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Products and Services Brochure


Business Access
A different type of business show. Presents inspiring stories that educate, motivate and
Duration: Half hour
First Run: Sundays @ 5:00 pm (also aired Wednesdays @ 8:00 pm)


Business News / Talking Stocks
Daily comprehensive round-up of top business news developments from across
Jamaica, the region and internationally. Stock market movements at the Jamaica Stock
Exchange. Implications for the economy, companies and individuals.
Duration: Half hour.
First Run: Mondays to Fridays @ 7:30 pm


Weekend Business Report
Captures the week’s big news stories locally and abroad. Explores issues on a deeper
level. Ferrets out stories that are not the typical day to day business news stories.
Duration: Half hour.
First Run: Saturdays @ 7:30 pm (also aired Sundays @ 7:30 pm)



On Point
Business current affairs discussion on topical issues and events impacting the economy
as a whole and sectors in particular. Aimed at bringing solutions to daily challenges
within the business community
Duration: One hour. First Run: Thursdays @ 8:00 pm
Hosts: Dennis Chung & Patria-Kaye Aarons

Corporate Events
A daily showcase of business and corporate events (seminars, product launches, expos,
conferences, award shows) presented with a fresh, urban edge.

Duration: Half hour & one hour.
First Run: Mondays to Saturdays @ 6:00 pm & 7:00 pm (also aired Sundays @ 2:00 pm)