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TheIteratedStPetersburgGame 100%

Note that, as defined, winning and losing exhaust all possibilities.​ (Strictly speaking, we should add to the rules that if the player ​never flips tails in a given round, there is no award whatsoever for that round.) With ​ all this in mind, we can say that the entire game is an ​abysmal failure when the player loses every round.


Englist to Benglai Dictionary Final NpR 70%

Abstracted Abstractedly Abstraction Abstruse Absurd Absurdity Abundance Abundant Abuse Abusive Abusiveness Abut Abutment Abutter Abysm Abysmal Abyss Abyssinian Acacia Academic Academician Academy Accede Accident Accelerate Acceleration Accelerator Accent  অদযফদস্ক  "অদযফদস্কপার঩, ফরদ-ফরদ"


Parody 3.2 62%

____________ 21 Jeremy Cantor Abysmal Abbot!


Newsletter-Sept2-2-2 51%

Of course Bath came out on top, but the highlight of the game had to be when fresher Sam received an earful from one of the 15-year-old Bruton player due To his abysmal umpiring.


Sanctions and the Russian Federation 45%

Psychology'e.g.' • V.V.!Putin!(&!his!close!circle):!survived!abysmal!post[WW2!conditions!


DocumentFragment 58199646 42%

21 22 23 24 25 On January 20, 2017, at the instruction of veterinarians from Banfield who witnessed Perry’s abysmal condition, Plaintiffs took Perry back to Cornelius.


LDS Preparedness Manual 42%

A FREE electronic version of this manual can be downloaded from WWW.ABYSMAL.COM or at my online LDS Preparedness forums at WWW.LDSAVOW.COM Questions, Comments or requests for additional copies of this manual should be directed to its compiler Brother Christopher M.


[Ben G Hester] Dowsing An expose of hidden occult 40%

It happens that all the reports of controlled, mass dowsing experiments, except those coming out of Soviet Russia, have indicated abysmal failure.


WildeFinalDraft 39%

To his dismay, Sibyl’s performance is abysmal, and he is disgusted that she would perform so poorly.


ccnyearbook2016prepress 39%

he laid bare the company’s plague of injuries, lagging stocks, and abysmal ratings, and demanded his rightful place in the McMahon family legacy.



Your bench is abysmal, but that probably isn’t going to matter by playoff time.


HP Cyber Risk Report 2015 37%

Dye’s point is that AV only catches 45 percent of cyber-attacks2—a truly abysmal rate.


HP Cyber Risk Report 2015 Executive Summary 35%

Studies show that antimalware software catches only about half of all cyberattacks—a truly abysmal rate.


Israel's right to exist 35%

"in Al-Andalus the Jewish community rose from the ashes of an abysmal existence under the Visigoths to the point that the emir who proclaimed himself caliph in the 10th century had a Jew as his foreign minister….


Israel's right to exist Rev1 35%

"in Al-Andalus the Jewish community rose from the ashes of an abysmal existence under the Visigoths to the point that the emir who proclaimed himself caliph in the 10th century had a Jew as his foreign minister….


RWF — 6 films by D Sirk 34%

It’s a pretty abysmal start for the love of one’s life.


Buckminster-Fuller--Operating-Manual-For-Spaceship-Earth 33%

We get back to great, powerful men of the sword, exploiting their prowess fortuitously and ambitiously, surrounded by the abysmal ignorance of world society.


listado-titulos 30%

POLERA POLERA POLERA CD CD BluRay+2CD DVD LP Boxet CD CD CD Digi CD CD CD VINYL GATEFOLD LP CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD LP+CD CD CD LP LP 2CD CD CD CD CD DIGI CD LP CD DIGI $ 5.900 $ 6.900 $ 9.900 $ 6.900 $ 9.900 $ 11.900 $ 15.900 $ 49.900 $ 36.900 $ 11.900 $ 13.900 $ 6.900 $ 5.900 $ 6.900 $ 6.900 $ 25.900 $ 23.900 $ 24.900 $ 11.900 $ 23.900 $ 15.900 $ 6.900 $ 11.900 $ 13.900 $ 6.900 $ 10.900 $ 3.900 $ 3.900 $ 6.900 $ 9.900 $ 6.900 $ 11.900 $ 14.900 $ 11.900 $ 12.900 $ 19.900 $ 11.900 $ 10.900 $ 23.900 $ 11.900 $ 11.900 $ 13.900 $ 12.900 $ 6.900 $ 17.900 $ 24.900 $ 23.900 $ 11.900 $ 11.900 $ 13.900 $ 16.900 $ 6.900 $ 6.900 $ 8.900 $ 8.900 $ 8.900 $ 10.900 $ 10.900 $ 20.900 $ 14.900 $ 24.900 $ 59.900 $ 11.900 $ 11.900 $ 10.900 $ 9.900 $ 10.900 $ 11.900 $ 13.900 $ 25.900 $ 11.900 $ 11.900 $ 10.900 $ 6.900 $ 10.900 $ 10.900 $ 10.900 $ 11.900 $ 22.900 $ 6.900 $ 11.900 $ 23.900 $ 25.900 $ 11.900 $ 3.900 $ 6.900 $ 10.900 $ 23.900 $ 5.900 $ 6.900 $ 11.900 $ 23.900 $ 11.900 $ 11.900 AUTOPSY AUTOPSY AUTOPSY AUTOPSY AVANTASIA AVANTASIA, TOBIAS SAMMET'S BANDERA BARBARIKULT BATHORY BATTLEAXE BATTLEAXE BATTLECREEK BEGRIME EXEMIOUS BEHEMOTH BEHEMOTH BEHEMOTH BEHEMOTH BEHEMOTH BEHEMOTH BEHEMOTH BELPHEGOR BELPHEGOR BELPHEGOR BENEDICTION BERSERK BEYOND DESCRIPTION BEYOND HELL BLACK ANVIL BLACK DAHLIA MURDER BLACK DAHLIA MURDER BLASART BLIND GUARDIAN BLIND GUARDIAN BLIND GUARDIAN BLIND GUARDIAN BLIND GUARDIAN BLOOD FEAST BLOOD FEAST BLOODBATH BLOODBATH BLOODFIELD BOLT THROWER BOLT THROWER BOLT THROWER BOLT THROWER BOLT THROWER BOLT THROWER BORKNAGAR BOTHERS BRUCE DICKINSON BRUJERIA BRUTAL TRUTH BRUTAL TRUTH BURIAL INVOCATION BURZUM C.H.C./Agathocles CABAN CADAVERIC CALIBAN CANDLEMASS CANDLEMASS CANDLEMASS CANDLEMASS CANDLEMASS CANDLEMASS CANNIBAL CORPSE CANNIBAL CORPSE CANNIBAL CORPSE CARBONIZED CARCASS CARCASS CARCASS CARCASS CARCASS CARCASS CARCASS CARCASS/GODFLESH CARNYX CARPATHIAN FOREST CARVAKAS CARVAKAS CATACUMBA CATHEDRAL CATTLE DECAPITATION CAVALERA CONSPIRACY CENICERO CENTINEX CENTINEX CERBERUS CHAPITAS CHILDREN OF BODOM CHILDREN OF BODOM CHILDREN OF BODOM CIANIDE Acts Of The Unspeakable Macabre Eternal Mental Funeral SKIN BEGINS TO ROT The Scarecrow (Digipak) The Scarecrow Bandera Death Metal Rehearsal HAMMERHEART Heavy Metal Sanctuary Power From The Universe (ReRel Hate Injection Impending Funeral Of Man CRush.fUKK.Create Evangelion Satanica Satanica The Apostasy The Satanist Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond) Bondage Goat Zombie Comjuring The Dead Walpurgis Rites Hexenwahn Killing Music Live from the Woods Proof of the Truth The Sleeper Awakens Triumvirate Abysmal Nocturnal The Art of Blasphemy A Twist In The Myth Beyond the Red Mirror Beyond the Red Mirror Live The Forgotten Tales Face Fate Kill for Pleasure Bloodbath Over Bloodstock Grand Morbid Funeral Siners Or Liers For Victory Realm Of Chaos The Earache Peel Sessions The IVth Crusade War Master War Master Origin No way out Tattued Millionaire Pocho Aztlan Evolution Through Revolution Sound of the Animal Kingdom/Kill Trend Suicide Ritual Of The Grotesque Filosofem Stop the Abuse!


The Dartmouth Review 9.19.2008 Volume 28, Issue 1 21%

Those of our readers who follow the financial news or Not only did somebody at think it would the apocalyptic hysteria that is the evening news will by now be a good idea to get into the college-rankings business, have heard about the Treasury’s takeover of Fannie Mae but apparently the committee in charge of this particular and Freddie Mac, and will no doubt be relieved to hear that project decided to improve upon the virtually worthless a man with at least a passing interest in, and talent for, the tradition of numerical rankings by giving abysmal ratings success of the free market has been chosen to give advice to some of America’s most prestigious universities, sending to the people who seem to feel government interference is administrators into a tizzy all along the East coast.


Vol. VI, No. 2, August 9, 2016 19%

(Sam and Eric have played eight times, but Sam has won all eight games, so that’s not really a rivalry.) Meredith and the Sams all have winning records against in-division opponents, while Eric has an abysmal 2-13 against other Zombies Division owners, promising quite a challenge for him in the upcoming season.


Unish Dicitonary 8%

error 放棄 腹部 放弃 abdicazione se abdicare abdiko 9 10 12 abet v 부추기다 そそのかす 教唆 ajudar istigare encourager aufhetzen 13 abet n S,P,I,Es,Gr,L fir 전나무 もみの木 冷杉 abeto abeto abete sapin Tannenbaum el' tanu:b abid v E,I abide 머물다 泊まる 停 atenersea suportar abitare,rimanere, restare rester bleiben ozhidat' makatha pratiksha karno delto anechomai abiliti n E,I ability 능력 能力 能力 capacidad, soportar habilidade capacità, abilità capacité Fähigkeit sposobnost' qudra samartiya iluzii dunatoteta cimmorari adj E,S,I abysmal 심연의 深淵の 深渊的 abismal profundo abissale désastreux abgründig bezdonnyj sahi:q null c^agrena kavkisto"