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Eenadu Book 100%

Display Advertisements in Eenadu online Book Classified Adver sements in Eenadu Newspaper Very easy and Simple trough, we have user friendly and advance online booking system which allows you Book newspaper ads online in 3 easy steps.


Jake Birks-Kindred Portfolio 80%

JA K E B I R K S - K I N D R E D V i s u a l C o n t e n t Po r t f o l i o Malta Film Commission, Malta (March 2015 - October 2015) Visual Content Assistant My  main  tasks  whilst  working  with  the  Malta  Film  Commission   were  to  produce  visual  content  for  marke ng  and  adver sing     campaigns,  to  create  original  promo onal  video  material  and   generally  support  the  Malta  Film  Commission  with  any  of  its   video/photo  requirements.


CV Final ENG 78%

com 1 7r ueValdeGr âce,Par i s ,75005 • Weekl y&mont hl ybenchmar ki ng&compet i t i onanal ys i s • Pl anni ng&pr oduct i onofADs • Cl i ent-CompanyI nt er communi cat i on • Edi t i onanddel i ver yofweekl y&mont hl ynews l et t er s hs 201 5- THEOTHERSTORE-6mont Es t or eManagerAs si s t ant( Mer ci&Si néquanone) SKI LLS CREATI VI TY STRATEGY BRANDI NG DI GI TAL • As s i s t ancei ndevel opi ngonl i nemar ket i ngs t r at egi es • Devel opment&managementofnew pr oj ect s • Weekl y&mont hl yanal yt i calr epor t i ngs • Br andact i onpl anni ngands t r at egy hs 201 3- PEPELA -3Mont Mar ket i ngManagerAs si s t ant • As s i s t ancei nPRdeci s i ons&adver t i s i ngs t r at egi es • As s i s t ancei ndevel opmentofs oci almedi as t r at egi es • Cr eat i onofcompany’ swebpage STORE.


Loebig Resume 78%

Recruitment Chair NSAC | October 2018 — Present Creative Director As Creative Director for the National Student Adver tising Competition team, I am in charge of leading the design, copy, and digital media team to create an inspiring campaign for the client Adobe.


Hagmann Resume 2015 5 59%

• Cr eat edbr ochur es,mai l er s,&adver t i sement s.


Hagmann Resume 2015 56%

• Cr eat edbr ochur es,mai l er s,&adver t i sement s.


Hagmann Resume 2015 56%

• Cr eat edbr ochur es,mai l er s,&adver t i sement s.


cv 55%

St .Leonar dsAcademy SussexCoastCol l ege Level3BTECi nI T St af f or dshi r eUni ver si t y WebDevel opmentBSc experi ence 20122014 WebDesi gn,Cont entCr eat i on&Gr aphi csDesi gn Thesear et heyear st hatiwasatcol l ege.Thr oughoutt heseyear siwassel l i ngmywebdesi gn andgr aphi csser vi cesonvar i ousonl i nef or ums.Tot hi sdat eihavecr eat edandsol d30+ websi t esandhundr edsofgr aphi cdesi gns( l ogos,t hr eaddesi gns,adver t i sement s,si gnat ur es) 20142015 WebManagement ,eCommer ce,SEO,Mar ket i ng,Soci alMedi aSer vi ces,Cur encyExchange Thi si st heyeariwasatuni ver si t y .Thr oughoutt hi syearicr eat edandr anaf ewonl i nebusi nesses.


epa-suit 55%

State Apple Adver. Comm’n, 432 U.S.


Lista 2 50%


Media-Kit-Download 071211 49%

Links, we pick the keywords, negotiate with the search engines, and manage the campaign to guarantee results, giving you high-priority on the big-brand search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask • Combining digital search and display advertising campaigns increases your reach, and gets you in front of users at different stages of their internet experience Lead Generation • From contests and sweepstakes, to offers, deals and adver-games, we help you gather vital information on qualified leads • Engaging your audience, and giving them a meaningful reason to share their information is what it takes, and we help you do that and more © 2010 Los Angeles Times Communications LLC 3 Media Kit NICHE Print and Online The Envelope • Ultimate insider awards coverage and up-to-the-minute awards season coverage on • Thursday average circulation:


7 Jan - Gary Ng 44%

you talk to him first.” “His dad likes to go prawning but they don’t eat As a Huttons agent, Chen had placed online adver- prawns, so they will give it to us instead,” said the tisements to sell and rent out several Tanjong Rhu neighbour.


Jan Feb 2017 43%

We will adver- War” will be observed exhibit a variety of topics tise all of these events in statewide with ceremonies, and materials across the our newsletters and on symposia, lectures, events, state.


7 21 2016 01 01tk2107 TalkTown14 PEH.PDF 41%

046 624 1110 MOTORING 9070 Used Car Sales Quality Select Used Vehicles Contact us for all your adver sing needs.


6 23 2016 01 01tk2306 TalkTown18 PEH.PDF 40%

Call now on (046) 624 4356 and find out more about our adver sing features.


2016 10 13 01 01tk1310 TalkTown14 PEH.PDF 39%

076 978 7156 2260 Finance Contact us for all your adver sing needs.


8 11 2016 01 01tk1108 TalkTown14 PEH.PDF 38%

Call now on (046) 624 4356 and find out more about our adver sing features.


9 1 2016 01 01tk0109 TalkTown14 PEH.PDF 37%

Call now on (046) 624 4356 and find out more about our adver sing features.


2016 10 06 01 01tk0610 TalkTown14 PEH.PDF 37%

"9!( and find out more about our adver sing features.


French Tech Berlin ESCP Trend report 1 Final1402 33%

  Understanding  economic  trends   MIT  researchers  have  developed  a  plagorm,  the  Billion  Prices  project,   that   collects   data   on   the   prices   of   goods   sold   or   adver/sed   on   the   web   on   a   daily   basis,   and   uses   it   to   es/mate   infla/on   with   high   precision.


boletim dxcsf 02edicao 2013 32%

Paralelo ao seu trabalho, cujo qual asseguro tem sido maravilhoso, tenho tentado adver r aos radiófonos e principalmente aos dexistas, da necessidade de contactar estas emissoras afim de es mular a manutenção dos transmissores, pois estamos vivendo um momento em que as emissoras tem olhado com muito carinho e dedicação para a internet.


RE HB1254 32%

Years of adver?sing, signage and other means of establishing and building the OEM's brand-recogni?on throughout consumer markets, staff recruitment and training for OEM brand-specific sales and service, inves?ng in customer educa?on, acquisi?on and brand loyalty and finally the franchise fee itself paid to the OEM and upon which the OEM had, to a significant degree, financed the building of its business.


Land, B. attempted murder in paper 3 21%

J We Are Ready To Talk Business nowcomplete Our line of lineDont latest thing out in a vehicles BRAT Painting arid Repairing Neatly Done Give us a call we guarantee satisfactions i tantaoft TfiwdvxeV KYe SECOND STEEET PHONE 16- E tnn RICHMOND PHONE 232 Frasa Bros DOT S TQ I k are sole agents for PeckWilliamson furnaces and Studebaker wagons tf Remember Arbuckle Simmons DrThomas accidentis Fifteen teachers took 600 Suits now 00H 450 Boquet ¬ retirefrom For Selling Questions depotCincinnati train only on ¬ special 20 00 Suits now 1650 The county Judge hM awarded to V W Hardin the contracts for build ¬ ing several voting houses m various parts of the county Mr Hardin was also employed by the Richmond Water Light Company to build for them a N depot large coal bin near the L OBrien and Wnllney Must Hang At Saturdays cession of the Court of Appeals Chief Justice Burnam over ¬ ruled petitions for the rehearing of the cases of Earl Whitney and Claude OBrien the Lexington murderers The Governor will now fix a date for their execution tot Sale Having recently lost by fire our resi dence on Acpin Avenue and not having sufficient amount ot insurance to re ¬ build desire to sell the lot which is 75x91 feet Foundation and chimneys are In good condition and with a No1 cistern on premises For particulars call on or address Mrs Emma Bush or 24 2t Mrs Nannie Partello ¬ An Honest Old Darker Dead Simpson an old colored man whu lisa lived with Mr N B Deather age for the past five Years died at his home on Muddy Creek Friday June Uncle Al ¬ 12 aged about 78 years b rt was a good old dnrkey and was strictly honest and respected by both white and black In all the venrs he lived with Mr Deatherago his word was never doubted and in his death another old time darkey passes to the A Jbert great beyond Richmond Defeated The two gameR of base ball played last week by the Nebraska Indians and the Richmond team resulted in an easy victory both days for the Indians This team is composed of genuine pat ¬ ages and they know base ball from start 0 finish Our home team could not interest them the first daya game resulting a Fcore of 19 to 0 in favor of the Indians In Thursdays game our boys played a little better At any rate they got some good practice H 225 1 2OO 1 150 For Assessor candidacyfor H J primarylor creditable race If nominated Mr Hater would be a strong factor in bring ing out a larga vote in his end of the county for the regular ticket at Cut Prices ¬ ¬ Only one remedy in the world that will at once stop itchiness of the skiu in any part ol the body Doans Oint 1m ment At any drug store SOc II U Ii 11 T 5 SO j of these B AN K S Killed His Stepson When the Cook Leaves Fountain Land shot and killed IMP stepson Bv Land on Sunday The affair occurred in the southern part of this county The young man who was abont 35 years Old and single was nndei the influence Qf liquor and had tnei all day to provoke a difficulty with hit stepfather He finally made advance with an uplifted ax when he was shot to death with a pistol Mr F Land 11ft farmer and the killing is much de plored by all who know them Program of the roxtiwn District Sunday School Convention At tot June 25 1003I Pleasant church Friday ex ¬ 130 Song ercises 200 Opening remarks of district Sunday 215Are community to the son value of 230The V Dodge Prof J W Shearer eqhoolsa Benefit Dr V H Hob Wm Munday officers L early training 245 The teachers opportunity Shelby Masters 300 Tim right age to attend Sunday school Rev O N Roth l5Dntiesof superintendent aud teacherProf J W 330Duties of parent and preacher Rev W A Jo 345 Working for resultsRev W H Dodge 400Reports of Sunday schools and businessMusic interspersed throughout Come whether connected with a Sunday school or not Take an early dinner and be in season Let us make it a grand Sunday school rally r Fruit Growing and Truck Farming Along the Col ton Bolt Is the name of a new and finely illus ¬ trated booklet just published by the Cotton Belt Route It tells in their own words the story of those who have its mighty handy to have a fire that can be lighted in a jiffy the only fuel a ma- gone west achieved great success growing peaches strawberries pears grapes tomatoes ot ions melons poUt ¬ toes and other fruit and truck on lands that formerly sold for 3 to 10 an acre and now 100 to 5300 per acre net a ValveatchOneTurnofstriking a nd your fire of match All is started with the expense Is as easily stopped when done cooking aud the kitchen remains cool and comfortable for the finishing Popular Column Two weeks ago the CUMAX inaug ¬ urated a For Sale column that those desiring to sell property could adver ise same without expense unless a sale was actually made It will be seen from a glance at this column that alongfeltwapthas been supplied There are in Madison farms residences town los etc that are for sale provided a reasonable price is offered and since an opportunity is afforded to advertise such property without cost unless sale is made those wishing to sell are rapid ¬ ly filling this department of the CLIMAX Those desiring anything in the line above mentioned will do well to read this column from week toweek as each issue swells the list of residences farm and town lots for sale If you have any property to sell we will advertise It and until a sale is made it will not cost you one cent I copyfree payin np With Gas Fuel E there is no coal to carry no ashes no dirt no coal pails to litter up the kitchen Would You Like To Know About Gas- G P Cotton Belt St Louis W LaBeaurae T A Mo MATRIMONIALBEvoLns4VxLuA3rsOn RICHMOND day Mr James L Reynolds and Miss Daisy Alice Williams both of Berea were united in marriage Notice has been received here of time wedding in Cincinnati on Monday of Mr Ernest G Clark and Miss Maud Long The groom Is a valuable em plovee of the Postal Tele rnpb Company uf the Queen City while his bride is a daughter of the late Perry long of this county Mr and Mrs Clark are at home at 925 West 7th Street Cincinna ¬ WaterCOMPANYLight They Sell Detroit Jewel Gas Ranges bythe Mr 0 B Patton of Huntsville Ala nessee is here on a short visit Mr bama has been visiting his sister Mrs II W Miller Miss Parkes began her education ntMrs W R Shanks has returned from place and isis friends are glad to wel ¬ ceive subscription for Capt B J Ewen come back him I who lost his home in Jackson Breath a visit to her ot Richmond itt county for daring to decline a hibe Stanford InteiirJournalMr Simeon Hamilton of Estill coun ¬ tended there She will teach next and coining out as a true man and citi H G Turner wife and little zen and telling the truth in the recent sonRev j will spend this week and next with trial of Jett and White at Jackson was accompanied home by his wife parents bis Nicholasville in The Christian church last Sunday began to raise a fund for Capt Ewen In Miss Dims Lane of Muncie Indiana our next issue we will publish a list of has returned home from a visit to Miss The Misses Miller who are the at ¬ all persons contributing to this fund Pantile Tate near Moberly tractive guests of Mrs E B Hume In the meantime those desiring t Miss Alma Scrivner ia very ill with were guests of honor at a most delight ¬ contribute can hand their contribution trouble at the home of Mrs f to Mr or Mrs A D Miller Itobt Crow throat Mamie Cheuault on Second street B D Gordon or Judge J I Clienault Mr Douglas Bronston of Dallas noon We havo been authorized to start the TVxasV is visiting his grandmother subscription atlO Mrs Henrietta JLSroiistoii on Third Subscription for Capt Ewer ¬ RELIGIOUS direst Mr R L Gentry of this city attend ¬ Itms only 122 years since the first ed the LuxonSmith wedding in Chit Sunday School was established and Ilcothe Ohio on last V I dllesdlw now it is estimated that in the United night States there are 14000000 persons who r Mrs Bpttie Smoot of Louisville and attend Sunday School Mr M A Smoot of Maysvillc are guests of Dr and Mrs C E Smoot on Broadway ton has awarded the contract for the Misses Jessie Rutherford and Ida erection of a 40000 YMC A build Demarec of Nicholasville were the ine guests last week of Mrs D H Myers Rev Horace G Turner will preach on High street at the Green School House on next Mrs George Frazier of Estill county Sunday afternoon at 3 oclock spent last week with her parents Mr On next Sunday June 28th the and Mrs Iheodore Wilson at Ellis Methodists of Covln ton will observe ton this county the 200th anniversary of the birth of Mr A D Miller went to Indianap- ¬ John Wesley the founder of that olis Monday to see his cousin Miss church The Union church at Newby which was recently completed will be dedi ¬ cated next Sunday President Burns Mr Ballard H Luxon and bride retA Jenkins of Lexington and Rev B urned Thursday night from Cbilli A Dawes of Louisville will preach cothe and are at home to their many All are invited friends at the residence of Mr W E Luxon on the Tates Creek pike Youngteus depotagent Universitywhere timbrightest hisJaujhter Middlctown Scrivnetfor nllnnJer MissMeridetis NewYork atUurnamwood newspaperI InChicago Casnpbe1isvj1lcwas riendshope boing agertfor JOhnChandler seekinzhealth exceptlolidly IsyMr ofWoodford thebest Mr his interview and that be will soon be entirely well tnontl on Tnestmay lie traveled on a spiderIiko railroad bicycle with rubber tires and ran at a speed that Kept llimI out of the way of passenger trains BeattyvilleNews <