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Respect the culture and religion since it can be seen as the center of
life in India. It has probably the most diverse culture in the world.
There are 23 official languages and about 320 in total. Given that,
they predominantly live in peace and tolerance together. So life can
get complicated, but don't worry too much about breaking a rule,
nobody expects you to know everything about their culture. They are
very tolerant towards westerners. Excuse and try to do better. Some
western point of view might unmask your own ignorance and
arrogance, so better think twice before you critize something.
Complaining in an angry way to support your argument doesn’t work
in India as in whole Asia. They would just think you are a prick and
you don’t achieve anything, besides losing your face and destroy any
chance of further relation. Just stay friendly and explain with a smile
what‘s the case. Usually they say sorry and go for it. If not, explain it
in more detail, but always stay friendly. Say if they please could do
this or that. In general people would say sorry and help where they
can. If it happens again, stay patient and repeat it. If you get ripped
off, you have to accept your bad commen sense. Don't start a fight,
they have their friends, you will lose. Instead tell everybody that it's a
ripe off. See it that way: In the west you get ripped off so many times
without any notice at all.
Politics is not really the subject to start a conversation, it’s more
about family and culture. Politics can be a sensible thing to talk
about. In the west I think people talk to much about it, like if it would
be up to them to rule the world, instead of trying to improve
themselves first and create a healthy relationship with others.
There is hardly anything like a normal friendship between the sexes
in India. As a male I only had a few private chats with an indian
woman and these ones were absolutely not typical indians. To have
an Indian girlfriend as a westerner is not so common. But with the
rise of social media it's changing fast. The other way round is very