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1. Preamble
Israel was always presented to me as an enlightened, courageous, righteous beacon among barbaric, hostile neighbours
who, for some mysterious reason, were out to destroy that tiny country where the Jews had finally found a safe haven and
the right to live the life they wanted. That presentation came in the first place from my non-Jewish parents, and in
particular my mother who was very pro-Israel. Having lived through the 2 nd World War in The Netherlands she had
become anti-German, especially since her father returned from a German concentration camp with Multiple Sclerosis that
eventually killed him. Apart from that, neither she nor my father knew much about Judaism, Jewish culture and customs,
Israel and the so-called Israel-Palestine conflict.
Furthermore, the various news channels in The Netherlands - my home country, where all the governments since 1948,
irrespective of political orientation, have been pro-Israel - also contributed to that positive bias. During the 1970s incidents
like airplane hijackings, the massacre of the Israeli Olympic team in München, and the Yom Kippur War (Israel alone
against Arab aggressors, i.e. David against Goliath, and almost destroyed !!) provided a perfect pro-Israel news feed.
Thus, I grew up being pro-Israel and pro-Jewish. During my university years my best friend was Jewish, and it is through
him that I became more familiar with Jewish people (I had never met any before), some Jewish culture, food, and customs,
although Judaism, apart from Friday evening being off limits for him to go out, remained mostly unknown territory.
36 years ago, at the tender age of 26, I got married to .... a Jewess (!!), French, born and bred in Algeria, i.e. a so-called
pied-noir. The highest mark on my high school diploma was for French, so, marrying a French Jewess was double
happiness, as it were, and, to some extent, a double honour for me. My wife at the time was not religious, was not even
sure if she believed in God (I have always been an atheist myself), but was respectful of her Jewish background and the
religion as practised by her parents.
We both observed Rosh Hashana, fasted for Yom Kippur, and visited the synagogue during both these Jewish high
holidays. As for Israel, my wife maintained that the country was established on land stolen from the Palestinians, whereas
I was not sure, yet we were both pretty pro-Israel, concerned about what could happen if the surrounding Arab countries
would ever get the upper hand.
Nevertheless, events like the Israeli attacks on Gaza in 2008-09 (operation Cast Lead), and the even more vicious attack
in 2014 (Operation Protective Edge), together with the ever-expanding settlements in the West Bank, made us
increasingly uncomfortable about our unquestioning, blind support for Israel, especially since the Mainstream Media kept
reporting the country’s actions during those events in a pro-Israel biased framework. Something did not stack, so we
decided to read news and analysis from non-MSM sources. I was also encouraged to read books about the subject as a
result of vicious anti-Palestinian and Hasbara comments posted by people/trolls on discussion forums.
The more we learned the more disgusted we became by the 1-sided reporting, the lies, the misinformation and
propaganda, and by the cowardice of most of the rest of the world (especially from the EU, which potentially has
tremendous leverage on Israel) in the face an unjust, asymmetric war in which the overwhelmingly more powerful force,
Israel, is portrayed as the victim of “attacks” by a defenceless civilian population “protected” by a rag-tag “army” using
primitive rockets that can hardly be classified as anything more than glorified firecrackers.
To crown it all, Israel's treatment of the Palestinians is presented as justified by Israel'sright to defend itself and its right to
exist. The UN Charter states that a country has the right to defend itself against an aggressor, although the definition of
"defend" and "aggressor", in combination with the relatively new justification of "anticipatory self-defence", have been
interpreted with a lot of artistic licence by Israel. Be that as it may, although I do question Israel's adopted "right to
anticipatory self-defence", i.e the right to attack, I will not go into the subject here and accept the premise ofright to selfdefence. Neither Israel, of course, nor most of the rest of the world, are ever concerned with the Palestinians' right to
defend themselves.
Many books and publications have been written about all aspects of Israel. It is the only country in the world that has
introduced the concept about itself of the right to exist, and it has done so with the abundant and generous assistance of
its supporters around the world, notably the USA, in a way that presumes a wholehearted support as a natural matter of
fact, and thus precludes any discussion. It is the only country in the world that is forcing other countries to impose anti-