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“A Walk Through My Life”
Written by:
Megan Rose Munoz

All rights reserved.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for
caring about my education and sending me to private schools all my
life. Thank you for always supporting me and being there when I
need your help with something. Thanks for always listening to me,
and for caring about what I’m telling you. Thanks for being someone
that isn’t just a parent, but also a friend. I really couldn’t thank you
enough for all that you do. No one could ever replace you in my life.
You’re the coolest, most amazing father that any girl could ask for. I
love you.
Your daughter,

Megan is my name.
Eating chocolate is what I like.
Giraffes are really cool.
Attention span is short.
Not a lot of people know I hate the snow.
Rose is my middle name.
October 30 is my birthday.
Snakes are creepy.
Everybody thinks I’m weird.
Munoz is my last name.
U no I h8 txting, but I do it anyway.
Never leave anyone behind.
Oh no!
Zombies are eating my brains.

My Biography Poem
October 30 is my birthday.
MY life is crazy in a simple way.
My friends are insane,
Because they dance in the rain.
MY family is cool,
Because they send me to a private school.
God made me special.
To me, he is more than essential.

The Soundtrack of My Life
“Return to Pooh Corner” - Kenny Loggins
This song is important to me because I remember my dad playing this to me all
the time when I was a little kid. I remember that I used to think it was the coolest song
ever because it was talking about Winnie the Pooh. It also reminds me of when I was
younger and nothing really mattered, except having fun. There were no consequences
(except getting a time out, of course).

“Happy” - Leona Lewis
This song is important to me because it kind of gives a message that I like, which
is; no matter how much you know you’re going to get hurt, you should still go for it
because the pain could be worth the happiness. I like it because I think everyone should
be happy, even if it only lasts a little while, it would be worth it in the end.

“Sweet Sweet Sound” - Sarah Reeves
This song is important to me because it’s about faith in God. I take my faith very
seriously in my life. I think it’s the most important part of living. I go to church every
Sunday, unless I have a really good reason not to. I alter serve, help out at my parish a lot
and attend all of the youth group meetings. I think everyone should believe in God
because he is the source of all life and the miracles that He has created are just simply

“On The Ride” - Aly ‘n’ AJ
This song is important to me because it reminds me of all my best friends. We’re
almost always really cool about everything. We’re never in a bad mood when we’re
around each other. It always feels like we’re all in our own little world together, that only
we know about. We have our own way of reading each other’s minds and always
knowing that everything will be okay. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

“Our Time IS Here” - Demi Lovato
This song is important to me because it talks about forgetting your past and to just
know that your time has finally come. That reminds me of my graduating 8th grade class.
Most of us have all been with each other since the 6th grade and we’ve all been through
so much together. We’ve all become good enough friends, to a point where we can
joke with each other and we can pretty much talk about anything. Now, “our time is
here”, to go to high school and we might not all be going to the same place. So, it’ll be
different, but we’ll probably manage to all stay friends.

I was born on October 30, 1995 in Corpus Christi, Texas. My
parents, Gerard Muñoz and Rosie A. Suarez, named me after the
actress, Meg Ryan, because they wanted to nickname me, Meg, but
never did. So, my name came out to be Megan Rose Muñoz.
When I was born, I lived with my Dad, Mom, and half brother,
Markie. In September of 1996, when I was almost 11 months old, my
mother took me to Houston to live with her, my step-dad, and
Markie. I didn’t see my dad for about 3 months. So, my dad filed for
custody of me and the court granted him with temporary joint
custody in November 1996, when I was one year old. In June 1997
there was a four day trial and a jury awarded my dad with sole
custody in June 1997. The final court order was signed by the Judge
on July 2, 1997. So, I’ve lived most of my life with my dad, Grandpa
Martin and Grandma Connie.
In 1998, when I was two years old, I met some kids that would
be my closest friends all throughout the rest of my life. Their last
name was Mirabal, and they had three kids, David, Rebekah and
Jacob and one on the way. David was four, Rebekah was three, and
Jacob was my age. They were all really nice and friendly. My dad had
known their parents since he was in middle school. So, they were
very close. We all became best friends really fast. On September 25, of
that same year, Joseph Mirabal was born.
In 1999, I started Pre-K3 at Christ the King Elementary School.
My first two days weren’t that great. I used to cry after my dad


dropped me off with Mrs. Mary-Ann Ramos. She was a really nice
lady. She would let me sit in her lap until I stopped crying.
In 2000, I ended Pre-K3, but started Pre-K4. My teacher’s name
was Mrs. Patricia Hernandez. In that class, there was a boy that liked
me a lot. He even kissed me on the cheek once in front of the whole
class. I thought that was really gross.
Another one of my friends named, Sarina, was diagnosed with
cancer that year. She was always out of school. She came to visit us
once, but she was bald and it wasn’t for very long. She died toward
the end of the year and her picture was in the newspaper.
In March of that year, I went to Disney Land with my mom. We
had gone to visit my uncles and aunts that live in California. So,
while we were visiting, we got to go to Disney Land. I had a lot of
fun, but my little sister, Marilyn, started crying every time my mom
made her take a picture with one of the princesses.
In February 2001, I went to Washington D.C. with my mom,
step-dad, Marilyn and Markie. It was a lot of fun. It was the day
before the war, so there were a lot of helicopters everywhere. We got
to see the White House, the Washington monument, and a lot of
museums, like the Smithsonian. We also went to the Washington zoo,
and we got to see panda bears. They were really interesting.
Later, that year, I ended Pre-K4 and started Kindergarten at
Most Precious Blood. I made a lot of new friends that year. I met a
girl named, Gabby. She always tried to talk to me, but I thought she


was weird, so I just ignored her. Later, I got to know her and she was
really cool. We became really good friends.
I also met another girl named, Avien. Gabby used to call her
Jessie because her middle name was Jessica. I didn’t really know her
that well because she was more of Gabby’s friend, not mine.
For my fifth birthday, I got a new dog from one of my dad’s
friends. He was a five week old rat terrier, mixed with Chihuahua
and Daschund. My grandpa suggested that I name him, Spike, from
the Rugrats because that was my favorite thing to watch on TV. So, I
decided it was a good idea. His name was Spike.
In 2002, I went into the first grade. My teacher’s name was Mrs.
Farrar. She didn’t like me very much. She always sent me to the
principal’s office. I don’t know why. I think it was because she
always caught me talking to my friend, Oscar, while she was
explaining the lesson.
In first grade, there was a boy there named, Andrew. He was
always really mean to me. He used to pick on me, call me names, and
embarrass me in front of everyone. I hated him, and still do. I didn’t
think anyone could be meaner than him, until I got to second grade.
Later that year, my mom adopted a dog in Houston and we
named her Cookie because she looked like a chocolate chip cookie.
She was small, brown, with a black tip at the end of her tail. She was
part Labrador and part German Shepard. So she grew to be a big dog.
In May of 2003, my mom, step-dad, brother and sister moved to
Littleton, Colorado. So, instead of visiting them every other weekend

in Houston, I started visiting every summer break and Christmas
break in Colorado.
On July 30th that year, my grandpa Martin died from kidney
cancer. I remember the day that it happened. He was in the hospital,
and I was at the Mirabal’s house. Jacob and I were coloring pictures,
and I wanted to color a picture for my grandpa, so that he could hang
it up in his hospital room. But, when my dad picked me up from the
house, I showed the picture to my dad and he told me that my
grandpa had passed away that afternoon. That picture still hangs on
the wall in our house.
When I got to second grade, there were a few new kids. There
was Phillip, Brittany, and Christian. Phillip was super smart. He
spent all his time reading big books and studying. Christian wasn’t
somebody I really talked to, until third grade. Everyone said he was
gross, but I didn’t know him, so I didn’t really care. There was also
Brittany. She was really mean, especially to me. She always used to
stop me in the hallways, just to tell me I was “fat”. She never made
me cry or anything, but it was still really hurtful.
That year, I learned how to do the waltz in Mrs. Landagan’s
class. She had a dance with all of the second graders. We all had an
assigned partner to dance with in front of all our parents; I was
partnered with a boy named, Vincent Griss. He was one of my
friends that used to get into trouble with me, so it wasn’t very
awkward for me. Brittany was partnered with Christian, so she
started crying but everyone just told her to suck it up.

I made my first Communion in second grade. They had a Mass
for me and Jacob at our parish, St. Joseph Church, and my dad got
one of his friends from work to film the whole thing. We showed the
video to our classmates that were making their first Communion at
school at Most Precious Blood Church.
In October, the Mirabals, my dad and I went to Disney World
in Florida. We stayed in one of the hotels, there at the resort. We also
had breakfast with the Disney princesses in the castle and met a lot of
other Disney characters. We each got an autograph book and
everyone signed mine.
In March 2004, my mom’s mother, Grandma Lolly, died from
cancer. I didn’t really know her very well because she lived in
California with my Grandpa Chilo. She only had one hand because
she lost the other one in an accident when she was much younger.
That year, I started third grade with Mrs. Lamson. She was a
really nice teacher, but she was a little stricter than my past teachers.
She used to tell me that I had the best handwriting in the class. I
never thought so, but when I saw the other kids’ writing, I knew it
was true.
In third grade, my best friend was Christian. He was always
really nice to me, but I guess that was because he liked me. He used
to call me every day and ask me to be his girlfriend, but I always said
no because I never liked him back.
That year, we got four new students, Jonathan, Vincent, Steven
and Alycia. I thought Alycia was really nice, but some of my friends

thought she was mean and a drama queen. I never got a chance to
really know Steven or Jonathan, but Vincent was an altar server at
my church. So, I got to know him a little more than the others.
Our third grade class learned how to square dance because
Mrs. Lamson wanted us to perform it for the Parent/PTO meeting.
We each got a partner to dance with, mine was Jonathan. The day of
the square dance, he was hit in the head with a swing. So, that night
he had a little band-aid on his head. I thought it looked kind of silly.
In 2005, I ended third grade and started fourth grade with Miss
DeLeon. I used to always have “laugh attacks” in her class, which is
when you can’t stop laughing uncontrollably for more than five
minutes. Miss DeLeon used to send me out of the classroom, until I
was done laughing. The other teachers and students would walk by
and ask me why I was kicked out of the classroom. So, I would tell
them, “Because I couldn’t stop laughing”. That made them start
For the Parent/PTO meeting, that year, we had to learn a new
dance. We had to dance to the “Cha Cha Slide” with the fifth graders.
It sounds like fun, but I used to hate all of those Parent/PTO
meetings. We always had to perform some kind of play or dance. I
thought those were really boring and a waste of time.
In 2006, I started fifth grade with Mrs. Jackson. That was the
first year that we had different teachers for some of our classes. We
had to switch for social studies, English and religion. That year was a
lot of fun because our teacher always had animals in the classroom.

She had a pet turtle named Touché, a bucket full of earth worms, two
hermit crabs, and a few tadpoles that grew into frogs. She was a
science teacher. So, it was normal.
That year, our school was trying something new. They bought
laptops for all the fifth graders. They were the kind of laptops that
the screen would flip around, so that you could use the pen to write
on it and do your homework. They also installed Smart Boards into all
of the classrooms. The boys used to be really rough with their
laptops; Jonathan broke his screen by throwing it at the wall.
Something I remember most about fifth grade is that I was
obsessed with a fake documentary TV show called, The Naked Brothers
Band. They used to show it on Nickelodeon. They were not really
naked, but two of them were brothers. It was all I talked about and
all I really cared about. One time, when I was going to get my TV
privileges taken away, I cried for almost two hours because I knew I
would miss the new episode that week. I lost interest in it after the
first season ended, which was only about ten episodes.
We had the best Red Ribbon Weeks. Red Ribbon Week is a
week where your school promotes students to say “no” to drugs. At
Most Precious Blood, the whole week was full of different themes for
each day. One day, it would be “Bring a Stuffed Animal Day”, the
next would be “Dress Up as a Cowboy or Cowgirl Day”, the next
would be “Skate Day” and so on. They would also bring H-E-B
Buddy to talk to us about why drugs are bad, and they would have a
puppet show too.

Our school also did something called, “Splash Day”, but you
only get to do it if you’re in fourth or fifth grade. On Splash Day, you
bring your swimsuit, a water gun, a towel, an extra change of clothes,
and some flip flops. When you got to school, you’d change into your
swimsuit and go outside with your water gun and have a water gun
fight with the other students. The teachers would put out the
Slip’n’Slide for anybody who wanted to do that instead of water gun
fights. Then afterwards, you would dry off and change into your
regular clothes and eat snacks that the volunteer parents would
bring. That was always my favorite day of the whole school year.
My first “dance” was my fifth grade graduation. Everyone was
invited, students, teachers, and parents. We had cake with our
graduation picture on it. My dad made a slideshow for it too, it had
all our baby pictures and almost all the parents and teachers were
crying when it ended. We also had to sing a song to Mrs. Jackson. It
was “Friends Forever” by Vitamin C. It was sad to see our teacher
start crying. Then, my dad (the DJ) turned up the dance music and
everyone was dancing. That was a fun and memorable night.
That summer of 2007, I was really excited about going to
middle school. I always heard about it from my best friend, Rebekah.
She was one grade ahead of me, and went to the school I was going
to. She told me about all her teachers, friends, etc. She always made it
sound like a lot of fun.
I also got a new family member over the summer. I got a new
Pomeranian dog named Dino. He had lived with my mom for about

a year and a half, but she hated him. She tied him up in the basement
and left him there, with no one to play with him. Every time I would
visit, I would try to play with him at least once a week because I
knew no one else would. So, my mom offered him to me. I accepted
and that summer, we drove him back to Texas with us. The minute
he got to my house, everyone had fallen in love with him because he
was so cute and so smart. He got used to us really fast. I don’t think
he’d ever want to move back with my mom, and we wouldn’t want
him to. We always spoil him more than we should.
That August, I started my first day of sixth grade. My
homeroom teacher was Señora Rios. That was her first year teaching
at Bishop Garriga Middle Preparatory School. She was really nice and
tried to be as friendly as possible with us. She explained about all of
our classes and where we’re supposed to go.
We had to take an English test and a math test to see what class
we would be placed in, based on the averages we got on our tests. I
got put in fundamental math and advanced English and literature,
which wasn’t a surprise for me. I was always really good at English
and really bad at math, but I did move up to average math after the
first few months of school.
The first day that we had classes, my first period was elective. I
had art, with Señora Rios again. I sat in front with one of my close
friends, Jacob. I met a lot of eighth graders there because I sat by all
of them too. There were also a few seventh graders in that class. I met
my first crush in my art class, who was a seventh grader at the time.

My first crush knew me because he was close friends with
Rebekah. He used to like her a lot, which was a let down for me, but
it was okay because she didn’t like him back. My first crush was
always really nice to me, he was my best friend. I told him
everything. I even told him that I liked him a lot, but I don’t think he
really cared because he was still my friend and I knew he didn’t feel
the same way.
In sixth grade, I became obsessed with another celebrity. I liked
a boy that came out on a show called, Hannah Montana. His name is
Mitchel Musso. I don’t really know what made him so special to me,
but there was just something about him that made me like him a lot.
On the last week of school, all of the eighth graders got the
week off. So, it was just the sixth and seventh graders on campus. We
received cupcakes to celebrate the end of the year. Two of the girls in
my grade ruined it for us because they started throwing the cupcakes
at each other. They both got sent to the principal’s office and were
suspended on the last day of school. It was really funny when they
came back to class because they still had frosting in their hair.
In 2008, I went to seventh grade. That year, my homeroom
teacher was Ms. Rosales, but she left in the middle of the year. So,
later my homeroom teacher was Miss Proffit. I liked her better
because Ms. Rosales used to spray us with Lysol or hit us with a
tennis racket if we came in during passing periods.
We had a lot of new students in our grade that year, like Asia,
Kenya, Isabel, Bethany, Ari, Sara, Petra, Zack, Daniel, etc. Most of

them became my close friends. Some of them I didn’t talk to very
much, but they were always nice when I did.
Around January of 2009, my dog, Spike was getting really sick.
He had been coughing and we didn’t know what was wrong with
him. He had gotten better, so we stopped worrying. Later, he got sick
again. I told Rebekah about it because she’d always really liked
Spike, and she wanted to see him. So, she came over to my house and
we played with him for a while. Both of us noticed that he looked
really weak and not very hyper, as usual, but he seemed really happy
that Rebekah and I came to play with him. The next day, after school,
my grandma told me that he died in the middle of the day. It was
really sad, especially because I’d had him for so long. Even Dino,
who is an inside dog while Spike was an outside dog, missed him.
They used to sniff each other’s noses whenever we’d take Dino for a
walk. When he died, Dino used to go over to the gate and Spike
wasn’t there. Spike was a good watch dog. Sometimes he’d run
outside the fence but he’d always come back. He would always scare
away the cats in our yard, and he always tried to protect us from
anybody that he didn’t recognize. I’ll always remember Spike as one
of my favorite dogs.
I started this year in 2009. I had really high expectations for
eighth grade. I thought it would be the most fun because I was finally
going to be an “eighth grader”. They’re the oldest on campus and
look down on the other grades. But, of course, I was wrong. It got

Toward the beginning of the year, a lot of the girls left our
school because of the drama. Everyone was really mean to one
another. They’d spread rumors about each other. They’d gossip
about each other. They lied and picked on each other. There was no
love in the eighth grade girls’ homerooms. After those girls left to
different schools, it was better between everyone.
In October, last year (2009), I went to Disney World again for
fall break. I have to say that that is my favorite trip that I’ve ever
taken. I went with my dad and the Mirabals like last time. It was so
much fun. I feel like all of us got a little closer. I always feel that way
every time I take a trip with someone. We had breakfast with Lilo &
Stitch one morning, as a surprise for Jacob, he loves Stitch, and the
Winnie the Pooh characters the next morning was as a gift for
Rebekah since she loves Winnie the Pooh. We went to all the parks
that whole week and it was just so much fun.
I promised myself at the beginning of that year that I would
stay out of all the drama, like I usually do, but I didn’t. Everyone got
me involved in their problems. One of my close friends had liked this
new boy, and she got his number and they were talking for a while.
She had given it to me too, and so he and I were talking also. I didn’t
think anything of it until everyone started getting into my business.
That’s when everything got really out of hand.
Some people were trying to read my messages from him, and
others that I told my secrets to, were telling other people, which
really hurt me a lot that I can’t trust some people. Later, he found out

that I was telling people and so he got mad at me for that. I know that
it was a mistake, what he and I were doing. Well, I know that now.
Now, we’ve worked everything out, and everyone’s friends again.
I’m actually glad that all that drama happened with me,
because now I know who my real friends are and who aren’t. Well, I
don’t know for sure, but I know I’m pretty close. I have about four
friends that I can tell anything to, like Rebekah, Jacob, Alycia and my
little sister, Marilyn. I don’t know what I would do if I lost any of
them. They always make me laugh and make sure that I’m happy
and if I’m not, they always know, even if I don’t tell them anything.
I always have a hard time picking favorites, especially with
little things like colors or foods; but, I suppose I’ll have to choose. My
favorite color is a tie between pink, purple, yellow, red, and orange.
My favorite singers are Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Jesse
McCartney. I don’t really have a favorite band or song though. My
favorite celebrities are Mitchel Musso (still), Miley Cyrus, and
Miranda Cosgrove. My favorite TV shows are iCarly and The Secret
Life of the American Teenager. My favorite cartoons are Family Guy,
Adventure Time and The Rugrats. My favorite movies are Nick and
Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Adventureland, How to Eat Fried Worms and
Hotel for Dogs. I don’t really read that much, so I don’t have a favorite
book. My favorite food is pepperoni pizza from Domino’s or chicken
strips from anywhere. My favorite dessert is a hot fudge brownie
with vanilla ice cream and nuts or anything Hershey’s chocolate. My


favorite drinks are water, orange soda, Mountain Dew, apple juice and
I try to be a really good Catholic, even though I make mistakes,
but no one’s perfect. My mom was raised a Catholic but she says she
isn’t. I make her take me to Catholic Church on Sundays when I visit
her in Colorado. I attend almost every youth group meeting and I
also alter serve a lot at my parish, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. I
think its fun because I meet a lot of different people when I do this.
For high school, I’m going to John Paul II high school. It seems
like a lot of fun there because, again, Rebekah tells me a lot about it.
She usually never lies to me, so I’m really excited for next year.
In the future I plan to go to college. I’m not sure what I want to
be yet, but I want to do something that won’t get boring. I want to do
something that’s fun for me, like writing, photography, film, or
something in art. I’m pretty good at all those things. I’m just not sure
exactly what I want to do as a career.
I would want to marry someone that I’m comfortable with, like
maybe one of my close friends. Also, I would want to live in a big
house with a pool and a really unique design for the theme of each
room in that house. I would want at least two sons and maybe one
daughter. I would name them, Stephen, Zackary, and Marilyn. I
would want a giraffe as a pet because that’s my favorite animal, but I
know that that’s not really possible. So, I would just want a couple of
small dogs. I’m not sure what else I would want; I’m a very simple
person. So, then I guess, I would just live happily ever after.

Dad, thanks for sending me to Catholic school all my life and bringing me to church every
Sunday. Thank you for teaching me right from wrong and punishing me only when I really deserve it.
Thank you for being compassionate when I make mistakes. Thank you for buying me expensive things
and taking me wherever I want to go. Thank you for being here all my life and supporting me on
everything I do. I love you.
Mom, thank you for driving all the way to Texas from Colorado just to see me. Thanks for doing
everything you can to see me more often than you usually do. Thank you for spoiling me and getting me
my first cell phone. Thank you for taking me different places. I know you try your hardest and I love you.
Grandma, thank you for cleaning my room everyday and for doing my laundry and cooking most
of my meals. Thank you for picking me up from school, most of the time. Thank you for buying me
clothes. It must be really hard for you, but I really couldn’t thank you enough for everything you do. I love
Grandpa (R.I.P.), I know that you loved me a lot. You quit smoking, so that it wouldn’t affect
my asthma. You would play with me and make me laugh all the time. You used to take me places and buy
me anything I wanted. I remember when you would take me to the bakery to get sweet bread every
week. I’ll always remember the day that you died, I colored you a picture so that you could hang it up on
your hospital room wall, but then I found out that you had passed away, so I never got the chance to
show you how well I colored it for you, but it’s hanging on the door of your old bedroom now. Maybe one
day, I’ll be able to tell you about it. I really do miss you and love you.
Marilyn and Markie, thank you both for being my inspiration for almost everything. Thank you
for caring about me and always being there. Marilyn, your a great friend to talk to, your so funny and I
love you. Marky, even though we don’t talk much, I know that you love me a lot and care about me. You
both are very important to me. I love you so much.
The Mirabal Family, you’re such a huge part of my life because you’re like a second family to
me. I love you all as much as I love my own family. Gracie and Bobby, thanks for taking me and my dad
places with you all, thanks for taking me to school every morning and thanks for treating us like family.
David, thanks for making me laugh and being like an older brother to me and watching out for me.
Joseph, thanks for being the little brother that I never had, you get annoying sometimes but I don’t think
life would be the same without you. Jacob, thank you for being the best friend anyone could ever ask for,
words could not explain how much you mean to me. And Rebekah, you always know how to make me
laugh, and you’re always there for me to talk to, thanks for being a really amazing friend.
AJ and Gabby, thank you for being there throughout practically my whole life, since
kindergarten. Both of you have really helped me with a lot of things. I know that I can always count on
you two for help or advice, or just someone to talk to when I’m bored. Even though we all have more
friends now that we’ve grown more, the three of us were “the original”. And even though we sometimes
get into fights with each other, where we don’t talk to each other at all, we always manage to somehow
be friends again. I think we’ll probably stay friends throughout the rest of our lives. The two of you are
amazing and I love you.
I know that I have more friends and family that I wanted to thank individually, but
there are just too many. So, for whoever else that has helped me throughout my life, I want to
thank you from the bottom of my heart and say that I love you a lot.

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