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So that's a good job of a reputation here so if we keep moving they say the road construction
does not solve the long-term issue of unemployment in the town in addition the author of the
letter counters the argument that new models restaurants and gas stations along the highway
will create permanent jobs for the residents of the town she explains that only minimum wage
jobs will reign this is a valid argument also as unemployed residents that need enough income
to support a household would not be much better off providing restaurant or motel jobs is very
unlikely to feed or support an entire family it will not pick up the laid off employees by the
manufacturing plants who may have worked for many years towards promotions and a pension
so again here i've highlighted some words here that the author has done a good job using here
right so we see that countering an argument is is really powerful right and so this phrase here
counters the argument it just directly states how the letter counters an argument or a series of
arguments that's being made in the other passage here so the writer is saying that the author of
the letter counters the argument of the opposing author so look at this phrase you're counters
the are that's really good okay to use and so they say that note that restaurants is spelled
incorrectly here okay so so here's what i wanted to this is what i wanted to point out about
restaurants here sooo note that they say restaurants the author he or she uses the word
restaurants here and it is spelled incorrectly but i've just highlighted this with by bolding and
underlining it just to point out that hey it doesn't matter if your spelling is incorrect you're not
gonna be scored on spelling so this person who got a perfect score they misspelled a word but
it doesn't really matter in this case at all because they still got a perfect score because spelling
doesn't count on your test so don't worry about your spelling unless you spell something so
incorrectly that you spell different order that it's impossible to tell what you were trying to say so
they also used quotes here which is really really good so if you're ever unsure of what to do or
unsure of what to say just take a quote directly from the argument so they have correctly used
to quote here when they say only minimum-wage jobs will remain alright and so i've highlighted
valid argument here with bolded and underlined because that's another really good phrase that
you can use in your own ​500 word article​ when it makes sense to use so you could say another
valid argument or this is about argument okay and so then we see just a lot of evidence from the
passage being used here when the writer says this is about argument also as unemployed
residents and bla bla bla bla bla so a lot going on here that we can learn from and so as always
i also have highlighted some transition words so like we see another example so that's a great
way to start off each body paragraph so the first body paragraph you can say first example or
you could say something like that the first example here something like that or you could say
one example as the writer said in the first body paragraph then the other two body paragraphs
you could start them just by saying another example as this writer has done here we got a
perfect score and so we also see the use of however and we see another transition word here
that's highlighted in green we see in addition so this is another transition phrase i should say not
a transition word so just note that just adding these transition words and phrases and using
them correctly throughout your writing is really really powerful it's it's a great way to boost your

score and you are going to be scored on your use of transition so just by sprinkling these words
in to your writing in the correct places you are going to boost your score so let's look at the body
paragraph number three particularly the topic sentence so it says another example of the letters
stronger argument is the author's explanation for the twenty two thousand one study and so i
really like the word strong argument here because that's just making it very very clear that you
understand what the prompt was because the prompt again is to make happy right about which
is a stronger argument

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