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CCDN331 P3 Warner Joshua 100%

In this case graphic design presents a strong visual representation of the ideals held by the many activists, displaying the faces of our diverse world printed on shields.


Rhetorical Construction of Ecoterrorism 92%

Government’s Discourse of Fear Rachel Alexander1 May 7, 2012 ABSTRACT Since 2001, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has increasingly targeted radical environmental activists in domestic terror investigations.


SB374 91%


EU Parliament resolution on Honduras 90%

whereas according to several United Nations reports on human rights defenders, environmental activists, indigenous rights defenders, journalists, legal practitioners, trade unionists, peasants, women's rights activists and LGBTI peoples among other activists 2 continue to be subject to abuses, violence, arbitrary detentions, threats, and killings in Honduras;


epr campagne 89%

Incroyable !



Animal rights activists in Brazil have been threatened and attacked by pastoralists and other people who have financial interest in beef meat industry.



EXCERPTS CHAOS Come July, thousands of politicians, party elders, campaign consultants, activists, and reporters will descend on Cleveland for a suspenseful, dramatic, and chaotic Republican National Convention.


Russian-propagandist 85%

A range of activists in Armenia that contribute Russian interests, propaganding and promoting Russia’s official posture and intensions, meantime positioning themselves as “analysts”, “experts”, “politics”.


TZM Network Expansion Proposal 84%

This presentation was created to address some issues I’ve observed within the volunteer structure of TZM, or it could be seen as a general improvement proposal to the internal structure of the movement in the effort ease the ability of “arm-chair” activists in becoming more involved within the movement beyond the scope of social network and online forum activism.


The Garden is Always Greener-2 84%

1 By “demanding democratic control over food production and consumption,” activists and communities fight to reclaim the commons and, thereby, First World Hunger (1997), a set of case studies on food security, was among the first of works to expose and indict wealthy, industrialized, and technologically advanced countries and their respective policy makers for neglecting to redress domestic hunger issues in their purportedly agriculturally productive and food secure climates.


IMP Breaking Agema LG 83%

GOP District Chairman Questions Agema for Anti-Gay Tirade, Draft Agema for LG Facebook Page Launched Paul Welday, 14th District GOP chair, said Monday that Republicans ignoring GOP National Committeeman Dave Agema’s anti-gay tirade to a West Michigan newspaper do so “at our own peril.” “Agema has every right to his opinion,” Welday wrote in an email to Republican activists obtained by Inside Michigan Politics.


blck-flag-vol-14-summer-2015 81%

Others call wanting to find out what an anti-oppression framework would look like and how it can be implemented, as if doing so will only take a phone call, or the workshop time requested.‖ However, while this co-optation of anti-oppression politics by liberal institutions is concerning to radical activists, it could simply be a sign of (limited) progress (i.e.


Krystle Craig and Us Newsletter1 80%

We build relationships with other activists and supporters, take the streets and risk arrest because we’re fighting for a world that truly values our lives.


CNA-33 Power 2009 80%

military in Central America and opposition intervention in the region topped many activists' political agendas.


Krystle Craig and Us 80%

We build relationships with other activists and supporters, take the streets and risk arrest because we’re fighting for a world that truly values our lives.


SeminarFlyerAbolish 79%

 We will learn to dismantle stereotypical narratives / representations and network with activists from various backgrounds.


11 hour interrogation at Tel Aviv Airport 78%

he was referring to an area in the West Bank pronounced Bel’in, where there are popular weekly protests against the Israeli occupation and settlements by locals and foreign activists.


lib-history-nineteenth-amendment-25916-article only 78%

It was not until 1848 that the movement for women’s rights launched on a national level with a convention in Seneca Falls, New York, organized by activists Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott.



“We’re not just for many black activists,” he says with a sigh.


LGBT Films of Interest 2016 77%

In Pride Denied, activists and artists call for a return to prioritizing political activism and community support that characterized the emergence of the contemporary LGBT rights movement more than 40 years ago.


Final version 77%

Since that time, Labour Party and its successor Labour Party of Social 4 Justice (LPSJ) and their organization for the youth called Labour Youth became the dominant organizations of national activists in the Czech Republic.