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SilkWayWest 230517-060717 100%

Bulgaria Dunarit Corp, Bulgaria Culmen Intl LLC, VA USA Culmen Intl LLC, VA USA Yugoimport SDPR, Serbia Culmen Intl LLC, VA USA Culmen Intl LLC, VA USA Flight From LBBG (Burgas, Bulgaria) KJFK (Ney York, USA) LBBG (Burgas, Bulgaria) LYNI (Belgrade, Serbia) UBBB (Baku, Serbia) LYNI (Belgrade, Serbia) LROP (Romania) KJFK (Ney York, USA) LYBE (Belgrade, Serbia) LYBE (Belgrade, Serbia) LLOV (Ovda, Israel) LYBE (Belgrade, Serbia) LYBE (Belgrade, Serbia) EDDP (Leipzig, Germany) UBBB (Baku, Serbia) LYNI (Belgrade, Serbia) LYBE (Belgrade, Serbia) LYNI (Belgrade, Serbia) LYBE (Belgrade, Serbia) UBBB (Baku, Serbia) ESOE (Orebro, Sweden) ORER (Erbil, Iraq) UBBB (Baku, Serbia) UBBB (Baku, Serbia) UBBB (Baku, Serbia) LBBG (Burgas, Bulgaria) UBBB (Baku, Serbia) UBBB (Baku, Serbia) UBBB (Baku, Serbia) UBBB (Baku, Serbia) UBBB (Baku, Serbia) Flight Via Consignee UBBB (Baku, Serbia) LBBG (Burgas, Bulgaria) UBBB (Baku, Serbia) LYNI (Belgrade, Serbia) LYNI (Belgrade, Serbia) LBBG (Burgas, Bulgaria) ORBI (Baghdad Intl, Iraq) LBBG (Burgas, Bulgaria) LYBE (Belgrade, Serbia) LBBG (Burgas, Bulgaria) LYBE (Belgrade, Serbia) Afghan National Army Min of Interior, Iraq Afghan National Army MoD Saudi Arabia US Army, Indiana, USA MoD Saudi Arabia MoD Islamic Rep of Afghanistan Min of Interior, Iraq MoD Islamic Rep of Afghanistan MoD Islamic Rep of Afghanistan MoD Azerbaijan MoD Islamic Rep of Afghanistan MoD Islamic Rep of Afghanistan ISAF German Forces, Afghanistan MoD UK, Saudi Arabia MoD Saudi Arabia MoD UK, Saudi Arabia MoD Saudi Arabia MoD Islamic Rep of Afghanistan MoD Islamic Rep of Afghanistan Swedish Armed Forces, Iraq Swedish Armed Forces, Iraq Afghan National Army MoD Islamic Rep of Afghanistan Afghan National Army Afghan National Army MoD Azerbaijan MoD Azerbaijan MoD Islamic Rep of Afghanistan MoD Azerbaijan MoD Azerbaijan Flight To OAKB (Kabul, Afghanistan) ORBI (Baghdad Intl, Iraq) OAKB (Kabul, Afghanistan) OEPS (Prince Sultan, Saudi Arabia) KJFK (Ney York, USA) OEPS (Prince Sultan, Saudi Arabia) OAKB (Kabul, Afghanistan) ORBI (Baghdad Intl, Iraq) OAKB (Kabul, Afghanistan) OAKB (Kabul, Afghanistan) UBBI (Nasosni, Azerbaijan) OAKB (Kabul, Afghanistan) OAKB (Kabul, Afghanistan) OAMS (Sharif, Afghanistan) OEPS (Prince Sultan, Saudi Arabia) OEPS (Prince Sultan, Saudi Arabia) OEPS (Prince Sultan, Saudi Arabia) OEPS (Prince Sultan, Saudi Arabia) OAKB (Kabul, Afghanistan) OAKB (Kabul, Afghanistan) ORER (Erbil, Iraq) ESOE (Orebro, Sweden) OAKB (Kabul, Afghanistan) OAKB (Kabul, Afghanistan) OAKB (Kabul, Afghanistan) OAKB (Kabul, Afghanistan) LDRI (Rijeka) LDRI (Rijeka) OAKB (Kabul, Afghanistan) LDRI (Rijeka) LDRI (Rijeka) Silk Way West diplomatic cargo transportation of dangerous goods, moved Weight(kg) 24,336 20,307 42,084 24,650 90,000 21,584 96,699 101,000 53,568 104,405 46,908 50,344 65,960 69,480 1,662 24,650 1,662 21,584 104,405 95,000 287,408 128,542 105,000 70,838 105,000 64,736 41,430 42,336 70,838 42,119 41,700 Weapons / Items Shipped Cartridges for weapons with bursting charge, grenades Cartridges for weapons with bursting charge Grenades, hand or rifle with bursting charge Cartridges for weapons with bursting charge (122mm HE Frag) Projectiles, detonating fuzes Cartridges for weapons with bursting charge (122mm HE Frag), grenades M75 Cartridges for weapons with bursting charge (73mm HE Frag) Cartridges for weapons Cartridges for weapons (mortar shells 60mm) Cartridges for weapons with bursting charge (122mm HE Frag) SPG DANA MI-CZ Self-propelled Howitzer, other assorted armaments Cartridges for weapons (mortar shells 60mm) Cartridges for weapons (cartridge 23mm), ammunition incendiary (23mm) Aerial flares, igniters Cartridges for weapons (mortar shells 60mm, 81mm), grenades M75 Cartridges for weapons (mortar shells 60mm) Cartridges for weapons (mortar shells 60mm, 81mm), grenades M76 Cartridges for weapons (mortar shells 60mm), grenades M75 Cartridges for weapons with bursting charge Cartridges, small arms (7.62), Grenades 40mm OG-7V HE/Frag Various materials (Paints, adhesives, fluids) ODD:


Afghanistan women- article 98%

A History of Women in Afghanistan:



In einem durchgesickerten geheimen CIA-Memorandum wird untersucht, wie die weitere Beteiligung der kriegsmüden Europäer an dem völkerrechtswidrigen Angriffskrieg in Afghanistan gesichert werden könnte.


Guide to Afghanistan 97%

Research for a Better Afghanistan IMPORTANT NOTE:


District Council Elections Report English 96%

Project Design and Direction Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA) Report Author Lucile Martin, Saeed Parto and Avrohom Simons Editor Sughra Saadat Assistant Authors Mohammad Saber Khyber, Zahra Qasemi, Baryalai Qayoumi and Ehsan Saadat Fieldwork TEFA’s provincial coordinators team Report Design Zahra Abdullahi December 2015 2 About TEFA Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA) is a network of 43 civil society organizations and the largest national independent electoral monitoring organization working to ensure election processes are transparent and undertaken in a democratic way in compliance with rules and regulations.



Capture over Afghanistan and the great massacre by Afghanis on British.


ICC T20 World Cup 2016 Match Schedule 90%

South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, England, Afghanistan 1.


Mountain View Magazine July 90%

Forces Afghanistan, administers the oath of reenlistment to 235 U.S.


News Letter 90%

I want to start this letter by saying how proud I am of our soldiers who are serving here in Afghanistan and back at Ft.


Most Repeated Question Current Affairs - 2000 to 2013 87%

Give a long-term scenario of Afghanistan and Iraq beyond the perspective of‟ Nine Eleven‟.



       Happy Valentine’s Day to the Families and Friends of the Phoenix Battalion!  It is very exciting to  be entering February – although personally speaking, this month marks the end to both the college and  professional football seasons.  But hey, we are over the hump now and on the downslide of a year‐long  deployment.  Yes, there is still a tremendous amount of work ahead of us, but it still feels good to know  that our time remaining in country is less than the time we have already spent here. Some of you may  be wondering why the Battalion XO is writing the Commander’s comments to this month’s newsletter.   As I write this Phoenix 6 is heading back this way after some much deserved leave.  As the saying goes:  “when the cat is away the mice will play.”  The month of January has provided a great opportunity for the leaders of the Battalion to reflect  on the great accomplishments that your husbands and wives, your sons and daughters have made under  some of the most stressful and demands conditions here in Afghanistan.  I have had the pleasure of  reading the Battalion’s award submissions for our deployment and while it is a lot of reading, it certainly  does bring a smile to my face to be reminded of why we are here and what we have accomplished in the  first half of the deployment. We continue to provide a better way of life for the Afghan populace;  forging strong relationships with our Afghan National Security Forces has been the cornerstone to our  successes and has set the conditions for a more secure environment.  This increased security is the key  to set the conditions for the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in providing governance  and development to the Afghan people.  Either directly through the training of the Afghan National  Police or indirectly by providing communication support, intelligence support, logistics support or the  dreaded “staff work”, your loved ones have flourished.  I continually tip my hat to the wonderful  accomplishments we have made so far this deployment – it truly makes me proud to be a member of  the Phoenix Battalion!  Finally, I wanted to end with two exciting thoughts. First, and perhaps most exciting, the  Battalion staff has started planning for our redeployment back to you all.  While there are more  questions than answers right now, it is exciting to know that the discussions and planning have begun.   Second, thank you so much for your continued love and support of our Soldiers – your letters, emails,  phone conversations, and packages make a difference in our lives every day! Thank you for everything  you have done and continue to do for your loved ones!  PHOENIX – FROM THE FLAMES!!!  Very Respectfully,  MAJ Don Nestor  Families and friends of Task Force Phoenix, I hope all is well and the New Year is treating you all  to a great fresh start.   In the Battalion we have had to make several 1SG moves due to time restrictions, giving other  1SG’s the opportunity to excel.  We say good bye to 1SG Frank Mosher and welcome 1SG Stephen  Botteicher to the Headhunter team.  We will also be changing out the Renegade team on the first of  March due to 1SG Cameron’s selection to attend the Sergeants Major Academy. His replacement will be  1SG Jones.  As we say, we keep rolling along and don’t miss a step even with these types of changes.  I  appreciate everything these 1SG’s did for the Phoenix Battalion and what they will continue to do for  the Raider Brigade.   We are at the half way mark, eager to set our new mission set for the summer in motion.   There’s never a dull moment in this city.  Our troopers are making it better every day and it’s obvious  the people of Kandahar City appreciate our efforts.    I send all of you my thanks for your support of your Soldier and all Soldiers’ of Task Force  Phoenix.   We will be on our way home before you know it. Thank you for your time and support.   God Bless,   Phoenix 7  Renegade News Volume II, Issue 2 v February 2011 US Army PSD, Punishers Inside this issue:


Zeitgenössische Gerechtigkeitstheorien. Budrat. Michel. R. 86%

Julian Culp und Dorothea Gädeke Wintersemester 2013/14 Legitimieren Rawls' Prinzipien des „Rechts der Völker“ den militärischen Einsatz der internationalen Gemeinschaft in Afghanistan seit 2001?


Phoenix BN Newsletter-NOV10 FINAL 85%

Phoenix 6 Friends and Family of the Phoenix Battalion, it has been another month of successful operations for Phoenix Soldiers and life changing head way for the people of Afghanistan.


TheMountainView13Dec2010 83%

Joe Padula 2nd BCT PAO FORWARD OPERATING BASE WILSON, Afghanistan – Celebrities from the World Wrestling Entertainment visited the Soldiers of Combined Task Force Strike at Forward Operating Base Wilson, Kandahar province, Dec.


Mountain View Magazine April 82%

Powell, a native of Middlebury, Vt., is now working as a medical doctor on the front lines of Operation Enduring Freedom in Kandahar, Afghanistan.


E-Passport-Application-Form 81%

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan ‫ﺟﻤﻬﻮری اﺳﻼﻣﯽ اﻓﻐﺎﻧﺴﺘﺎن‬ Passport Application Form ‫ﻓﻮرﻣﻪ درﺧﻮاﺳﺖ ﭘﺎﺳﭙﻮرت‬ Personal Details Title:


Newsletter 04-2011 81%

Panzergrenadiere im Gefecht in Afghanistan - Panzergrenadierbataillon 122 Gemeinsame Zeit war prägend – Von Daniela Klix - Die 2./Panzergrenadierbataillon 122 im Einsatz als 2.


ECFA Occasional Paper - Europe and China 79%

With its rather vaguely-defined call for region-wide hard and soft infrastructure development, that South Asia-oriented American venture sought to turn Afghanistan into a commercial hub and has not thus far been implemented7.


IkW 2017 77%

3 Dienstag, 26.9.2017, 19.00 Uhr Echterdingen, Bürgersaal Zehntscheuer, Maiergasse 8 Afghanistan-Abend Seit über 40 Jahren tobt ein endloser Krieg in Afghanistan, dem trotz umfangreicher internationaler Anstrengungen gerade in der Gegenwart immer mehr Menschen zum Opfer fallen.



He completed a 3 year role in Canberra working with federal police, NSA, CIA and other worldwide intelligence organisations.  Ryan then went on to work within Special forces in Sydney where he deployed to Afghanistan in 2009.


Mountain View Magazine March 76%

Paul Dacier, officer in charge of priority air mission requests for RC-South, plays bluegrass music at the RC-South headquarters, March 18, 2011, at Kandahar Airfield, in Kandahar, Afghanistan.


31Jan2011 75%

In a recent meeting with government officials, Samantha de Silva, country sector coordinator for World Bank, spoke about the importance of education for Afghanistan’s youth.


usbinladen1 (1) 71%

(the "Services Office") organization which had maintained offices in various parts of the world, including Afghanistan, Pakistan (particularly in Peshawar) and the United States, particularly at the Alkifah Refugee Center 3 in Brooklyn, New York.


2015-09-10 Flüchtlinge in Vorarlberg Information Ausgabe 02 70%

Am stärksten vertreten waren in beiden Jahren junge Flüchtlinge aus Afghanistan, Syrien und Somalia.



When I founded TroopsDirect in 2010, our primary focus was on aiding American forces in Afghanistan.