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C. Caceres: La Falacia Postmoderna del Maestro Ignorante y Emancipador

The Postmodern Fallacy of the
Emancipatory Ignorant Schoolmaster

The combination of prior normative education and very favourable circumstances,
which included the lexicogrammar similarity with Dutch, allowed the students in
Jacotot’s class to learn to read French on their own. Comparison with more remote
languages shows that “explications” would have been indispensable. These conclusions
agree with the literature that states that to learn with minimal instructional guidance,
the student should first acquire task-specific knowledge and skills, questioning both, the
Ignorant Schoolmaster’s emancipatory role, and the characterization of explications as
“stultifying”, and “subordinating”. Jacotot’s hypothesis behind equal intelligence is
negated by cognitive science, which shows that learning at school age involves a
conscious process, unrelated to the infant’s acquisition of the mother tongue. Contrary
to the Panecastian postulates subordinating intellectual emancipation to experiential,
unchecked self-learning, it is argued that the transmission of objective knowledge from
the teacher to the students, being epistemically democratic, leads to emancipation, in
the school, by enabling the development of critical and inquiring minds.

Key-words: Intellectual Emancipation, Objective Knowledge, Enlightenment, PostModernism, Stultifying, Panecastic.