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State 4-H Council
October 2019 Edition

Quote of the Month:

“Vision without action
is merely a dream.
Action without vision
just passes the time.
Vision with action can
change the world.” –
Joel A. Barker

Inside This Issue:
2019-2020 State
4-H Council Theme
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Meet your 20192020 State 4-H
Council Pg. 2
District Reports
Event Recap Pg.6
NCACC Youth Voice
Summit Pg.7
National 4-H Week

Define YOUR Vision:
The 2019-2020 North Carolina
State 4-H Theme is Define Your
Vision. A dream is an idea, but a
vision requires planning, goal
setting, and action on that dream.
Nobody can define your vision for
you, only you can take action to
define your vision. Your State
Council challenges you to define
what your vision means to you
and how you can personally take
steps toward your vision this
year. Go beyond your dream, and
create a vision that will Make the
Best Better!