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“Dad, what happened, you ok!”
“Ohh, sorry about that, its fine, just slipped, I’m fine.”
“Jesus, Dad, here I’ll come too,” said Peter from the top of the steps.
The two carefully made their way down the steps with one hand on each other’s
shoulder or arm, Jarod groping blindly to the family junk drawer in the dark basement.
“Here, try these,” said Jarod, handing Peter three or four small old flashlights.
After trying each one, “nope, none of these work Dad, we got more batteries right?”
“Well, they should be good, I tested those just a few years ago, try these,” said Jarod
handing Peter two fresh from a pack.
“Nope,” said Peter after a few seconds.
“Did you even try them? It must be the bulbs but mines not working either, damn it.”
“Dad, there's no bulbs in these it's dead simple direct electricity to light conversation,
these is nothing to ​go bad,​ ” said Peter in the calmed slow tone he had learned to take
when discussing anything related to technology with his father.
“Well then what in Hell else could be be-” Jarod was cut off by the front door opening
and Mellisa calling in, “Hello, Jay, Pete, you guys here?”
“Thank God,” said Jarod, “hey love, we’re down here getting the flashlights, but nothing
seems to be working.”
“Don’t bother,” shouted Mellisa, “it’s freaky, everything thing is down, I had to walk from
the corner, I figured my car battery had just died but the street lights went out too, it’s
spooky out there.”
Making their way back up the stairs with the broken flashlights and dead batteries Jarod
asked, “Did you see anyone else out there, what happened? Did everything electric,
what, just, went dead?”
“It was weird, right? I left the car up the street and figured I’d call a jump service from
home. The only other car I saw was Mark from next door driving his classic, I said hi and
asked if he knew what was up.”