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Title: The Earth Devil: The Story of Mikael Shadows
Author: Scott Johnson

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The Earth Devil: The Story of Mikael Shadows
Written by:
Scott Johnson
August 26, 2019

Mikael Shadows was born during 23 B.C. in Sicyon, Greece where he was one of seven people to be
sacrificed to Ares, the god of war. During the sacrifice ceremony something gone wrong during the
process, and Mikael inadvertently became a demigod. There were over thirty people witnessed the
transformation and with Mikael's new supernatural strength freed himself from the chains. Mikael then
began slaughtering every single person and anybody that stood in his way, god or man.
After he committed a heinous massacre with blood all over him went home to find his entire family
slaughtered by Ares. It was in retaliation against him becoming a demigod and not playing by his rules.
Mikael then took a forever oath to not only get revenge for his family but also seek out justice for those
that are not able too. His will for justice will never come to an end because his mother, Melite always
taught him to fight for those that aren't able to defend for themselves.
While his father, Codros taught him and his siblings Icarus, Patron and Isadora how to use a sword and
kill if or when it was necessary. With this in mind, Mikael went through history alone and had a path to
follow. Even though Mikael is a demigod, he still isn't immortal but managed to walk this earth for
thousands of years. For demigods like Mikael they are able to sustain life for four or five thousand
years since they age slower than a normal human being would of. Mikael was also known as the “earth
devil” because he was compared to Lucifer with unique abilities to torture people.
As the centuries went on Mikael had many lovers and it's unknown if Mikael had any children with any
of his lovers. One of his lovers that stands out is Menelaia was the daughter of a wealthy silver mind
owner in 1263 A.D. Menelaia was first attacted to Mikael when he was a mind worker working at her
fathers silver mind. During the course of their romantic relationship, Ares discovered her and so he
gave her a deadly poison that she mistakenly ingested. Later Mikael found out and tried to save her life
by being a willing sacrifice to Ares.
“You will suffer until you die of old age,” Ares said to Mikael to force him to watch her die from an
agonizing death. Mikael stayed with her until she slowly passes away to the afterlife. Before Menelaia
passing she made Mikael promise her that he won't seek out vengeance for her. She told him that it
would help set her free and so Mikael will forever keep his promise to her. After burying Menelaia,
Mikael went back to his old roots and traveled throughout time punishing those that deserves his
Mikael is described as a muscular man with bright blue eyes with a tint of darkness around him. He
enjoys battles and wars because of his father's mindset. He doesn't show much trust or opens his heart
to anyone especially after Menelaia's death. When seeking justice, he doesn't show pity for those that
do people wrong. Legend has it that Mikael's spirit lives in today's world still seeking out escape
punishment justice. Mikael...the earth devil.
By the way Mikael is pronounced the same as Michael. Also if you have enjoyed this story please share
with family, friends and social media peers. This story is public domain and no copyright is involved.
You are free to use this story in anything you create. Filmmaking, stories, youtube or any other work.
All that I ask of you is to keep the name “Mikael Shadows as the earth devil” in anything you make.
Thank you for reading.

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