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The Tinfoil Times

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From the desk of your President:
Last month we had a guest speaker – a member of a fourth generation Palm Beach family lined up to speak to the club, or so we thought.
By Thursday we were unable to reach him via phone calls or texts to confirm his appearance. This concerned some of the board members
greatly. Somehow it did not bother me. I felt a peace and serenity that everything was going to be fine. Why? I can't explain. Although a
week prior I had received a call from Mr. Bill Ramsey, explaining that he lives in Ocala and would be visiting Palm Beach with his son to
metal detect and scuba dive arriving on September the 12th. He was invited to our club meeting along with the invite to Flannigan's for
dinner. As it turned out, he joined us at dinner sitting near Dave and Sue along with Laurie at one end of the table. At the other end of the
table were John Burke and Randy along with myself, therefore preventing us to hear any of the conversation at the other end. Still no
speaker, or so I thought, until at the meeting Laurie informed me Bill was an Eye Doctor and might be able to speak to the membership. Bill
agreed to speak about eye blindness with four letters he wrote on the board: D, C, G and M. Each letter stood for an illness that can affect
the eyes - Diabetes, Cataracts, Glaucoma, and Macular Degeneration. Bill's speech was both informative and relevant to our membership
especially in my particular situation that had just occurred that week. The questions and answers with the membership went well. Things
work out.
For our October meeting it is only fitting to invite the members to dress more or less in the Halloween spirit. There will be prizes for the
best costumes or T-shirts or what have you. Yes I know it looks very professional along with the pride in our club to wear the club shirts.
Hopefully Sue will forgive me after all the time and effort she had put into the club shirts. Please dress up in some manner or another. You
don't have to overboard unless you want to. The snacks and beverages will be theme appropriate.
Here's a last minute thought. If you want to bring a carved pumpkin there will also be prizes for that category.