horney.", "he is so gross, I would never touch him."
ycav i r p r o f d l ehh tJoshua
i w eman tM.
sa l

: "It really bothers me that Josh goes to the soup kitchen to eat but he lives

with me - its embarrassing.", Josh says he has a landscaping business but he doesn't even have a car?!,

"yea his Superman thing and typing in all caps is annoying and makes him look like a child."

cav i r p r o f d l ehh t i w emaJenn
n t sa l

: "What a crappy mother. She takes her daughter Jorden to Waterbury to get coke,

crash, and heroin.", "she constantly yells at and puts down Jeff and abuses him."
ycav i r p r o f d l ehh tStephanie
i w eman t sa l

: "she beats her chiwahwah's and they never have enough food", "she has

used butter as masturbation lubricant"
ycav i r p r o f d l ehh t i w Allison
eman t sa l

: "Allison is just using my brother. She only starts hanging around him more when

he has money"

(Sorry Natalie for revealing your private communications with me but you are the one
who chose to put out lie after lie about me and you and our relationship, trying to
make me look like the ass just so you look good, so I am just making sure people
know who the TRUE NataLIE Beatham is.)
Then she goes and hang out with these people later, all smiles and fake expressions of
friendship, of course mostly for the purpose of manipulating THEM out of whatever she can.
As I have said before, Natalie Beatham has NO friends, she has objects.
I have often said that if you watch how someone treats others you will see how they are
going to treat you so I am sure Natalie has included me in the put down list when she
sneaks off to Waterbury with someone else to get drugs.

Natalie Beatham Guilts a Mentally Handicapped Man into Giving her

Money for Drugs
There is a man yby
cav ithe
r p rname
o f d l ehhof
t iwDanny
eman t sa l
who had some sort of brain injury
when he was young. He has been living in the same crack house with Natalie for years.
Mostly because Danny is taken advantage of by Natalies father and Danny pays almost half
the rent even though there are many others living in the house. Don't believe me? Don't
believe ANYTHING you have read on this website. Ask her brother because he knows
everything about Natalie and who she is.
Natalie manipulates him into giving her $80 every week for drugs when he only makes $200
per week and she knows that! She SAYS that she tells Danny is that she needs the money
to pay back a bail bondsman or she will go back to jail. Common sense says Danny is NOT
going to keep doing this week after week if he is not getting SOMETHING out of it. What do
you guess Danny might be getting out of this? How about that for a person of character and
honesty and trustworthyness? Anyone single looking for a horrible time?

Natalie Beatham Throws Her Brother Under the Bus Once Again
In March 2019, Natalie went down to Waterbury with her brother to pick up stuff. Again,
thanks for sharing with me Natalie. And she wonders why I always had problems trusting
Because Natalie is such a hard core crack addict, as SOON as they pick up, Natalie can't
wait 1/2 a second to stick her crack pipe high up in the air to take a crack hit. Every time me
and Natalie went down she was the exact same way. If she doesn't take that first crack hit
within a second of getting it, her head is going to explode? No patience. No discipline. No
morals. No good. Because of this, a cop, sitting right in the parking lot, saw this and he
swooped in for the arrest. Her brother ending up taking the rap for everything and told the
cops that ALL the drugs were his so he got busted, Natalie got to go home.
Afterwords, her brother seriously regretted doing this because he realized she would
never do this for him. In fact, she does just the opposite - she throws other people
under the bus to save herself.
This incident is just one example of why her brother has dis-owned her and will never talk to
her. Natalie had not talked to or called her brother in over a month and finally tried calling
yesterday afternoon Aug 3., 2019, via facebook. She called twice. Her brother responded
with a text saying "stop calling me ". Her genius reply: "ok, sorry ". I and her brother are sure
the phone was only because she wanted something from him, like money or drugs (while
she is in rehab believe it or not)
Natalie told me numerous times when we would do a Waterbury run that if we got pulled
over by the cops she would take the drugs in her possession and take the blame. I actually
believed her but now I know her better, I am pretty sure that was BS she fed me to make me
feel more secure about going down and buying her drugs, and create the illusion that she
had my back and cared about me so much that she would go to jail for ME. Yea right, she
would do that for me but not her brother?? Just more lies and more manipulation from a bad

The Final Straw of Natalie Being an Uncompasionate Animal
On August 3, 2019, I texted Natalies brother asking him to text Natalie asking to talk with
me. She does. She sends me a Facebook text that first reads "What?". She then tries to call
me. When she did this I did not see it. It was not until about 9pm that I finally see and and

return the Facebook call to her.
The microphone on my computer is not working properly so I keep having to hang up and
call back. Finally, after about the fifth attempt her ex-boyfriend, Joshua Morellie answers the
phone, and in his Mr. tough guy says to me "Hey, stop fucking callin here, fuck off and hangs
up". As far as I am concerned that is the lowest and slimiest move Natalie could have made.
Was she trying to embarrass and humiliate me?? Why would she call me with Josh standing
right there.
It's like we are dealing with (2) 16 year old immature, high school kids who have no business
raising kids themselves and I am pretty sure, given both their tattered pasts, will never get
the chance. Was he trying to flex his beer muscles to show Natalie he is the man and will
take care of her? It was in this moment that I finally get it though my head that it is time to
walk away and leave these two alone to raise another Torrington CT dysfunctional family.

Natalie Beatham Overdoses on Heroin AGAIN WHILE IN CARNES WEEKS
3 weeks into her rehab I found out that Natalie Beatham had something happened where
she had to be airlifted to the hospital and was in an induced coma for five days she almost
died. Me and her brother assumed that somebody slipped her some heroin and a needle,
when they visited her, and she overdosed. She claimed she had a seizure from NOT doing
drugs for a month but her brother and I know that is bullshit and read below to see why.
UPDATE: I later found out that Natalie DID have a seizure but a girl who use to be friends
i r p r oNatalie,
f d l ehh t iw
eman t sa l
, has a stepsister that works at the hospital ER and
she said that Natalies seizure was faked, probably to somehow get free prescription drugs.
In addition, you are not going to get a seizure from withdrawing from crack or heroin, but you
WILL and can get seizures withdrawing from Benzodiazepines. The only problem with this
story is that if you are going to seizure from withdrawl of Benzo's, it's not going to take as
long as 3 weeks for that to happen, which supports the idea the seizure was fake AND that
Natalie was using drugs the whole time while in rehab. Guess Natalie went to rehab not to
STOP taking drugs but to get more of them??
I am betting she never had ANY intentions of quitting drugs and that was just for the sake of
making daddy happy. If she cared at all about her child Bernice, she would not have been
doing drugs during her whole pregnancy, which I witnessed for myself, firsthand. So Natalie
should stop her fake tears about how much she loves Bernice, because it's clear she did
and does not give a crap about ANY of her kids. It's more of Natalies "tears for manipulation "
bullshit. There is something really really wrong about this thing named Natalie.

Natalie Beatham Cries BOO HOO About Her Kids
This is one thing that disgusts everybody in Torrington CT and not just me. She is always
pretending to cry and be all upset about her kids being taken by DCF. However the entire
time she was pregnant (April 2018 - Dec 2018) she was shooting coke, smoking crack, and
shooting heroin just about every day. She ended up giving birth to a crack addicted baby
that they had to put inside some special glass case with special lights. I was there at the
hospital and saw the little things (Bernice) hands shaking like she had Pakinsons or
something. Shame on the nasty filthy pig of a mother!! Shame on you!!! She hurts
EVERYONE including BABIES!!!! She has also lost two previous daughters, Abby and
Isabelle because of her drug usage.
Hey Natalie - if you gave a flying fuck about anyone but yourself you would not have

been doing drugs while you are pregnant you fucking loser.

ycav i r p r o f d l ehh t

Her fake tears and pain are just another excuse to get down to Waterbury and get heroin
and crack to feel better and numb the pain about who and what she is. This doing drugs
while she was pregnant is just one of the MANY reasons
Natalies brothers girlfriend
eman t sa l
and a few others, as soon as the ideal opp. arises, are going to
beat the holy shit out of her and not just once.

2 Days After Rehab Natalie Knocks on My Window
Well 2 days after rehab, which was about 11 days after her hospital incident, Natalie walked
to my house with her Husky dog, knocked on my window (August 5, 2019, approx 2:15pm)
and wanted to go down to Waterbury to pick up some heroin, crack and cocaine for herself.
While we are traveling down, (with her dog in the car so if she got busted the dog would be
taken from her - but she deserves to have and raise a child??) she was trying to tell me that
she didn't overdose that what happened is she had a seizure because of going three weeks
without having any drugs which sounded plausible and she had some kind of paperwork
from the hospital. She also said that she has a damaged heart now from doing crack for so
many years.
However after she picked up the drugs from Waterbury, she instantly started smoking crack
like she always had. She shot a decent amount of strong cocaine without any VISIBLE
reaction. And then she proceeded to shoot three bags of heroin without any visible signs of
being on heroin 5 to 10 minutes later.
My point being that if she really went a month, length of time she was in rehab,
without doing any drugs there's no way she would have been able to do that much
drugs and not overdose instantly. Which means she was definitely doing drugs, on
some sort of regular basis, the entire time that she's been in rehab. Again more lies
and deceit from Natalie Beatham of Torrington Connecticut.

Free 3 Month Vermont Vacation for Natalie
Here is something I am sure Natalie never told anyone. I knew, before Natalie went into
rehab at Carnes Weeks, that if she went into rehab and came back to the same house and
the same surroundings with the same people in her life, she wouldn't have a chance in hell
at staying clean. I even told her father that is he cares about her and wants her to become
and stay clean that he needs to move him and her far away from Torrington so she can start
over in a new environment away from the same loser drug addicts. Losing all your "friends"
might be a tough pill to swallow but these people who are supposedly friends are just human
garbage and not good for her anyway. Apparently Natalies father Owen doesn't care THAT
much for her though.
I made Natalie aware of this reality in June, a few times. I also told her that I had plans to
fully pay for, in advance, a 2 - 3 month stay at a nice motel in the Vermont or New
Hampshire mountains, all meals and whatever her needs paid for by me.
Both of us would be away in a beautiful mountside surrounding for 2 - 3 months so
we both can get 100% clean and healthy.
All I asked of her, before I committed to that, was for her to stop lying to me. I made it clear
to her so many times that there is absolutely no reason to lie to me and deceive me. If she
was not attracted to me at all and just hung out with me to get free drugs in exchange for
sex, she could tell me that. I would not be angry. Because all I EVER wanted from her was

to just act like a normal friend to me - be honest.
Was I asking too much?? Apparently. It's sad that
this shell of a human being is such a broken person
inside that she doesn't even know HOW to be a
friend to someone. She knows how to PRETEND to
be a friend but she really has no idea what is
involved to actually be a friend. This is what so many
people don't seem to understand about Natalie and
how she treated me.
I did more for Natalie than any other human
being in her life and she knows that but yet to
save her own reputation she lies to everyone to
try to make it look like she has no feelings for me
and is never intimate with me and makes me look
like a psycho stalker or something.
Thanks for having my back Natalie. Reminds me of
the Chuckie doll "I'll be your friend to the end ... hideee
ho!". One day she will look back and realize what a
horrible person being she was to me and is to others.
Natalie Beatham gives a whole new meaning to a
wolf in sheeps clothing.

Natalie Beatham and Evan Relationship
The Future
There is none. I know what Natalies future will be though
Natalie now knows that I know
very well who and how she is so she knows she won't be able to con me out of anything
anymore or get money from me anymore. I know she cared about me to some degree, but
her behavior, lies and selfishness will not be tolerated anymore by me. She knows it will
come with consequences. I am not saying I am perfect. When she did or didn't do something
that hurt enough, I would make up my mind that I was done with her, get angry as I reflect
on how she lied to, manipulate and used me, and then do something in reliation and anger,
like posting videos of her overdosing on youtube.
I aksed a couple of people that knew her and about our relationship, I asked them "do you
think Natalie cared about me or was just using me"? Two responses I got summed it up
ycav i r p r o f d l ehh 1.
t i wNicolas
eman t sa l

av i r p r o f d l ehh t i w 2.
eman Jeff
t sa l

: "I think she cared about you but Natalie Beatham is not a good person".
: "I think she loved you as much as a drug addict possibly could".

All I can say to Josh is - put on your seatbelt and get ready for a rough ride. All this shit she
did to me, she is doing to you. You don't seem to see it though. However I do remember
taking Josh AND Natalie down with me to Waterbury in Jan 2018 and I jokingly asked Josh
"exactly how much do you trust Natalie, on a scale of 1 - 10? " He was drunk at the time but
replied with "about a 2 or 3" so somewhere in his brain Josh IS aware of Natalies lack of
honesty and integrity. The sooner Josh jumps this sinking ship called Natalie - the better off
he will be.

I Discovered Just What a Filthy Nasty Skank Natalie Beatham of
Torrington CT is

I did not know Josh, Natalies newest fake boyfriend, was about or know him too well. All I
knew of him was the three times in the winter of 2017 2018 when he came down to
Waterbury with me and Natalie so they could get drugs. He did not talk much but was drunk
all three times. But on August 11 2019, he came into the police station where I was and I
learned so much more about this uneducated cave man. Every other word out of his mouth
to the cop at the window was Fucken this and Fuckin that and calling me a faggot every 5
seconds. After a few minutes I realize just what an uneducated, classless thoughtless
animal this boy is.
The fact that Natalie Beatham allowed this ape inside of her, to me just shows that she has
absolutely 0 taste and 0 class and I finally realize what a white trash loser she is. I am
actually ashamed and shocked that I EVER had sex with Natalie Beatham and let her get
naked with me. She will obviously have sex with ANYONE and I would never in a million
years ever touch this worthless person EVER again. In fact I would not even spit on her. She
could not pay me enough to allow her to touch me again. I will never let this thing in my
house or on my property again. I have little respect for her before. I have absolutely NO
respect for her now, whatsoever.
She is not only a dirty filthy pig on the outside (showers once per week) but an even bigger
worthless person on the inside. The word disgusting does not even come close to what it is.
I thank GOD I finally learn the truth about this thing given the name Natalie. Her and Josh
belong together.
Natalie Skakum is incapable of change and the entire 6 months of our relationship I was
seriously deluding myself about her having any potential for growth or improvement as a
person. This is what is called a lost cause. I purchased her a book by Tony Robbins. I
wonder is she ate it, smoked it or fucked it. I know she didn't read it although lied to me
about that she did. Lying is her expertise though, not just with me but with everybody. What
a fucking waste of not just 7 months but 2 1/2 years. UUUUUUUUUGGGGG
DISGUSTING!!!! This is all just MY opinon though, which I am entitled to under the freedom
of speech act. I am pretty sure everyone who knows her as well as I do thinks even less of it
that I do, if that is possible.

Final Offer of Help for Natalie Beatham
If Natalie ever decides that she REALLY serious about getting clean (if she lives long
enough because of her heart) at ANY point in the future I will fulfill my offer of the 2 - 3
month Vermont retreat. I may be very angry at Natalie for what she has done to me but I do
still care about her and is she is serious about getting away to REALLY get clean once and
for all, she knows where and how to reach me. She certainly has no problem finding me
when she wants drugs. Tell me Natalie, when was the last time, if EVER, ANYONE
INCLUDING YOUR FATHER, offered to shell out thousands of dollars to help you get
UPDATE: after learning what a filthy pig she is I would not help her in a million years and I
can't wait til she dies soon of an overdose. If she ever DARES to call or text me again or
knock on my window she will pay the serious price for it.
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