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086 675 0395 C S 116-355 50m PLUMB BOB R31.⁵⁰ C S 229-200 200g 112-011 425mm COMBINATION PLIERS R64.⁸⁰ C S 205-211 200mm C S 205-212 150mm C S R69.⁰⁰ C S 205-213 200mm C S 205-215 200mm TOWER PINCER R68.⁰⁰ C S 205-216 225mm ALLOY WATER PUMP PLIER SLIP JOINT PLIER R79.⁰⁰ 205-218 200mm 205-214 150mm R59.⁰⁰ LOCK GRIP PLIER CARPENTER’S PINCER R95.⁰⁰ R109.⁵⁰ 205-219 250mm C S C 205-220 250mm 205-301 AVIATION TIN SNIP AVIATION TIN SNIP AVIATION TIN SNIP Straight cut Left cut Right cut R89.⁰⁰ HD WATER PUMP PLIER R95.⁰⁰ C C S R59.⁰⁰ 205-210 180mm C S R48.⁰⁰ R45.⁰⁰ R49.⁰⁰ C S SIDE CUTTER PLIER LONG NOSE PLIERS 205-224 C S R89.⁰⁰ 205-221 250mm C S R89.⁰⁰ 205-222 250mm C S 205-223 250mm CIRCLIP PLIERS CIRCLIP PLIERS CIRCLIP PLIERS Straight interior Straight exterior Bent exterior R52.⁰⁰ C S 205-270 175mm R52.⁰⁰ C S 205-280 175mm R52.⁰⁰ C S 205-285 175mm WOOD HANDLE PAINT BRUSH R8.⁹⁰ C S R23.⁵⁰ 266-125 25mm R15.⁴⁰ C S C S R7.²⁰ C S 266-165 63mm R37.⁵⁰ 266-138 38mm R18.⁸⁰ C S PLASTIC HANDLE PAINT BRUSH C S C S R49.⁹⁰ 266-150 50mm C S C S 266-225 25mm C S R14.⁹⁰ C S 266-100 100mm R14.²⁰ C S 266-265 63mm R24.²⁰ 266-238 38mm C S C S 266-275 75mm C S 266-200 100mm C 266-404 63mm R17.²⁰ C S 266-402 38mm 266-405 75mm R17.⁹⁰ C S 266-403 50mm 266-406 100mm PAINT SCRAPER R14.⁵⁰ R34.⁵⁰ 214-213 C S 266-401 25mm R15.⁸⁰ GLASS CUTTER R58.⁶⁰ R16.⁷⁰ R14.⁹⁰ R29.⁸⁰ 266-250 50mm PLASTERING TROWEL C R18.⁶⁰ R11.¹⁰ 266-175 75mm RUBBER GRIP PAINT SCRAPER C S 216-020 266-050 50mm R16.⁸⁰ C S 266-075 75mm R18.⁷⁰ C S HAND SAW R102.⁵⁰ TUBULAR HACKSAW R44.⁸⁰ C S 257-045 300mm C S 257-056 500mm 266-110 100mm HAND SAW R106.⁴⁰ C S 257-057 550mm RUBBER GRIP HACKSAW R124.⁰⁰ C S MINI HACKSAW R35.⁸⁰ C S 257-058 250mm 257-050 300mm T- HANDLE ALLEN KEY SET R372.⁰⁰ C S 280-404 18PC SCREWDRIVER SET SCREWDRIVER SET R132.⁰⁰ R124.⁰⁰ C S C S RATCHET TIE DOWN R95.⁰⁰ C 302-903 S 50mm x 6m 280-321 7PCS SCREWDRIVER SET R94.⁰⁰ C S 280-322 6PCS RATCHET TIE DOWN (4Pk) 280-323 4PCS TAP &


Automotive JULY 2014 RRP WEB 53%

Fuel Transfer Equipment Supplying the AUTOMOTIVE Industry for over 60 years Brand New Slim Line Drip Tray DITIDT10002 • Collect oil drops from nozzles for 11 $ a clean and safe workshop • Metal contruction with powder coating paint Oil Can With Flexible Spout • Removeable drip tray for easy emptying • Large integral bracket for easy loading and unloading of hose and nozzle • Slimline drip tray width 175mm • Also Available:


Victory Insider #4 - Vietnam 24%

Season one Unit (commitment points) Remainder, 3d Marine Division (4) Entire 101st Airmobile Division (10) Entire 1st Air Cav Division (9) 3 155mm Artillery Battalions (3) 33 air points (11) 8 airmobile points (4) 21 replacement poi nts (7) 2 SVN aid programs (2) Season two Unit (commitment points) Entire Americal Division (11) Entire 25th Division (9) 30 air points (10) 6 airmobile points (3) 24 replacement points (8) 2 SVN aid programs (2) 49 ARVN supply points (7) Seasons threethru ten Unit (commitment points) Entire 1st Marine DiviSion Entire 4th Division The Battleship New Jersey 6 to 8 175mm Artillery Battalions 2 to 4 155mm Artillery Battalions 130 to 150 air points 60 to 70 Airmobile points 3 Riverine points Replacements as needed SVN Supplies as needed 1st Brigade, 5th Mechanized Division (optional) The first two seasons are giant killers, requiring 100 commitment points.