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UDIMI Passive Income System

Copyright (c) 2020 Steven Bell, SWB Publications

1. No representations or income guarantees are made.
2. Nothing in this publication replaces professional legal and accounting advice.
3. FTC: Items purchased through hyperlinks in this document generate affiliate
commissions (that’s the whole point!) Please ensure that you perform your own
due diligence when purchasing anything online.
4. SWB Publications is not responsible for your dealings with the product and
service owners you will be doing business with. For example, some of the JVZoo
and Clickbank suppliers may require you to apply and be accepted / white listed
as an affiliate before paying you commissions for the traffic you send that buys.
1. You may freely distribute this report by electronic means unaltered.
2. You cannot alter or use any part of this report in your own document.
3. You can obtain a re-branded version of this report where you replace some of the
affiliate links in this document with your own.
Summary of Method
1. Join UDIMI Solo Ad Membership
2. Join A-Weber Autoresponder & Affiliate Program
3. Prepare funnel in A-Weber
4. Re-brand this report with your affiliate links
5. Distribute this report & set up as a lead magnet with squeeze page
6. Monitor your cash balance in UDIMI back-office
7. When you accumulate enough cash, purchase 200 or more clicks
I first became aware of the UDIMI Solo Advertisement marketplace in 2018 after it was referred
to in a WSO report I had purchased.
Having spent years mostly wasting time with unresponsive Safelists and e-mailing my own
mostly unresponsive lists, I was absolutely stunned to find a marketplace that actually
generated real sales for Solo Ad customers.
The problem, of course, is those types of Solo Ads aren’t free! The expenses started adding up
into the 4-figure range, the ROI for what I was promoting was marginal and eventually I scaled
back and left it alone for a while.
However, I had also noticed that they had an affiliate program and had been promoting it in
various places. One day I logged into my UDIMI account and was surprised to see 3 months
worth of small payments had accumulated from one of the marketers who had signed up under

Copyright (c) 2020 Steven Bell, SWB Publications

Here’s the thing: In UDIMI once somebody signs up under you and purchases traffic, they’re
hard-coded to you permanently…future purchases generate passive commissions!
But in my case, I was there to buy a Solo Ad, and applied the money in my UDIMI “wallet” to the
cost of the ad. Then a lightbulb went off...what if I relied 100% on affiliate revenue to pay for my
own Solo Ads! I can get the quality list members and occasional up front sales for the zero cost
of a Safelist!
Better yet, what if, for a time, I use UDIMI to get people to join UDIMI with my affiliate link?
But here’s the problem...UDIMI’s affiliate link takes you to a very plain vanilla sign up page, and
you have to be motivated once inside to take action. It’s a great system, but there are so many
choices to make that I’ve noticed only 10% of people who have signed up actually figured out
what they wanted to do, what they wanted to promote, and purchased ads!
This is what motivated me to develop this system...it’s almost common knowledge that the best
way to become successful is to help others to be successful. So it’s not enough to get others to
sign up under me, I needed to make sure they generate positive cash flow so that they can
afford to keep buying solo ads!
So if I could develop a re-brandable report as a tool to help others exploit and monetize this
Solo Ad marketplace, they will obviously continue to purchase ads!
At each stage of this process, my goal is to provide tools to automate or semi-automate what
I’m recommending, so that you don’t get bogged down or lost in a rabbit hole.
Once you have your funnel established, and you’re generating traffic and revenue, you’ll have
all the time in the world to tweak certain elements and make them your own!

Mind-set & Focus
You’ll hear this again and again no matter the product or system you’re using - you need to
focus and block out distractions if you tend to suffer from “shiny object syndrome”!
If you want to replace your job income, you need to focus on promoting evergreen, recurring
and passive programs to build a foundation rather than hoping for the big-ticket score! This
includes basic tools such as:
1. Web hosting
2. List building / auto-responder systems with recurring payments
3. Recurring traffic / conversion / funnel systems
4. Any other products with recurring payments
Copyright (c) 2020 Steven Bell, SWB Publications

These are tools that people will tend to purchase and stick with for the long haul, which has a
dramatic effect on your return on customer acquisition costs.

Step 1: Join the UDIMI Affiliate Marketplace (Free)
Obviously, this is the most important step as this method revolves around UDIMI.
When you sign up, you will be given a $5 credit toward your first advertisement.
While most join this marketplace to immediately start promoting their top programs and building
their lists, you will instead be looking first to utilize their affiliate program. You must be a
member to get an affiliate link, so that limits competition quite a bit!
Your affiliate link will look something like this: https://udimi.com/a/yrbis

Copy it and set it aside somewhere. If you have a preferred method of promoting you can start
doing so at any time, but I advise you to rebrand and use this document to avoid leaving money
on the table!

Step 2: Join A-Weber Autoresponder & Affiliate Program
You will be using A-Weber as your Autoresponder to build and communicate with your list.
Obviously, there are many alternatives, but the advantages of A-Weber are:
1. I can give you campaign codes, which will save you months of time.
2. A-Weber has a recurring affiliate program.
3. A-Weber has dozens of integrations with other tools you might want to look at one day
When you give someone a campaign code, it’s like providing you with an entire business. You
get all the list settings and a series of messages automatically sequenced to go out at specified
intervals to anyone who joins your list!
It’s recommended that you replace the affiliate links in the e-mails to your own, unless you want
me to receive YOUR payments :)
The reason I emphasize A-Weber and offer a campaign code is because it’s a recurring
program based on a tool so fundamental to marketing online that subscribers will literally stay

Copyright (c) 2020 Steven Bell, SWB Publications

with it for years. Once their list starts to grow, and they start integrating with other tools, they will
be loathe to cancel their subscription or switch to a different solution.
There are marketers making more than $75K/year just in A-Weber commissions, but our first
objective is just to make sure you have enough A-Weber commissions to at least break even on
your own subscription fee so it doesn’t feel like a burden.
Click here to start your 30 day free trial and see step 3 below to obtain your campaign code.

Step 3: Prepare Your Sales Funnel in A-Weber
First set up the list you want to use for this project
Next, click here to get your campaign code
This message sequence is designed to do several things
1. Give the audience up to 7 exposures to adopt the system
2. Ensure that they received this report
3. Allow you as a marketer to add additional campaigns following this one.

Step 4: Rebrand This Report
This report can be used in several ways. First of all, it’s teaching a method. It’s teaching you
how to generate passive income inside of UDIMI to pay for your own Solo Ads!
Second, this report includes re-use / re-distribution rights. You can use it for free “as-is” to
attract people to your list. You can set up your funnel like this:
Opt In / Squeeze Page -> Redirect to UDIMI sign up page->Send E-Mail with Report->follow up
sequence reinforcing the steps described in the report and giving them several more chances to
sign up under you with UDIMI in case for some reason they didn’t do that upon redirect.
This funnel will establish your relationship with the person who opts into your squeeze page. By
redirecting them to UDIMI upon opt-in, the affiliate link in the report is moot since they will
hopefully sign up and be cookied under you. Remember though...they are only hard-coded to
you for life once they buy their first ad! It’s possible, although unlikely, that if they access the
system from someone else’s link and then buy from them, the cookie can be reset and you can
lose the commission (permanently)!
Copyright (c) 2020 Steven Bell, SWB Publications

The point of the report is not just to join UDIMI but to give the reader (including you) a way to
generate positive return on ad spend in the platform so they’ll actually continue to purchase ads
and generate commissions. Even if you don’t re-brand, you still win if your subscriber uses this
report to generate a positive ROI in the platform and is incentivized to keep doing it and scaling
However, since the report comes with redistribution rights, your subscriber may share it freely or
set up their own funnel as well. Whoever receives it from them may click on the links in the
report and you will NOT get those commissions (but you will have the eternal gratitude of the
last person who branded and sent you this report!)
A better way is to click here to rebrand the links for the affiliate programs in this report to your
own! This way you can generate a viral effect when people you distribute the report to share it
around the internet! You will also ensure that if your subscriber does not immediately take action
but then later accesses UDIMI through the report links, you won’t lose the lifetime commissions.

Step 5: Distribute this report & set up as a lead magnet with
squeeze page
First, you have to have the PDF on a file server somewhere that your subscribers can
download. Some marketers use protected downloads and membership sites to deliver their paid
products. You have no need for that since this is a free report with redistribution rights. It’s good
enough to post it in your google drive or something similar or upload it to any web folder if you
have a website. If you don’t want to do this, we offer 2 hosting options:
1. If you haven’t chosen to re-brand the report, you can use this as your download link.
2. If you re-branded the report, simply use the URL that was e-mailed to you to download
your own branded copy.
A squeeze page is a web page, blog post, etc...that you will use to get people to subscribe to
your e-mail list in exchange for access to this report.
When you create your list, you can go to the forms option and generate an opt-in box by
following A-Weber’s step by step instructions.
You can then copy the HTML or JavaScript and paste it into a widget in your WordPress blog or
into your website / page builder.
Once you have a URL for your squeeze page, whatever platform you built it on, you simply add
it to “my ad texts” in UDIMI.
Copyright (c) 2020 Steven Bell, SWB Publications

Then, you simply start the process by purchasing a Solo Ad!
Here are some other methods you can use to distribute the report:
1. Share it on Facebook or even upload it to Facebook groups you belong to.
2. Check out gigs on FIVERR.
3. Purchase or subscribe to a PDF submitter.
4. Google “PDF distribution sites”
5. If you have existing subscriber lists, send the PDF as a gift and follow up with a
campaign reinforcing the method.

Step 6: Monitor your cash balance in UDIMI back-office
This is the fun part…
In UDIMI just click on the Affiliates menu, and you’ll see the traffic and commissions being
generated. You’ll also get email notifications when someone signs up.
You don’t get notified every time someone buys an ad, so check your balance. Once you’ve
generated around $80-$100, you’ll be ready for the last step…

Step 7: Place your first “free” Solo Ad!
Now we get to the final step of the process…
When you’ve accumulated between $80-$100 you’ll have enough in your account to purchase
your first Solo Ad. Now you have an important decision to make and not knowing anything about
your business I can’t give you a definitive recommendation…
You can either promote whatever your main product is, or you can re-invest in THIS method by
sending traffic back to your squeeze page. My advice is to monitor your results and invest in
whichever opportunity is more profitable in the long term.
Just remember, if you want to promote something else, it’s still worth it to reinvest the proceeds
from that product back into this method. The revenues that generate in your UDIMI wallet are
your lifeblood whenever you need quick traffic for other opportunities that come along.

Copyright (c) 2020 Steven Bell, SWB Publications

Do not Forget to Pay it Forward!
I hope that this report is useful in generating some cash for you with minimal financial risk or
Even though we’re promoting UDIMI within the UDIMI platform, I don’t believe this method will
be saturated for quite some time since there are thousands of providers in the platform each
with their own audiences (some in the 10’s or 100’s of thousands!).
That being the case, I ask you that if you find this to be a quality program, please share this
PDF with anyone that you think can benefit from it!

UDIMI Marketplace
A-Weber 30 Day Free Trial
JVZoo Web Hosting for Internet Marketers

Affiliate Marketplaces

JVZoo Affiliate Marketplace
Clickbank Marketplace
Warrior Plus Marketplace
Pay Kickstart Marketplace

Programs to Promote for Passive / Recurring Income with your UDIMI

Moolavine “Reverse Affiliate” Membership - This is a good program to promote on UDIMI
for residual affiliate income. Earn from recurring upgraded memberships or from
incentivized purchase requests for JVZoo & Clickbank products.
Everything Rebrandable - If you want to learn more about viral reports, this is currently
the premier and best supported membership. There are hundreds of quality PDF & video
sites that can be rebranded with your affiliate links.
Covert Commissions - If you want to have not only the lead magnets DFY but also the
follow up sequence, this is one of the 3 programs I’d recommend! A 7-figure marketer
Copyright (c) 2020 Steven Bell, SWB Publications

promotes products from Clickbank, JVZoo, Warrior Plus, and Pay Kickstart on an
ongoing basis with YOUR affiliate links.
5iphon Reloaded - This is one of the main systems I promote personally. You join free,
invite others to join free under you...but the catch is every member passes 5 subscribers
up before activating that capability for themselves! So you can grow your list on
autopilot, and compound the effect of of the UDIMI system!

Copyright (c) 2020 Steven Bell, SWB Publications

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