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Last update: Friday, July 14, 2023

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What is PDF Archive?
PDF Archive is a document hosting service allowing you to:
Archive your private documents
Share your documents on the Web or with your contacts
Receive documents
The use of the service is free. For the most demanding users, we offer the PDF Archive Premium Account, with more storage space and features dedicated to professional users.
What are the available sharing options?
With PDF Archive, you can share your files in two different ways:
Public sharings are an easy a way to share a file for a pre-defined duration on the Web, with your connections, and with contacts who does not have an account on the site. For more information about public sharings, please read the dedicated help page.
Library sharings. You can precisely choose with whom and how to share each of your libraries, and for example, restrict certain accesses to read-only (the content of the library cannot be modified), or to write-only (your contact can add files to your library but cannot access existing files). For more information on libraries, please refer to the dedicated help page.
Which types of documents can be used with PDF Archive?
Only the PDF format is supported for free accounts. Premium Account users can archive and share all types of files, including: text (Plain Text, RTF, Office/OpenOffice), image files (JPG, PNG, WebP, TIFF, GIF..), Zip, RAR, and DMG archives (non-exhaustive list).
What is PDF Archive anti-spam policy?
We have zero tolerance for shady or unethical SEO practices, black hat techniques, manipulative strategies, unsolicited messages, digital waste, phishing, malware, and online scams. PDF Archive is designed to safeguard the experience of genuine users while frustrating spammers by engaging them in time-consuming processes leading to zero search engine visibility.
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