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Chapter 2
Crash Dump

Collecting data for crash dump …
Dumping physical memory to disk: ...98, 99, ​100
Physical memory dump complete.

Then the screens went black, the power went out, phones went dead, Jarod checked, it
wasn’t the breakers, the neighbors’ were out too.
“Pete, you up still Bud?” whisper yelled Jarod through his son’s bedroom door.
“Uhh, yeh, Dad it's only like 19:30.”
“The powers out.”
“Yeh, is everything ok?” asked Peter
“Oh, yeh, I’m sure, it was weird though, some message came up on the Halo right before
it happened, and my earpiece went out too,” Jarod said, accustomed to complaining
about technology to his teenage son. “Would you mind taking a look at my earpiece, its
battery is good so it should still run fine even in a blackout right?”
“Ahh, not really, if it can’t connect it's pretty much useless, you think it's just a blackout
“Yeh, I’m sure it’ll be back up soon, but I’ll get the flashlights from the basement,” Jarod
said trying to feel sure of himself.
There was a little daylight left coming through the floor to ceiling windows on the front of
the house and it reflected beautifully off the glossy hardwood floors, but once in the
basement Jarod was completely blind. Feeling for the rough unfinished railing while
starting down the stairs he nearly fell by underestimating the distance and hitting the
back of his heel on the front lip of the first step, he was able to grab the railing, swing
down and around before pulling himself tight onto the wall to steady himself but not
without making so much noise that Peter jumped out of bed and came running.