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Supporting and stimulating children
Fari Khabirpour on the evolution of society
and the challenges of education

Fari Khabirpour jouit de longues d'expérience en tant que psychologue et psychothérapeute.
(Photos: Anouk Antony)

Fari Khabirpour is a psychologist and psychotherapist. He is also the author of the book "Halt mich
fest und lass mich los" (Hold me close and let me go), published some 20 years ago, in which he
describes what children need. Khabirpour has many years of experience with students, parents and
teachers. As a former director of CPOS, he has witnessed the fate of many students and has developed a good sense of what goes wrong in the Luxembourg education system - as well as in society
in general.
An increasing number of children and adolescents are exhibiting behavioural problems and a lack of
social and emotional maturity. Worryingly, depression among children and young people is on the
increase, even among very young children, leading as far as suicidal thoughts.
With the help of the 67-year-old psychologist, we will examine societal changes, analyse how they
affect children and discuss what needs to be changed in the education system.