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LIME(Look Into My Eyes)


Hey! Are you here to look into my eyes?
Greetings to you
I’m a writer of both PROSE and
I’m very pleased and glad that you are
about to read this piece

(Look Into My Eyes)
Letter to the woman


LIME(Look Into My Eyes)


LIME is a poetry piece of
expression of the heart of a Lover
to the Woman he so much desires
to have as his own.
LIME Comes with both literal and
non literal meaning of words just
to express ideas.
LIME comes with some unfamiliar
words to add up to your words
vocabulary if only you will care to
check the meanings and I advice
you do that so you can actual get
the message.

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

LIME promises to be captivating and
thought provoking.
Happy reading and hope to see your
feedback soon . Cheers!


LIME(Look Into My Eyes)


I wants to thank God for yet
another opportunity to come up
with this particular piece after
the last one I released,
prose poetry.
I had good responses from
many of you. Thank you.
I sincerely appreciate you
friends for following and going
through my works.


LIME(Look Into My Eyes)


I dedicate this literature to the
beautiful woman whose beauty
is an embodiment of


LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

LIME (Look into my my eyes)
Letter to the Woman

Dear woman, am in a desire like
a roman in need of an empire.
Am in a desire to transpire
before my time to retire.

Dear woman is with the gloom
of the mind that I am writing not
as a man that is blind, but one
whose mind is bounded and is in
Dear woman, my mind has been
blunt like a knife from morning
till evening.

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

I’m not in the state of mind for some
sweet poetic lines because my mind
was in sublime like a taste of a lime.
Deep in a thought I was brought to a
point of something that seems
timely and honestly I wish to relate
it like a mandate not for just an
The urgency in my mind is like a
case of emergency seeking for a
permit to build a legacy that is void
of piracy in all capacity.


LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

I know that I will only be a man full
of lies to deny the fact that
everything in life has a price.
So, I tried to run because I can’t
boast of fund to fund a relationship.
My fears almost got me decimated,
but from it grips, I got separated
and now am highly spirited.
Man they say must battle for
victory, but if man will have to
battle for every victory, then after
all God was never a big deal,

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

because in life’s ordeal, man will
always seek for the real deal.

Dear woman, this is not an
exuberance of one at his prime,
but a protuberance of the heart at
this time.
The heart seeks for a levelled
ground to be found in your
bosom so it can blossom.
I may not be worthy of been able
to be acceptable, but am writing
on the stable of one who is able
to grant me stability as I wait

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

I may be filthy and unhealthy but
I seek to be worthy to not only
write but fight for what is right,
day and night till I become
Just like any other man ruled by
his intentions, I have my
limitations that may be beyond
your expectations.
But just like the rail cannot be
frail, I refuse to be fragile
because my spirit is agile.


LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

Just like latrine, my doctrine may
be repugnant, but am pregnant with
an ideology of analogy between my
theology and the sense of the
technology of my synergy.
Dear woman, I want to let you
know that is not out of emphasis
that I am moving out of fantasy
with ecstasy like that of supremacy,
hoping not to beg for mercy.

My eyes like peer of dice so cold
like an ice, hoping to rise and look
into your eyes no matter the price.


LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

Dear woman, I am not writing as an
angel whose life is smooth like a gel
with little clearance, so you will
probably need tolerance for any
I am not perfect in attitude, but I do
have gratitude up the altitude.
For even in my excesses, your
thought in my premises is worth
thousands of promises from genesis.
Your thought makes me shake like a
quake, and now my mind is as take
to either partake in your circle or be

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

Your thought cut like a knife, but
it’s like a river that sustains life,
that is why I am striving for
Your thought gave me the capacity
of tenacity even in my jealousy.
Your force of attraction beats the
strongest distraction in my state of
Your absence of arrogance comes
with a soothing fragrance emitting
your radiance, and the clearance of
your tolerance comes with a
forbearance that keeps the mind in

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

Dear woman, when you look into
my eyes without perforation, you
will see the culmination of my
Just like the crown and
coronation, it’s impossible for the
thought and emotion to be in
Dear woman, I’m writing ahead
of time so my thought won’t
For anyone that prepares on the
day of battle is in for a trouble
and a height to cross like a

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

I know I don’t have the right to
cuddle but please give me the
chance to paddle my ship in the
direction of a relationship geared
towards partnership and not some
sort of ownership, for you are not a
property to be acquired like an
entity for that can only be a thought
of nonentity.
Breaking my silence is like gold
untold that is why I am writing in
manifold till our story is told.


LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

I don’t have the best of sight, but
my heart was able to see through
the poorest opacity that seems
like vanity till eternity in the
eyes of humanity
Dear woman, the ornament of
your beauty comes with chastity
that is nonchalant towards
nudity and your pursued of
purity is an entity for the
You are a beautiful ornament at
every moment and the glimpse
of your beauty is like a mystery
dated beyond history.

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

When you smile, you beat
imagination with so much
radiation that flows without
When you smile, you brightened
the face that was tied like a lace
with no space.
When you smile, you erupt the
confidence with abrupt.
When you smile, you revive my
drive for a strive.

When you smile, you blow my
light to glow with a row.

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

When you smile, I smile too with
a thought of not getting my
emotion mild like a lotion and
creamy like an emulsion.
When I smile, I hope you will
understand my gesture right from
my posture.
When I Smile, I hope the
chemistry becomes crystal clear
like a crystal stone.
When I smile, I Hope to be
magical, mystical and fanatical.

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

When I smile, I hope you will
understand the power of silence
that words can’t explain.
When I smile, I hope you will
smile too.

Dear woman, your heart is so
delicate and I wish mine to be a
Just like the absence of sacrilege,
permit me the privilege because
now is like a trick that I’m now
your freak.

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

They said that there are too many
fishes in a river like too many
arrows in a quiver, but I refuse to
waiver till I flow to you like a

I won’t sit on a pew to talk to you,
for like you only few are like the
morning dew in the land of
For I long for the moment that
you can look into my eyes so I can
feel nice before I get tossed like a
dice, for only then it can be said
that nothing dies.

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

For even in paradise, you can
never be a merchandise to be
traded like an article that will soon
go faded.

Dear woman, you have given me
the impression that your intention
of admonition is like ammunition
that fires my intention.
Before I bargain to see you once
again, let me regain my plan to
reign with you like rain in the
desert’s domain.


LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

I don’t mind to shout like a tout or
patient of gout, for even though I
have my doubt, I won’t let it sprout.
I can’t keep quiet like some sort of
a poet that only chew words like
I won’t shout to be heard by people,
for that can bring in trouble that
comes in double.
I may be dicey and crazy and not
spicy, but am not lazy but strong
like a man of piracy.

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

I’m not trying to be dramatic
because I am futuristic and not
mystic, because am allergic to been
I’m craving like a nativity of
captivity hoping for you to see my
sanity with purity and heart of
For my perplexity is exposed like
nudity of insanity.
Please come and rescue my
insanity and grand me dignity for

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

At least a feature of the future calls
for one to be matured even in torture
that can rupture one’s stature.
Dear woman, I wish to be trusted so
I can be entrusted to your heart and I
will never have to depart from you
because I was meant for you.
For I seek for a place to belong for
long after been prolong and there is
no place but your heart.
Permit me to be the one to sooth
your resentment in the absence of
entertainment so we can both reach
an attainment with beautiful

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

Give me a chance not to be a sole
risk taker but that you will also be
the risk partaker so we can grow
old before the service of an

Some say that I am controversial,
but since from the initial I knew I
have the potential to birth
something substantial, so please
don’t look at me on the superficial
in this moment that seems crucial.
My interest needs to find rest even
in the midst of unrest, so like the
rest you can see my best.

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

Dear woman, I’m tired of seeking
for a date for us to relate.
So please let the gate of your heart
navigate so you can see the heart’s
I am entangled in a circle so I can’t
mingle not even like unbalanced
Though I am not tired like a drawn
wire, nor am I fading like a fire,
but I have a strong desire to
transpire an expression out of my

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

There is a story behind every glory
that can be seen either clearly or
For in life’s journey, people in a
hurry can board even a lorry.
I don’t want to live long like an
adage that I may begin to look for
How can I shot down every form
of appraisal before my proposal?


LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

Give me the chance to someday
buy you the best engagement
ring that I can afford, not for me
to impress neither you nor
anyone but for you to see that
you deserve anything that money
can buy.
What about the gown that can
take ones breath till down?
The wedding of the Philippians
smooth like the body of
amphibians made me reason
fantasy, but only reality alone
stand the test of time.

LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

Dear woman, I desire to hold
your hands as we walk up to the
consummation of true love so
mild like a dove, not for show
up but emblem of what true love
I sincerely pray that may the
testament of our sacrament find
Yours Sincererly
Ishaya Bamaiyi
Ishaya Bamaiyi


LIME (Look Into My Eyes

Thank you for reading
LIME (Look Into My Eyes)
If you find this Literature interesting, you
can go ahead and share with friends.
Below are my Other online released






LIME(Look Into My Eyes)

Thank you once more
For comments, inquiry and support, you
can reach me on any of these my

Ishaya Bamaiyi



Thank you!


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