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August 2019 Minutes
President Frank Nash led the Pledge of Allegiance for the eighteen members present. We had one guest, Bob.
Frank mentioned that member Vern Blausey was in the hospital having a knee replacement.
Frank and Laurie talked briefly about their Alaska cruise/trip.
Birthday coins were given out to those present who were celebrating birthdays in August.
Vice President Sue Chonoles shared her monthly tips. This month’s tips were about how to record found coins. She distributed a sheet
that was designed just for this task. Sue also announced that she had more club shirts to sell. She and Dave are also selling the lantern
baskets for night hunting, and club buttons that were created by Dave.
Treasurer Laurie Haire gave treasurer's report. She also mentioned again that she is looking into a weekend cruise for interested
members so that we can hunt on an island. Once she receives the best rates, the details will be announced to the club to see who would
be interested, and best time frames.
Jack Kazee confirmed that all present were receiving the various e-mails that are sent out, especially the Tinfoil Times. He also brought
up the possibility of using a private Facebook page for the club members to use for sharing information. He also asked the group about
having a club Facebook page, but no one seemed interested. The members’ preference is for group texting to be used for quick club
Since it was raining, the club activity did not happen. We spent some time sharing stories about metal detecting, and items in the news.
The 50/50 winner was Pete Schneider.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:45.