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Last update: Friday, August 4, 2023

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How does PDF Archive handle the requirements of localization for sensitive data that needs to be stored in specific jurisdictions?
To offer full compliance with national regulations, we offer several availability zones, associated with one or multiple specific jurisdictions. For example, all data stored within the eu-1 (Europe-1) zone is replicated in real-time on our servers located in France and the Netherlands, with a primary frontend hosted in France and a last-resort backup in Poland.
The eu-2 availability zone consists of physically separate storage servers located in the same sites as the eu-1 zone.
The data stored in the fr-1 (France-1) zone is exclusively hosted in datacenters within the territory of France (Paris, Strasbourg, Marseille).
By default, new accounts are assigned to the eu-1 zone. To benefit from a specific zone, please contact technical support and specify your requirements.
What time zone does PDF Archive use?
PDF Archive uses, depending on the time of the year, Central European Standard Time (CET - UTC+1), or Central European Summer Time (CEST - UTC+2), as standard clock time.
Daylight Saving Time (CEST) is used between the last Sunday of March at 1 a.m. UTC and the last Sunday of October at 1 a.m. UTC, in accordance with Directive 2000/84/EC.
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