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weather conditions all around the year, it has a very rich and diverse
nature and comes with a very affordable price tag. I love India!
But where there is a lot of light there is a lot of dark too. Women are
suppressed, there is a big problem with trash and noise and
superstition is still bigger than you think. The poor people have a
really hard life and suffer without notice.
In contrast to what you think as a western, people are happier than
you think, there is much more tolerance and less trouble than you
might think from the news, there is much more nature and animals
than you expect, but pollution and traffic in cities is much worse than
you could imagine.
There is a lot westerners can learn from the Indian culture, for
example that money doesn't make you happy, amazing hospitality,
the importance of awareness and the relevance of personal relation
over the individual.
The troubles India is still facing are a result of political misguidance,
bad management, corruption, poor conditions, historical troubles
and exploration from the west. Sure the efficiency, competitive ways
and strict regulations made the west economicly stronger, but
unhappy, selfish and empty inside.
Most people are very friendly and helpful. It can be overwhelming
getting invited by poor people you don’t even know. What a contrast
to the stingy wealthy westerners. But don't expect everybody to be
like that. In many areas nobody speaks English and they don't know
how to handle tourists. So you are suspicious to them. May be you
could be one of these crazy guys from the Hollywood movies. Or they
assume you are just a rich, arrogant prick. Others treat you like a rock
star and you are being ask for selfies all the time, which can get a bit
annoying. Others offer you food or anything to make you happy.
Usually they are very helpful, if you have any problem or ask for the