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This is a special program. It’s different.
Like most programs you purchased in the past, whatever you get out of this program is going to
be dependent entirely upon yourself.
The only difference is this. This program is going to teach you more about yourself and
consequently you will learn how to tap into that specific part of your mind which will allow you to
reach/obtain anything you desire. You will be motivated and full of energy as a result.
It’s how you think that really makes the difference and that is how all of us can improve.
When you find people wanting to achieve better results, they generally attempt to change what
they’re doing. While that may produce temporary results, for permanent improvement you’ve got
to go beyond that. You’ve got to get right into your thinking and your habitual habits
Actions are the expression of what’s going on inside your mind.
You very likely remember when you were a child and your parents would ask, “Why’d you
do that?”
You probably replied, “I don’t know.”
“What do you mean you don’t know? You know better.” your parents asked you.
Then you said. “I know.”
“Why’d you do it?” your parents would ask you again.
You would reply, “I don’t know.”
That kind of conversation could and probably does leave us with the idea that because
we know how to do better; we should do it. And that, of course, is not true.
The conscious mind is the part of our personality that gathers information (the knowing part).
However, it is the subconscious mind that causes the action (the doing). And the paradigm (the
programming in the subconscious) is what controls the habitual behavior.
What you know “how to do” is not always in sync with the part of your mind that is in control of
what you do, habitually.

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Here is an important point to remember. It doesn’t matter how good your life is, there’s always a
better way. Better is such a good word. It’s that better way that our Soul is always seeking to
The essence of who you are is reaching for that better way all the time. You are a Spiritual
Being and Spirit is always for expansion and fuller expression. That’s what causes
Most of us are raised to believe that dissatisfaction is not a good thing and are told we should
be satisfied with what we’ve got. Dissatisfaction is a wonderful thing.
We should never be satisfied. Dissatisfaction is what triggers our creativity. Dissatisfaction is
what causes us to improve the quality of life for ourselves and those we serve. It was
dissatisfaction that gave us the many benefits we enjoy today.
We are living in the golden age we have been dreaming of and building toward for thousands of
We must realize that we can find a better way for everything in life, but if we are going to enjoy a
better life, we must create it and that will call for a shift in our way of thinking. That is really the
focus of this program.

To Your Prosperity,
Miguel Olvera.

PS. Please follow the video lessons in the order I recommend them in this guide. It will give you
an awesome advantage. Remember that after you finish going through this guide, you can
always go and watch all the 120 videos later.
Also, work on the suggested exercises I recommend because when you finish with them, they
will become your road map for you to follow towards your ultimate success.

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Day 5: The Initial Process to Achieve Anything.
The process is simple but not easy. It is so simple that you might not even believe it.
Do not discount the simple-ness of this process. The implementation or execution of the
process is where the difficulty exists.
Pay attention to what you are doing and thinking. Recognize that we are constantly being
distracted and make it a point to decrease your distractions and increase your awareness to
what you are doing and thinking.
It will take some discipline for you to create a habit to be aware of what you are doing and
The best definition of a habit I was given by my mentor: “The ability to give yourself a command
and follow it”
Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) Secret Formula:

Fix in your mind your goal you want to accomplish.
Determine that you have to sacrifice/exchange something for it.
Establish a day of completion.
Create a plan for its fulfillment.
Write it down.
Read it as often as you can.

Make sure that you make the time and do the exercise above we are going to need it for future
exercises, and it will become your map.

We will be talking about the following 4 Basic Principles in future videos:

Who do you listen to?
Teach-ability Index
Training Balance Scale
4 steps How the Mind Learns

Do the “Think and Grow Rich” exercise above before moving to the next video.

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Day 3 Who do You Listen To? (Principle #1)
It is imperative that you find a mentor that will take you under their wing and teach you all they
know in terms of their trade. In other words, it is important that you learn from people that have
what you want.
If you are trying to be a great Chef, you must learn how to cook from a great Chef.
If you are trying to be a great Accountant, you must learn accountancy from a great Accountant.
All this is so obvious but is never put into practice.
We instead go to school (College or University) and learn from a professor who has never
“practiced their knowledge” in real life, they are reading from a textbook.
Example of successful people who had mentors:
Steve Jobs had Bill Campbell
Mark Zuckerberg had Steve Jobs
Bill Gates had Warren Buffet
Richard Branson had Sir Freddie Laker
The importance of having a mentor is that they will push you out of your comfort zone and aid
you with a broader perspective that you do not have yet. Mentor/apprentice relationships are the
key to becoming and staying successful. Are you currently involved in a mentor/apprentice
It is crucial to your success that you are teachable and coachable. At the same time, do not
blindly follow people. You need to question things until you know what is true. You also need the
humility and insight to realize that you need to learn even more in your life. Do you have such a
Learning never ends!
You don’t know what you don’t know. What does this statement mean to you?

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Day 9

Teachability Index - Part 1 (Principle #2)

There are 2 variables to assist you in finding out just how teachable you are. They are both
elements of the Teachability Index.

The first variable is what is your willingness to learn?
From 1 - 10 where “1 is not interested” and “10 is very interested”. Where do you rate yourself?

Using the same scale above answer the following questions.
What are you willing to invest in, in order to manifest your dreams in your life?
What are you willing to give up so you can learn the lessons required to acquire your life
What are you willing to do to make your dreams a reality?

I read this quote from Edison a while ago:
“You cannot solve a problem with the same mentality or awareness that created it”
Do you think that what Edison said above is accurate?


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Day 10

Teachability Index - Part 2 (Principle #2)

There are 2 variables to assist you in finding out just how teachable you are. They are both
elements of the Teachability Index.

The second variable is what is your willingness to accept change?
You must be willing to accept change with open arms.
From 1 - 10 where “1 is very little” and “10 is very much”. Where do you rate yourself?

Using the same scale above answer the following questions.
Are you willing to change the way you think about things?
Are you willing to change the way you feel about things?

My mentor always told me the following:
“If you keep on doing what you always what you always done you will get what you always got.”
What does this mean to you? Was my mentor, right?


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Day 11

Comfort Zone

One of the most basic and yet dynamic laws of life is “Create or Disintegrate.”
Every expression of life is moving in one direction or another. Absolutely nothing will remain as
it is.
You are either improving the quality of your life or you are taking away from it. The choice is
yours. It is a decision only you can make. To make no decision is to decide.
The sad truth is that these decisions are generally unconsciously made and when that happens.
the person is generally going in the wrong direction. To live a creative life, goals are essential.

Dissatisfaction – The Built-In Motivator
Dissatisfaction with life is a healthy creative state of mind. It’s the precursor of WANT
establishing itself in your consciousness. This is the way the perfection within you seeks
expression with and through you.
Dissatisfaction has given us cars, trains, and planes. It has taken us out of the cave and put us
into the condominium. You would still be illuminating your home with a wax candle if Thomas
Edison had not experienced a healthy dissatisfaction with the candle.
The text and the furnace, in fact every invention which has improved your lifestyle and given you
greater comfort, is the result of someone being dissatisfied with life as it was.
When you become sufficiently dissatisfied with your life as it is, you will begin to think of ways to
improve it - you will decide on a goal.
Begin to think of how you are living, what you are doing relative to what you are capable of with
the potential you possess. Keep thinking this way and you can be sure dissatisfaction will set in
if it has not already.

My Mentor always told me the following”
“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you are seeking”.

What does this mean to you? Was my mentor, right?


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Day 13

Training Balance Scale (Principle #3)

One side of the Training Balance Scale deals with your mind.
The following words are associated with this side:
● Thoughts, thinking, desires, dreams, goals, attitude, mental processes, objectives,
vibrations, intentions, energy, motivation, and emotions.
The second side of the Training Balance Scale involves physical acting out; actions that you do.
The following words are associated with this side:
● Actions, physical movements, what you do, techniques, strategies, action steps, plans,
and activities.
The thought is the “WHY”, and the action part of the scale is the “HOW”. Simply one side is your
thoughts, and the other side your actions. In theory, there should be a balance between the two
As you reflect on your life, rate your balance between the two sides on the scale below.

The thinking side of the scale is 99% more important than the action part.
Do an honest personal reflection.
Do you tend to lean more towards the “thoughts” side of the scale or the “action” side?
Focus all your attention in your thoughts. Work on the “WHY” not the “HOW”.
Choose something that you are currently trying to achieve in your life.
How much energy do you put into “HOW” of it happening, compared to the “WHY”?
Is it working? What would you do to shift the energy?

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Day 14

Why Most People Fail?

There are many reasons why people fail when attempting to pursue something and succeed.
One of the reasons, and I think the most important thing is that they focus too much on the
If you have read the book “The Secret”, most people were focused on the how of things and
most people who read it ignored their “WHY”’.
It is very important that you review the Chapter on Day 5 were we talk about defining what you
want. Pay close attention to the fact that Napoleon Hill never wrote about how to accomplish
any of your goals. His book was titled “Think and Grow Rich”. It was not called work hard and
grow rich nor it was called labor 24/7 and grow rich.
Here is the master formula again for your convenience.
Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) Secret Formula:

Fix in your mind your goal you want to accomplish. (YOUR WHY)
Determine that you have to sacrifice/exchange something for it. (STUDY)
Establish a day of completion. (CREATE EXPECTATION)
Create a plan for its fulfillment. (HAVE AN IDEA)
Read it as often as you can. (BECOME OBSESSED)

As you can see on point #6 repetition is crucial. We are battling a habit that you have been
practicing all your life and up to this moment you have not been able to overcome it.
Make sure that you review all the training material as often as possible, wear it out.
Make copies of this guide and re-write your ideas every time you watch the videos.
My Mentor always told me the following”
“When your attitude is right, the facts don’t count”
Because facts are just other people’s opinions
What does this mean to you? Was my mentor, right?


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Day 15 How the Mind Learns - 4 steps (Principle #4)
Here are four steps that you go through when processing new information.

Unconscious incompetent (you don't know that you don't know)
Conscious incompetent (you know that you don't know)
Conscious competent (you know that you know)
Unconscious competent (you know, and it happens automatically)

In this lesson I illustrate the importance of constant spaced repetition.
I mentioned how crucial it is in the prior lesson.
We have been programmed since we were little kids to think and act in a certain way. Based on
that programming, we speak the language we speak, we dress the way we dress, we eat the
food we eat, etc.
Pay attention to your routines and habits. Are those routines and habits serving you to reach
your objectives?
Make a list of all the things you do automatically (without conscious thought). When the alarm
goes off in the morning, what do you do? When you are driving to work/school, which route do
you take? Is it the same one? When you walk in the office and sit at your desk, what do you do?
When you come home from work/school, what do you do? ETC. ETC.
Monitor how long you go in “auto-pilot”. How long do you go and do various activities that
require no attention and you just do them automatically out of habit? Who planted those habits
and are they serving you to reach your goals?
For some of us we have very bad habits for others is not as bad. We must pay attention to this
destructive habits and work on replacing them.
Once you become aware of this “auto-pilot” way of living, we start getting more in control of how
and what to change to start producing the results that we want and reach our goals faster.

Magnify Your Results “Free Video Guide”


Day 18

We Think in Pictures

When we think, we think in pictures and as you do, realize that if I ask you to think about your
home it’s like a picture appears on the screen of your mind. Kind of like we have a screen in the
middle of our head and the picture appears there.
If I ask you to think about your car, a picture shows there. Think of your work, another picture
showed up, think about your backyard, your kitchen and as I asked you to do all these things,
pictures were popping in and being replaced as soon as I asked to think of another thing.
Now how do you see you? Do you see yourself as a happy, healthy, wealthy?
What is your image of you? What do you see yourself as?
Self-image is a very important subject and we will be talking about it in future lessons.
As long as we are thinking of things, let me ask you this... can you think about your mind?
Did you see a picture of your brain?
Well the brain is not the mind.
Mind is not a thing; mind is an activity.
Tomorrow, I will introduce you to your Genie.
This Genie will be able to help you understand how the mind works and will aid in helping you
make up your mind and produce the results you are seeking.

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Day 19


Napoleon Hill quote:
“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and bring itself to believe, it can achieve”
Earl Nightingale quote:
“You become what you think about, most of the time”
Throughout your entire program, your attention is directed at the importance of your mind. The
type of thoughts and ideas which occupy your consciousness is of paramount importance in
developing prosperity in your life.
For over ninety percent of the population, confusion takes over when they begin to think of their
mind. The reason for their confusion is obvious. No one has ever seen the mind. Mind is an
activity not a thing; therefore, no one has a clear-cut image with which to mentally work,
The drawing below will eliminate your confusion and give you a model to begin working with as
you proceed through this program.

(This model of the mind and body was originated by the late Dr. Truman Fleet of San Antonio,
Texas. Dr. Fleet was the founder of Concept Therapy.)

Intellectual Factors:
The Will, Memory, Imagination, Intuition, Reason, Perception. (Watch videos 21 - 27)

Magnify Your Results “Free Video Guide”


Day 28 How Your Mind Works
This is the part of your mind that thinks, reasons - your free will lies here. The conscious mind
can accept or reject any idea. No person or circumstance can cause you to think about thoughts
or ideas you do not choose. The “thoughts” you choose eventually determine the results in your
life. All pain, pleasure and limitation are originated in the conscious mind or accepted uncritically
from an outside source.
As you accept a thought, it is impressed upon the second part of your personality (see part 2).
“You become what you think about.”

This part of you is certainly the most magnificent for it is the power center. It functions in every
cell of your body. Every thought your conscious mind chooses to accept, this part must accept…
it has no ability to reject.
This part of you operates in on orderly manner. “By Law”, it expresses itself through you, in
feelings and action. Any thought you consciously choose to impress upon the subconscious
over and over, becomes fixed in this part of your personality.
Fixed ideas will then continue to express themselves without any conscious assistance, until
they are replaced (fixed ideas are more commonly referred to as habits) The subconscious mind
is the God part of you, referred to as Spirit. It knows no limits.

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Day 29 How You Were Programmed
When you were an infant and in the early years of your life, the ability to control what energy or
ideas were entering your subconscious mind had not been developed.
Consequently, you have been conditioned to accept many limitations. This explains why
individuals will fight to hold onto their limitations, 95% of our population would rather give up
their rights than their customs.
“As a person thinketh in their hearts, so are they". James Allen
You are no longer an infant. You do have control over what enters your subconscious mind.
Whether you are exercising that control or not exercising it, is another subject.
You can control what enters your subconscious mind and furthermore, you have the God-given
ability to "CHANGE" the old conditioning. By doing this, you have transformed your life.

Magnify Your Results “Free Video Guide”


Day 31 The Stick Person (Inductive & Deductive
Your CONSCIOUS mind has been endowed with Intellectual Factors, discussed day 21 - 27.
One factor we want to focus on today is Reason. The reasoning factor gives us the ability to
THINK for ourselves; to control what ideas enter our Subconscious mind.
Your Reasoning Factor is divided into two parts:
1. Inductive Reasoning
2. Deductive Reasoning

Your Deductive Reasoning Factor does not have the ability to REJECT ideas, images or
suggestions. It only can accept and turn over to the treasury of your Subconscious whatever is
offered to it.
When your Inductive Reasoning Factor is inoperable, set aside or not engaged, you are NOT
THINKING for yourself. Your Conscious mind is in a Deductive state.

Your Inductive Reasoning Factor is your “THINKER”. It is referred to in some circles as the
CRITICAL or the ANALYTICAL factor. This is the part of your personality that separates you
from all the rest of the animal kingdom. It gives you dominion over your world.
Properly developed and applied, your Inductive Reasoning Factor will turn you on and turn you
into an excellent channel for creative energy to flow through.

Magnify Your Results “Free Video Guide”


Day 33

Why You Can Never Win?

You are presently vibrating in an ocean of magnificent THOUGHT ENERGY. Your Conscious
Mind can collect a series of thoughts (which are vibrating in harmony) from this infinite ocean of
energy. When these thoughts are brought together, they build CREATIVE IDEAS; ideas that
can change your old conditioning and literally build your world more beautiful than you
previously could have imagined.
You must, however, properly plant these CREATIVE IDEAS in the treasury of your
Subconscious Mind, the part of your mind that transforms every impression that enters it, into
Physical Form.
The inductive Reasoning Factor is also the mental tool that can and should question every idea
or impression entering your CONSCIOUS MIND. to decide whether the idea is GOOD or BAD
for you. That which is GOOD for one person, might be BAD for another.

When an idea enters your mind and the answer to the above question is YES, then the idea is
very likely GOOD for you.
If, however, the answer is NO, it would probably be wise for you to use your INDUCTIVE
REASONING FACTOR to REJECT the idea, regardless of where or from whom you received
the idea.

Magnify Your Results “Free Video Guide”


Day 34 How to Achieve Anything You Desire
We will be talking about the following 4 Basic Principles:

Who do you listen to?
Teach-ability Index
Training Balance Scale
4 steps How the Mind Learns

The best way to make sure that we tie all down and move forward with the information shared
so far is to revisit what we have learned so far.

We can live in ignorance or with arm ourselves with knowledge. You have a choice.
The only way to gather knowledge is studying.

Magnify Your Results “Free Video Guide”


Day 47 How do You See Yourself?
The ideas contained in this chapter could very well be the breakthrough for you, because
Image- Making, once we get a firm grip on it, is a truly dynamic idea.
I want to remind you, right at this moment, that you should go over these lessons over a few
times, because most people live and die and never fully understand the power they possess.
Understand that we are relating most of the illustrations in this program to “money”; but I want
you to know that once you fully understand the Image-Making concept, you can effectively use it
for whatever good you desire.
The knowledge of Image-Making eliminates competition from your life, by moving you from the
competitive plane to the creative plane. You will soon understand, therefore, that in truth, the
only competition you will ever have is with your own ignorance as discussed in the previous
This idea truly excites me. To be more accurate, I should probably say sharing this idea with
excites me, because I know how it can improve every aspect of your life. I honestly love
watching people grow or unfold as new ideas register in their consciousness.
But before I go into this idea, please understand that everyone is using the Image-Making
concept and everyone always have. In fact, everything that has ever come into your life has
come as a direct result of the Image-Making process.
Therefore, if you will only become aware of the results which you have obtained, you will realize
you have already employed this great mental tool. Just look at the results most people obtain.
Generally speaking, you could say it is obvious that when they make use of their Image-Making
ability, they almost always use it the wrong way.
Understand that “images” are mental pictures that are made from thoughts, and the
magnificence of the mind lies in the fact that it can “think.” That is to say, it can tap into thought
and create whatever image it chooses.
Now play with your mind for a few minutes and become aware of how you can flash one picture
or image after another on the screen of your mind. It is almost as if you were sitting inside your
body at a great theatre, and you are the writer, the producer and the director of this movie you
are watching.
Now become aware of this truth. Everything we do is preceded by an image. We think first in
order to form an image, then we do the work.

Magnify Your Results “Free Video Guide”


Day 48 Are you a prisoner?
No more effort or energy is required to aim high in life—to demand abundance and prosperity—
than is required to accept misery and poverty. The difference between the two lies in your level
of awareness.
The information in this Training Program is extremely powerful. It could set you free from the
constraints that keep you from realizing your full potential and all the good you desire.
However, you cannot be free until you know exactly what governs, shapes and directs your
behavior, and ultimately, your results.
Everything taught here is based on the premise that your thoughts create your life. And, if you’re
not careful your thinking can be controlled by something called paradigms.
What are paradigms?
Paradigms are mental programs that have almost exclusive control over your habitual behavior,
and almost all your behavior is habitual. A paradigm that we leave in control is like an operating
system” on which your mental processes run.
Your paradigms create the prism through which you view and make sense of the world around
you. When information is presented to your mind, your mind runs through all the things it
already knows about that piece of information. It figures out where it fits in with the bigger
picture, and decides if the information is good or bad, desirable or un- desirable, possible or not.
Paradigms in and of themselves are neutral. If your paradigms are positive, you will have a
happy, growth-oriented life, a healthy self-image, and the ability to adapt successfully to
changes, upsets, and unforeseen events.
Conversely, negative paradigms can keep you stuck in old ways of thinking that can be very
limiting. They keep you as imprisoned as do a cell and a set of iron bars. Maybe even more so,
since they imprison you in the place where all true freedom resides: the mind.

Magnify Your Results “Free Video Guide”


Day 50 Psycho - Cybernetics Part 1
The idea contained in this chapter could very well be the break-through for you because image
making, once we get a firm grip on it, is a truly dynamic idea.
Most people live and die and never fully understand the power of Image-Making. Understand
that we are relating this idea to "money" in this Program; but I want you to know that once you
fully understand the Image-Making concept, you can effectively use it for whatever good you
The knowledge of Image-Making eliminates competition from your life, by moving you from the
competitive plane to the creative plane. You will soon understand, therefore, that in truth, the
only competition you will ever have is your own ignorance.
The results you are presently experiencing in your life are the physical manifestation of the
images in your subconscious mind which are directing your life.
Are you satisfied with your results?


List the results you want to change.

'We act, behave and feel according to what we consider our SELF-IMAGE to be and we do not
deviate from this pattern."
Dr. Maxwell Maltz

Magnify Your Results “Free Video Guide”


Day 51

Psycho - Cybernetics Part 2

CYBERNETICS ... is the science of control and communication in the animal and some
machines. It is based on the fact that both biological organisms and some machines have
sensors that measure deviation from a set goal. These sensors signal "feedback" into a
coordinating mechanism (your nervous system) which corrects the output or behavior of those
same organisms or machines.
Dr. Maxwell Maltz explained in his book Psycho - Cybernetics that the image you hold of
yourself is a premise, a base or a foundation upon which your entire personality is built, He
concluded, this image not only controls your behavior, it controls your circumstances as well.
We will now explore the concept of CYBERNETICS. It will become apparent to you that there is,
in fact, a control panel in your marvelous mind that can be set by you to achieve the results you

Magnify Your Results “Free Video Guide”


Day 52 Who is pulling your strings?
There are two quotes that will summarize this chapter in a nutshell.
1. The definition of insanity is... doing the same things expecting different results.
2. You cannot solve a problem with the same mentality that created it.
Most of us are caught in a vicious circle. When we allow outside results of circumstances
determine our thinking.


Magnify Your Results “Free Video Guide”


Day 60 How to use your Power Incorrectly (Caution)
The mind is a powerful magnet and as such, ATTRACTS whatever corresponds to its ruling
state. EXPECTATlON dictates what that ruling state will be and therefore governs what
corresponds to the mind and is ATTRACTED into your life. EXPECTATION can be either a
blessing or a curse, but either way it is certainly one of the most powerful unseen forces in your

What are you doing to Magnify Your Results?
If your answer to this question is “nothing”, or if you are just beginning to think seriously about
what you could do, you have probably not yet grasped the ideas presented in the previous
chapters. You should be aware that the chapters in this guide resemble the individual pieces of
a jigsaw puzzle. Each chapter is related, one to the other, in such a way that if we put them
together, we can see the entire picture.
Since you are now well into the heart of this guide, I would ask you to pay particularly close
attention to the ideas which follow, so you can use them to successfully tie all the pieces
together. You will soon discover that if the ideas in this chapter are applied with intelligence,
EXPECTATION can be a triggering mechanism which attracts into your life, every good you
desire. However, if you do not exercise extreme caution, EXPECTATION can also turn, just as
rapidly, into a destructive, lethal enemy, Therefore, you must be cognizant of how you are
exercising this invisible, but powerful force.

Magnify Your Results “Free Video Guide”


Day 61 How to create your own Paradise
I want to exhort you, therefore, to resolve to change your habitual pattern of thinking now. That’s
right, change it now, and remember, the stream of plenty always flows towards the open,
expectant mind. You must understand you already have in substance, if not in physical form,
everything necessary to produce prosperity in your material world. The two determining factors
for you to attain the results you want are:
1. Desire, and
2. Expectations.
Up to this point you might have been living the way the masses live their entire lives, simply
because you are harboring the false assumption that desire is the only thing which you need to
reach your goal. But you must understand, if your desire is not combined with the expectation
that you will receive what you desire, you will find yourself continually frustrated and
disappointed whenever you begin working toward any kind of material goal.
When you cast your mind back over the experiences of your own life, you will soon realize
that whenever you did reach a desired goal, you not only desired that goal but you expected to
attain it as well.
Let me repeat—desire without expectation is nothing more than wishful thinking and as we have
already pointed out, since most people wish positive but expect negative, they seldom attain
what they are after.
Let us therefore resolve to change our habitual pattern of thinking now and remember that the
stream of plenty always flows towards the open, EXPECTANT MIND.
Recognize the difference between WHAT YOU WANT/DESIRE and that which you have been
EXPECTING. Search deep within your own feelings and describe what you have been
expecting in your life up to this point.
Write it below.

Magnify Your Results “Free Video Guide”


Day 62 Feel Good Right Now
In this lesson you will learn an important key secret for manifesting your desires into reality. You
must feel good no matter what circumstances come your way.
Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich he describes that in order to reach success you
must have three steps you must consider.
1. Have a burning desire to achieve something (obsession).
2. Put strong feelings into your desire.
3. Write it down and read it often.
First thing you need to do is to take a moment and assess yourself. On a scale from 1 - 10 how
do you feel right now?

Here are some examples to help you trigger that feeling good sensation.

Do any of these feelings describe how you feel right now? If so, which? If not, how do you feel?

Your goal is to feel good as you can right now and then keep feeling better. Do you believe you
can do this?

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Day 65 Stop using your Radar Screen
People fail because they base their decisions and beliefs only on what they see on their
immediate Radar Screen.
If for example you constantly say, “There is no way I can pay off my credit card bills,” then you
are focusing your energy on only what appears on your immediate Radar Screen.
There is so much opportunity beyond your Radar Screen.
How open are you to welcoming the unexpected into your life?

When you have negative blocks, you broadcast counter intentions. This is a mental impasse.
Describe a negative block or counter intention that you are experiencing.

You need to have a high level of desire and belief. The first step is to feel good right now, as we
discussed on a previous lesson. You must use your feelings a s your guide. On a scale from 1 10 how in touch with your feelings are you? (Circle one)

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Day 67 Your sweet spot
For this lesson, we are going to make a list of all the goals and desires you want to accomplish
if money and time were not an object.
Here are some examples of what you are possibly looking to get.

Reflect on each of the things you listed above. You may currently believe that you can only get
a few of them. On a scale from 1 - 10 list what level of belief you have that you will ever get this
thing. (1 being “No chance” and 10 being “Absolutely”) using this scale, categorize your list.

How many are at a level 1? How many are at a level 10?

Do not focus on your level 1 category just yet. Focus on the level 10. Avoid focusing on the
“how” they will come to you. You may have no clue how they will happen. You just know they
will. This is called Faith/belief.
Do you think that you have the faith to let go of the “how” when it comes to your desires?
Do you think you will attract these things?
Write about your willingness to trust and let go.

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Day 73 The escape Hatch
Almost every started even in search of a better condition to improve the quality in our life, but for
some reason or another, about 20% of these people do reach their goal.
What happens to 80% of the people who started out with this great desire to achieve something
to be- do - have more?
Where do they get off in search of their goal?
Imagine that you are watching the start of a game of basketball. They players and the referee
meet in mid court and they throw the ball up in the air to start the game, but you notice
something unusual.
There are no baskets in either side of the court. The game will be a little confusing without
baskets. There will be a lot of action but there will be no purpose in playing the game.
How can we play the game of life, how can we get up in the morning put both feet on the floor
without having something to work towards?

As we began this lesson, we all have started in pursue of the goal, but something happened on
the way. We ran into a crisis; we ran into a conflict.
These are called demands and risks.
When the mind is presented with a demand or a risk the mind will automatically present you with
These options are called the “escape hatch”. If we take the “escape hatch” we will become one
of the 80 percenters who never reach their goals.

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Day 81 How to reach your Goals like growing a tree
For years I have held up an acorn in my presentations and used it as a device for helping
people to gain a better understanding of how the law of attraction works in their lives. So please
visualize, if you will, an acorn. Then think—really think—about what it is you are looking at.
Within the acorn, there is a nucleus or a patterned plan that dictates the vibratory rate at which
these molecules will move. Moreover, the same principle holds true for all seeds. In other
words, every seed has a nucleus or a patterned plan within it, which dictates the vibration it will
be in and which thereby governs the end-product into which it will expand or grow.
I believe you are aware of this fact: everything in the universe is governed by a basic law “Either
create or disintegrate.” Therefore, it follows that, if something is not in the process of growing, it
must, by the law of its being, be dying. For example, so long as the acorn is kept out of the
earth, it is slowly but surely disintegrating. However, as soon as you plant the acorn in the earth,
the patterned plan or the vibratory rate of the acorn sets up an attractive force and the acorn
begins to attract everything that vibrates in harmony with it. If you were able to observe with the
naked eye exactly what is taking place, you would see a “parade” of particles of energy—a
never-ending stream of them—marching in a very orderly manner toward the acorn. As they
encountered the molecules making up the acorn, they would join, marry, become one, and of
course, the acorn would expand, become larger, grow.
As the acorn expands from the never-ending stream of molecules which are attracted to it, little
shoots begin to come out of the bottom and out of the top of it. These shoots, in turn, begin to
develop into roots. As they grow or expand and burst through the earth into the earth’s
atmosphere, this attractive force continues, and particles of energy from the atmosphere are
attracted to it (just as the particles of energy in the earth were attracted to it). As the acorn
continues to expand, at some point it ceases to be an acorn and it begins to become an oak
tree. The roots, the trunk, the bark, branches, twigs, and leaves, are all in the universe and they
are attracted to the acorn, because of the nucleus or the patterned plan which rests within the
Now, unlike a human being, the acorn does not have the ability to change its vibratory rate. It
can therefore only grow into what it has been programmed to grow into; namely, an oak tree.
You are much like the acorn in many respects. For example, you are also a “seed,” relative to
the whole scheme of things. However, the difference between you and the acorn is that since
you are a co-creator, you can choose your own programming. Therefore, the image you choose
to hold, on the screen of your conscious mind, and plant deeply in the treasury of your
subconscious mind is the patterned plan or nucleus which determines what you will eventually
grow into. It dictates the vibration you will be in and controls what you will attract to you and
what you will repel.

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Day 86 Life is like a Buffet
The Ultimate Success Formula.
1. Know your outcome like the back of your hand.
2. Know your reason why you wanted (create an obsession).
3. Take massive action!
4. Know what you are getting and notice if it is working.
5. Change your approach and be flexible until you get it.
Know your outcome.
Ask yourself constantly, what is my outcome? Remember that our brain is a servo mechanism
and it will guide you to anywhere you want to go.
Parts of your brain blocks information that is not important to you (filter). Your Reticular
Activating System tell your brain what to pay attention to. Therefore, it is not until you make your
goal important, your brain will keep on blocking new opportunities.
Know your reason why.
Make sure that you understand that reasons come first, and answers come second. Create a
burning desire (obsession) on your objective. You got to have your purpose firmly planted in
your subconscious mind. This is very crucial since this will keep you motivated when the going
gets rough.
Take massive action!
Massive action is like a cure all when you know what you want and why you wanted. The
number one reason people do not take massive action is fear. Fear of failure, fear of loss of
love, etc.
Know what you are getting.
Notice what you are getting, the results you are getting. Know exactly where you are and what
you are doing. Because you could be running east with all your energy, enthusiasm, certainty
and faith trying to see a sunset. It is never going to happen (sunset on the west).
Do not get caught up in the wrong pattern, develop a sense of acuity to sense if what you are
doing is working or not. (Get a Mentor)
Change your approach.
Do not stop changing your approach until you succeed. There is always a way, if you are
committed. You just must keep changing your approach.
There is no doubt that life is like a buffet, you just keep trying different things until you find what
you want, succeed at it and makes you happy.

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Day 89 The biggest secret in life
The illustrations given in the all previous chapters will have conveyed to you the fact that the
first step toward getting anything you desire is to convey the idea of your wants to the
subconscious mind. In order to do so it becomes necessary to relate yourself to the
subconscious mind in a harmonious way.
To secure this harmonious relation is a matter of such primary and vital importance that I shall
give some instructions which, if you will follow them, will be certain to bring you into perfect unity
of mind with God.
The whole process of mental adjustment and atonement can be summed up in one word,
1. You believe that there is one Intelligent Substance, from which all things proceed.
2. You believe that this Substance gives you everything you desire.
3. You relate yourself to it by a feeling of deep and profound gratitude.
Many people who order their lives rightly in all other ways are kept in poverty by their lack of
gratitude. Having received one gift from God, they cut the wires which connect them with Him by
failing to make acknowledgment.
It is easy to understand that the closer we live to the source of wealth, the more wealth we shall
receive; and it is easy to understand that the soul that is always grateful lives in closer touch
with God than the one which never looks to Him in thankful acknowledgment.
The more gratefully we fix our minds on the Supreme when good things come to us, the more
good things we will receive, and the more rapidly they will come; and the reason simply is that
the mental attitude of gratitude draws the mind into closer touch with the source from which the
blessings come.

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Day 90 We do not get what we want we get what we
THOUGHT is the creative power, or the impelling force which causes the creative power to act;
thinking in a certain way will bring anything you desire to you, but you must not rely upon
thought alone, paying no attention to personal action. That is the biggest mistake many people
do-- the failure to connect thought with personal action.
Your thought makes all things, animate and inanimate, work to bring you what you want; but
your personal activity must be such that you can rightly receive what you want when it reaches
you. You are not to take it as charity, nor to steal it; you must give every man more in use value
than he gives you in cash value.
The scientific use of thought consists in forming a clear and distinct mental image of what you
want; in knowing exactly why you want it; and in realizing with grateful faith that you do get what
you want.
It is not your part to guide or supervise the creative process so the “how” becomes irrelevant; all
you must do is to retain your vision, stick to your purpose, and maintain your faith and
But you must act in a certain way, so that you can appropriate what is yours when it comes to
you; so that you can meet the things you have in your picture, and put them in their proper
places as they arrive.
When things reach you, they will be in the hands of other men/women, who will ask an
equivalent for them. And you can only get what you want by giving the other man/woman what
is theirs.
This is the crucial point in this program; right here, where thought and personal action must be
combined. There are very many people who, consciously or unconsciously, set the creative
forces in action by the strength and persistence of their desires, but who remain poor because
they do not provide for the reception of the thing they want when it comes.
By thought, the thing you want is brought to you; by action you receive it.

You now have the skills to be-do-have anything and everything you desire.
We encourage you to always be a lifelong learner by always listen to audios, read books and
attend live seminars.

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