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Legacy public sharings

Last update: Friday, July 14, 2023

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Legacy public sharings relates to user-submitted content shared publicly on www.pdf-archive.com, by its users, between 2010 and 2023.

Why legacy sharings?
PDF Archive is designed, since its beginning, in 2010, as an archiving and sharing service offering long-term, secure storage for your documents. Most of the content shared publicly over the years by the users of the site is unique, of very high quality, and part of a global, multi-language knowledge library providing unique insight of a variety of subjects, and which we are proud to maintain flawlessly, over the years.
However, after more than a decade of operation, and after years trying to fight abuse on our site, we updated our codebase to a completely new platform, with a refreshed branding, offering advanced archiving and sharings features specifically for professional use.
To protect our service against abuse, our new model introduced service quotas, public sharings private-by-default, limited expiration times, which are fundamentally incompatible with our previous site. As a courtesy to our loyal users, all files shared publicly before June 2023 are available under the "Legacy sharings" tab in your user account, without expiration time, and can be accessed as usual using their original link. QR Codes to legacy sharings are also preserved.
How can I delete a legacy sharing?
Log into your account and follow the "Legacy sharings" link. Select the file you want to delete and click "Delete" and confirm. VoilĂ ! Your file is deleted forever.
If you forgot your password, click here to reset your password.
If you cannot remember the email address linked to your account or cannot access your email service anymore, contact us.
Can I create new legacy sharings?
Due to their unique properties, new legacy sharings cannot be created at the moment. You can however create public sharings.
I cannot access the "Legacy sharings" page
The "Legacy sharings" tab is available for accounts created between Aug 4, 2010, and June 4, 2023, only.
What about "Private" and "Archived" files shared between 2010 and 2023?
"Private" files are available in the "Legacy sharings" tab of your account.
"Archived" files, if any, can be accessed through the "Archived files" library.
Privacy settings are preserved: private and archived files can only be viewed by you, and no one else.
I created an account with my favorite social network, how can I sign in?
Contact us to have your existing Facebook, Twitter, Google, Live or Linkedin account migrated.
To protect the privacy of our users, as well as our independence, creation of new accounts using social network sign-in is permanently disabled from June 4,2023.
Your question is not listed here? Contact us or Open a support ticket