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Frequently asked questions



About PDF Archive
Information about the PDF Archive website: features, terms of use..

PDF Archive Account
Questions about your account: how to create an account, delete your account..

File manager
Questions about the PDF Archive file manager: how to archive a file, organize your archive, supported formats, restrictions..

Libraries are a simple way to efficiently organize the files in your archive.

Public sharings
Share your private files on the web, social media, via email, and with users who don't have an account on the website.

Receive files
Receive all types of files easily and securely.

PDF Toolbox
Convert to and from PDF format, repair files, remove password protection from a file, reduce the size of a PDF.

Permanent QR Codes
Particularly suitable for use on printed materials, permanent QR codes are not assigned to a specific destination in advance, remain valid indefinitely, and can be modified at any time.

Privacy and security
Suggestions to secure your PDF Archive account, choose a reliable password, etc.

PIN Code
By using a PIN code, you can add an extra level of security for designated actions.

PGP/GPG can be used to secure your account.

Legacy public sharings
All files shared publicly on PDF Archive before June 2023 are available under the "Legacy sharings" tab in your user account.

Legal informations & compliance
Legal considerations regarding PDF Archive.

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