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HIOKI PW6001 ENG 100%

POWER ANALYZER PW6001 Power measuring instruments Improve Power Conversion Efficiency Industry-Leading Accuracy and Maximum 12 Channels* Hioki Power Analyzers Set Next Generation Standards for Power Efficiency Testing * When synchronizing two 6-channel models connected via optical link 2 Basic accuracy for power ±0.02% * Achieving true power analysis High accuracy, wideband, and high stability.


HIOKI 3197 ENG 97%

Event List Event Details Time Plot Graph RMS Voltage and Current Voltage Accuracy Current Accuracy Voltage (1/2) RMS Measurement Accuracy Current (1/2) RMS Measurement Accuracy Frequency Accuracy Active Power Accuracy (for consumption and regeneration) (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year) True RMS (200 ms calculation ) ±0.3% rdg.


HIOKI RM3545 ENG 97%

RESISTANCE METER RM3545, RM3544 Component measuring instruments RESISTANCE METER RM3545 Featuring super-high accuracy and multi-channel capabilities (20 channels with 4-terminal measurement) Basic accuracy :


HIOKI PW3335 ENG 96%

POWER METER PW3335 Power Measuring Instruments Single-Phase AC/DC Power Meter High-accuracy measurement of standby to operating power • Wide measurable range • Basic accuracy for voltage, current and power • Frequency bandwidth • High-accuracy measurement even for equipment with low power factors • Standby power consumption • Measure up to 5000A AC :


HIOKI DT4211 ENG 96%

Product and accuracy guarantees 12-month accuracy guarantee The accuracy of measured values obtained with the DT4211/DT4212 is guaranteed for 12 months.


HIOKI IM3570 ENG 95%

Frequency sweep measurement Z peak comparator screen LCR mode Cs display screen (1 kHz measurement) High Speed and High Accuracy Frequency sweep measurement (impedance analyzer) and C measurement can be performed continuously with one instrument.


HIOKI PW3336 ENG 95%

• For development and production of motors, inverters, power conditioners, power supplies, and other devices • Assess and verify the energy-saving performance of industrial equipment such as heavy machinery, airconditioners as well as household appliances • Voltage, current, and power basic accuracy • Measurement frequency bands • High-current measurement • Low-loss current input • Harmonic measurement up to the 50th order • High-accuracy measurement, even with a low power factor • Measure up to 5000 A AC :


HIOKI DM7275 ENG 94%

PRECISION DC VOLTMETER DM7275 , DM7276 7½ Digit Precision DC Voltmeter 9 ppm DC Voltmeter for R&D to Production Lines 2 High-Accuracy Measurement Approaching the Precision of Reference Instruments Outstanding Long-term Stability and Temperature Characteristics 1-year long-term guarantee for high accuracy equivalent to an 8-½ digit DMM A DC voltmeter boasting the long-term stability and ease of use that only Hioki’s field measuring expertise can deliver.


HIOKI RM3543 ENG 94%

RESISTANCE HiTESTER RM3543, RM3543-01 Component measuring instruments Resistance Meter for Ultra-low and Low Shunt Resistance Measuring 0.1 mΩ with a High Accuracy of ±0.16% and High Resolution of 0.01 μΩ* The RM3543 and RM3543- 01 Resistance HiTESTERs can measure DC resistance such as a low shunt resistance with high speed and high accuracy using the DC four-terminal method.


HIOKI 3333 ENG 94%

AC/DC POWER HiTESTER 3334 POWER HiTESTER 3333 Power Measuring Instruments By Popular Demand Ideal for Meeting Energy Efficiency Standards High Accuracy &


HIOKI 3455 ENG 93%

0 to 999 V, 0.98 to 5.50 kV Monitor accuracy:


Manometer 93%

Precision machined reservoirs and indicating column insure high accuracy.


HIOKI IR4053 ENG 92%

Specifications Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year Accuracy guarantee for temperature and humidity:


HIOKI 3504 ENG 91%

IEEE-488.2 1987 4 C METER 3506-10 Measure low-magnitude capacitors with high accuracy •Measurement parameters and frequency ranges Range of Measurements (C, D) Measurement Frequencies 120 Hz 1 kHz 1 MHz N/A 3 3 3506 -10 C:


HIOKI RM3544 ENG 91%

RESISTANCE METER RM3544, RM3548 Component measuring instruments Easy to use with high-accuracy Resistance Meters for Production Lines and MRO The Resistance Meters RM3544/RM3544-01/RM3548 can measure the winding resistance of devices such as motors and transformers, the contact resistance of power contacts (relays and switches), and the DC resistance of fuses, resistors, and substrates such as conductive rubber and sheets.


HIOKI SM7810 ENG 91%

Normal contact Contact error n SM7810 Specifications (Accuracy Specifications) lMeasurement accuracy (current accuracy):


HIOKI 9290-10 ENG 91%

OVERVIEW Easy-to-use, current to current transformer AC current up to 1500 A, secondary current 1/10 of primary Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year) Rated primary current AC 1000 A continued (Maximum 1500 A for 5 minutes or shorter) Rated secondary current AC 100 A (10 :


saltwaters size chart 91%

Baby/Toddler size chart Please choose the size where your toes fit comfortably behind the line – allow 1 cm 10 CM Match your ruler here to ensure accuracy.


HIOKI FT3700-20 ENG 90%

1 m) Bright Simulated measurement Easily measure temperature in hazardous or unreachable locations Locations that cannot be touched due to moving parts Useful Functions Locations that pose the risk of electric shock l MAX, MIN, DIF (MAX-MIN), AVG measurement l Alarm function l Emissivity (ε) can be set based on the measurement target l Continuous measurement l Backlight Specifications Accuracy 0.0 to 100.0 ˚C (-32.0 to 212.0 ˚F) :


HIOKI 3283 ENG 90%

50.0 0 A Ordinary clampon meter A 3283-20 Ordinary clampon meter 3283-20 Also measure leakage current The 3283-20 provides 5 ranges of 10.00mA, 100.0mA, 1.000A, 10.00A, and 200.0A, enabling you to also measure leakage current with accuracy.


HIOKI IR4050s ENG 90%

Specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year) Insulation resistance measurement Rated output voltage 50 VDC 125 VDC 250 VDC 500 VDC 100 MΩ 250 MΩ 500 MΩ 2000 MΩ Effective maximum indicated value 2 MΩ 5 MΩ 10 MΩ 50 MΩ Effective medium value 1st effective measuring range [MΩ] 0.200 to 10.00 0.200 to 25.0 0.200 to 50.0 0.200 to 500 ±2 % rdg.


SLIMLINE 1709E BE-Distributor 90%

sHR1NK-F1r HoLoER MSTco 『 po 『ation s u1 m LINE Vol.3 1709 High-accuracy, and High-efficiency machining for 3 5 Points 1 Machining quality and speed The shortest As short as possible Drops Length becomes Holder Quality Do not use worn cutting tools.


TURA-03B BLUE 200102 90%

th o to e lu B , ry e tt a B Built-in Up to 1 V to V 0 5 2 0 0 0 , 0 5 Test Voltage Ratio Large Colour Touch Display High Accuracy 0.08% Built -in Printer,Battery &


Somerset Scientific Report-Final 90%

My experiment will show you the distance of accuracy.


passiveRFID ersimich 89%

however, it does not provide the amount of accuracy needed to track assets indoors, the signal degrades – becomes intermittent, i.e., detecting a GPS signal on Earth is comparable to detecting the light from a 25-watt bulb from 10,000 miles away– due to high density construction materials1.