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natalie beatham torrington ct 06790 allison box conversation about Natalie .pdf

Original filename: natalie-beatham-torrington-ct-06790-allison-box-conversation-about-Natalie.pdf
Title: - Allison Box Reveals Shocking Info Regarding Natalie Beathams Sexual Promiscuity

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Table of Contents
How Natalie Beatham & I Met
My Crush on Natalie Beatham
The Beginning of Hell - Natalie Beatham - March 2017 - June 2017
Natalie Beatham - June 2017 - Dec 2017
Natalie Beatham - Jan 2018 - June 2018
Natalie Beatham - July 2018 - December 2018
Natalie Beatham - Full Hell - Jan 2019 - July 2019
Allison Box Reveals Shocking Info About Natalie Beatham
Final Thoughts About Natalie Beatham of Torrington CT
Share your Comments/Thoughts on Natlie Beatham

Allison Box Reveals Shocking Info About Natalie Beatham.
Allison Box is a former friend of Natalie Beatham of Torrington CT 06790.
Allison disowned her as a friend when she discovered that Natalie Beatham was regularly
using crack and heroin the entire time she was pregnant with her third child taken from DCF,
On the evening of Saturday August 10, 2019 I had a long text messaging session with
Allison and the following are the exact, quoted text messsages about Natalie Beatham:

2019-08-10 23:33:42 from +186020136**
Look at all her ex’s. All addicts. She
manipulated them all. Lies to them all.
Cheated on them all. They played
along wit her stories. Gave her the
fake sympathy bout her ‘cancer
scares’ , which r lies too, n bein in pain
n needin shit n Owing this one n that n
needin money. They all losers that she
can control. She turns everyone she
goes near into a addict. I’ve seen her
turn ppl onto dope. More shit for her. I
don’t wish that on my worst enemy.
She’s a disgusting person. I told her I
dunno how she looks in the mirror wit
out killin herself n I can’t wait for daddy
to die N when ur bro drives by u
workin the corner homeless n he tells
u to fuck off. Can’t wait. She’s fucked
wit out daddy.
Yes she played u Evan. I used to yell
at her n josh all the time to go upstairs


n cuddle n shit I don’t wanna see it. Or
in the car. They were constant. The
other guy Dave too. Was wit him n
fuckin the guy dwn stairs for drugs.
She’d pass out n he had pics of her
passed out naked. Dave would go to
work n shed run dwn. Then she
started wit the abuse bullshit stories.
Which I won’t get into cause that really
hurt me. I was ready to kill that
motherfucker n it was lies. The Jen
shit too. Had me ready to go beat her
ass. Again lies. That bitch was always
talkin bout fuckin n wanting to n just
did n was goin to go do it now. Or the
sorry I didn’t answer we were busy
hehe. Gag gag. That’s so gross. She
doesn’t shower! She don’t wash her
clothes. Her fuckin nails black. U can
see the dirt in the creases for fuck
sakes. I still hate David for pointing
that out lol. I always looked after that.
U can do soooo much better than that
Evan. U sure can’t do worse though.
OMG. She actually had me believing
she was selective about who she
sleeps with when she really is a total
pig. Holy shit if I caught something
from her she is going to jail. OMG - the
entire 6 six months with Natalie were a
complete waste. I was with a
prostitute. I was shedding tears over a
fucking hooker.
I remember her recently telling me
about being at a trap house in
Waterbury with Jenn and Jordan, back
in early 2018, before she stole the
$1,000 from Jenn, and one of the guys
in the flop house said if Natalie would
have sex with him he would give her
an 8 ball of crack. She said Jenn was
telling her to do it and she said no
way. I bet you she did it. OMG I was
with a prostitute for the last 6 months!!
She is disgusting. Ask her how mello
is. Nasty bitch. U don't know bout half
the ppl she was jerkin and suckin.
This is totally shocking to me because I thought Natalie was at least somewhat sexually
selective but boy was I wrong. It all makes sense now because the 6 months I was with this

filthy pig, who never showers, her brother repeatedly said to her, in front of me, "Natalie, if
you Evan get ever to try dope I am going to punch you right in the face and we will never talk
again - EVER". (thank you Dave. I love you guy. You are the only one in the family with

brains and potential and I know one day soon you WILL be successful).
The reason he said that to her so many times is that is exactly what she has done to all her
past fuck buddies, got them to try and get addicted heroin so she has another resource for
drugs herself.
Her brother told me, right after I showed him Allison's text messages, that I could have
gotten her to have sex with me a lot more than she did by just telling her "no more drugs
Natalie unless you are having sex with me". I am so glad I ONLY had sex with her twice and
washed my privates vigorously afterwards because I am sure I would catch and STD from
having sex with her.
I will definitely be getting checked out by my doctor and if I caught something permanent,
she is going to get arrested because it is a felony to have sex with someone and not tell
them if you have an incurable STD. I always thought Natalie was a white trash skank but,
given this new information about Natalie, without any reservations I can honestly say ...

ycav i rp rof

I have never in my entire life met such a skank, pig and human filth and I can
guarantee I will never ever have ANYTHING to do with that piece of shit ever again.
d l ehht Nicole
iw e
an t sa l
told me to let it go, Karma is going to take care of Natalie
and Josh.
Looks to me, by the lack of life they lead, what they don't have, how broke they are, addicted
to drugs and losing ALL their kids, karma is already dishing out its punishment to Natalie
Beatham of Torrington CT 06790 and Josh. When I showed her brother, Allison's boyfriend,
these text messages to confirm the validity and truth of the information he confirmed that
everything said in the text messages is 100% valid and the truth.
Allison HATES Natalie's guts and has vowed to beat her up real bad.
David HATES Josh with a passion, mostly "because he behaves like someone who is retarded, broke
and the town drunk, but yet tries to play like he is Superman?? On top of that Josh knew Natalie was
playing Evan and let it happen which shows what a piece of shit he is and to top it all off, in 2018 Evan got
Josh a ton of Cocaine and weed 100% FREE!." David has vowed he is going to beat the living shit out

of Josh.

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Next Page - Final Thoughts on Natalie Beathams Future without Daddy Fishface

Your Thoughs or Comments About The Natalie Beatham/Evan Story
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post your comments and thoughts below

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