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Jake Jacob Stanley Moore Weatherford Texas TX .pdf

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Presented for your viewing pleasure and that of Jacob Stanley Moore of Weatherford
is a thread found on Twitter written by a fellow Texas resident. Jacob Stanley
Moore spent a lot of time on Twitter going by the name Jesse Ramosmuller but Jacob
Stanley Moore didn't spend enough time tending to idiosyncratic spelling errors.
This Weatherford native would have been better served using a spellcheck and not
making such choices but here we are where we see a thread deliberately avoiding
using the words "Jacob", "Stanley", and "Moore," and yet the words Jacob Stanley
and Moore are needed to understand and pinpoint this Weatherford native who went by
the name Jesse James (Ramos) Ramosmuller for some time. We can only wish Jacob
Stanley the best moving forward in the house of Moore. This is what comes of Texans
from Texas seeking to do what Texas natives from Texas do and let's not forget the
North Richland Hills section and the North Richland Highschool where so many have
congregated. So many classmates from North Richland and Fort Worth are to be found
and it intrigues truly.

Not Tom Clancy @jusantherguy
23 Oct 18 • 27 tweets • jusantherguy/status/1054870604585680896

Hi everyone! I've got a special story for you tonight. It's a
story that involves more than just #StolenValor but also
stolen identity and someone that can only be known as a
con-man. Some of you may know him as @jakem77 ...
This account was recently nuked after a team member and I confronted Jake with some of the
evidence we had. He agreed to slip away into the night. But that didn't last long, he couldn't
help himself, and came back as his wife. An account he admitted to us that he ran
My team took notice of Jake when he showed up not long after 4 accounts were exposed as
fakes. He was attempting to make nice with real veterans and the people that exposed his fake
accounts. These are the accounts he was behind

Besides his sudden appearance, a team member with better eyes than yours truly, noticed
something that was very familiar. The way he typed. Odd capitalizations, parentheses, use of
paragraphs, separate words not properly spaced, and the consistent use of "I'am"

You'll see the same awkward use of the English language through all 4 of these accounts.

You'll also notice that these accounts were constantly talking to each other. Backing up each
other's lies and trying to lend credibility to those lies

A few more, just so you really get the idea

So we started looking at Jake's account, and this time Jake was actually Jake. Hell, he even

posted his driver's license. We redacted it

At this point, Jake had deleted his FB account, but his wife hadn't. We were able to see
numerous posts that Jake had been tagged in, but the account no longer linked. But we can
clearly see the same guy from the DL

The wife's FB led us to numerous people that we had seen before. Like Troy. See Troy is

Jake's brother

Anything look familiar here?

Or here? See, Alex is Jake's stepbrother

More of Alex

The FB led us to even more, including pictures of Jake with the very people whose identities
he was using on Twitter

Now what really led us back to Jake was a few pictures from inside his house

Here you can see that the horse's name in the previous pic belongs to Ann Eustace. Jake's
stepmother and Alex's mother

Here we can see the same horse that Jake used on his fake twitter account posted on his
families FB

And more pics showing the same house through these fake accounts

Now because this thread is so painfully technical, complicated, and uneditable, I need to bring
you back to Jake's tweets and the horrendous use of the English language throughout all the
accounts. You can go back and see the similarities

Few more

Now here is a couple screencaps from when we confronted Jake. We had tied the phone #
from the fake accounts directly to him and confronted him about the house pics

Because it was a multi hour conversation, it was easier to copy the DM to a Word doc than to
take hundreds of screenshots. Here you can see him admitting to lying about the phone. Then
goes on to blame his cousin

Now Jake has taken up residence pretending to be his wife @CopperheadEyes . I confronted
him again a few days ago, and he nuked the account. Well, he came back again. You can see
from this single example that it's still him. Same parentheses, capitalization, and "I'am"

Some of you that may have let him in too close may not be happy about this thread, and we
tried to make it go away quietly, but he wouldn't go. It should be a reminder to everyone to
keep their opsec tight and to not just trust people because they say they're on your side
I apologize for the long, rambling thread, but this was literally months of research trying to
squeeze a much bigger story into something that people will still read.
@threadreaderapp please unroll
As usual, I'd also like to thank my 2 team members that did literally ALL the research on this.
Our famous anonymous researcher who might reveal their identity one day


😉 and

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