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cesko-anglicky-online-slovnik 100%

Česko-Anglický Online Slovník abdikace - abdication, the abdication, abdicating, the abdication of, abdication of abdikovat - abdicate, to abdicate, resign, to resign, abdicate as abdominální - of the abdominal, the abdominal, abdomen, abdominal, of abdominal abeceda - of alphabet, alphabet of, alphabet, the alphabet, ABC abecední - the alphabetical, Abecední, alphabetical, alphabetic, an alphabetical aberace - aberrations are, aberration, aberration of, aberrations, abnormalities ablativ - ablative of, the ablative of, ablative case, the ablative, ablative abnormalita - abnormality of, abnormalities, an abnormality, abnormality of the, abnormality abnormální - the abnormal, by abnormal, an abnormal, of abnormal, abnormal abonent - subscriber, a subscriber absces - the abscess, abscess, an abscess, abscesses abscisa - the abscissa, an abscissa, abscissa, an abscissa are absentérství - absenteeism of, absentees, of absenteeism, absenteeism absint - absinth, the absinthe, absinthe absolutistický - despotic, arbitrary, absolutist, absolute, an absolutist absolutní - the absolute, an absolute, complete, of absolute, absolute absolutně - absolute, completely, an absolutely, totally, absolutely absorbovat - absorb the, to absorb the, absorbing, to absorb, absorb absorpce - the absorption, uptake, absorption of, absorption, of absorption absorpční - absorption, absorber, absorbent, the absorption, absorptive abstrakce - abstraction of, abstraction, abstractions, Abstract, of abstraction abstraktní - of abstract, the abstract, abstract, an abstract abstraktně - an abstract, the abstract, abstractly, abstract, in the abstract absurdita - an absurdity, the absurdity of, the absurd, absurdity, the absurdity absurdnost - absurdity, absurdity of, the absurdity, nonsense, the absurdity of absurdní - ridiculous, an absurd, the absurd, preposterous, absurd aby - in order, so, so that, to, that achát - an agate, agate adaptace - adaptations, adaptation of, adaptation, of adaptation, an adaptation adaptovat - adapting, adapt the, adapt, to adapt, adapted adekvátní - appropriate, adequately, suitable, adequate, an adequate adheze - the adhesion, of adhesion, adhesion of, adhesion, adhesions adhezní - the adhesion, the adhesive, adhesion, adhesive, an adhesive adiabatický - adiabatically, atomising, an adiabatic, the adiabatic, adiabatic adjektivní - the adjectival, an adjectival, adjective, adjectival adjektivum - an adjective to, an adjective, the adjective, adjective to, adjective adjunkt - clerk, an adjunct, adjunct adjustovat - to adjust the adjustování - of adjusting the, of adjusting, adjusting, adjusting the adjutant - aide, adjutant of the, adjutant of administrace - of administration, the administration of, administration of, administration, the administration administrativa - administration of, administration is, the administration, administration has, administration administrativní - office, of administrative, the administrative, administration, administrative administrační - administration, an administration, the administration, admin, administrative administrátor - an administrator, administrators, the administrator, administrator has, administrator admiralita - admiralty, the Admiralty admirál - Adm, the Admiral, Admiral of, admiral adopce - of adoption, adoptions, adoption, adoption of adoptovat - adopt the, to adopt, adopt, adopting, adopt a adresa - address, address of, address of the, the address, address is adresant - sender adresovat - to address, addressed to, addressed, direct, address adresát - the addressee, consignee, the addressee of, addressee, addressee of advent - Advent, Advent in adventivní - advent, adventive, adventitious adverbiální - adverbial advokát - attorney, lawyer, advocate, barrister, solicitor aerob - aerobe aerodynamický - streamline, streamlined, aerodynamic, wind, the aerodynamic aeronautika - aeronautics was, aeronautics aeroplán - Aeroplane, airplane aerosol - particulate matter, an aerosol, matter, the aerosol afekt - Affect, the affect afektivní - of affective, affective, mood, an affective, the affective afektovanost - gentility, affectation of, mannerism, frills, affectation afektovaný - mannered, stilted, taffeta, affected, minikin afinita - affinity of, affinity of the, affinity, the affinity, the affinity of aforismus - the aphorism, aphorism, an aphorism, maxim, aphorism of aféra - of affair, scandal, the affair, affair, affair of agens - agent, agents agentura - agency, Agents, an agency, Agency shall, the Agency agilnost - the agility, the agility of, agility with, agility of, agility agilní - agile, of agile, an agile, the agile agitace - of agitation, campaigning, agitation, propaganda, canvassing agitátor - the agitator, an agitator, canvasser, agitator, campaigner aglomerace - agglomerations, agglomeration of, agglomeration, conurbation, the agglomeration aglomerovat - to bake, bake the, baking, bake, agglomerate aglomerát - an agglomerate, agglomerates, the agglomerate, agglomerate of, agglomerate aglutinace - agglutination, agglutinating, of agglutination, agglutination of aglutinovat - agglutinate, agglutinating, to agglutinate agregace - aggregation, aggregation of, aggregations, the aggregation agregát - assembly, aggregate, power unit, unit, plant agrese - the aggression, aggression, of aggression agresivita - aggressiveness, aggression, aggressivity, aggressiveness of, aggressive agresor - aggressor, agressor, an aggressor, the aggressor agronom - agronomist, Agronom, agriculturalist, agriculturist, an agronomist agronomický - agronomical, agronomically, agronomic agrární - agrarian, agricultural, the agrarian, of agrarian, farming agónie - the agony, agony of, of agony, agony, death throes ahoj - hi, Hey, bye, hello akademický - academic, the academic, academical, an academic, scholastic akademie - of the Academy of, College, Academy of, academy, of the Academy akademik - academician, academic, an academic, an academician, academician of akce - the action, actions, action, event, events akcelerace - accelerator, the acceleration, acceleration of, the accelerator, acceleration akcent - the accent, emphasis, an accent, accent, accents akcentovat - accentuate, to accentuate, accent, accentuated, accentuate the akcentování - accent lighting, accentuating, stressing, accentuating the, accentuation akcept - Accept, acceptances, Akcept akceptace - acceptance of, acceptance, the acceptance, acceptances, acceptation akceptor - acceptor, the acceptor, acceptors, an acceptor akceptovat - accept the, accepted, to accept, to accept the, accept akcie - shares, shares of, stocks, share, the shares akcionář - a shareholder, shareholder of, the shareholder, shareholder, stockholder aklamace - the acclamation, acclamation of, acclamations, acclamation aklimatizace - the acclimation, acclimatization, acclimatization of, of acclimatization, acclimation aklimatizovat - to acclimate, to acclimatize, acclimatise, acclimatize, acclimate akné - the acne, acne, of acne akolyta - the acolyte, an acolyte, Acolyte akomodace - accommodative, acomodation, of accommodation, accommodation, accomodation akomodovat - accommodate, to accommodate akord - the chord, a chord, chord akr - acre, hectares, acres, acre of, an acre akreditace - accreditation, accreditations, the accreditation, accreditation of, of accreditation akreditovat - accredit, to accredit, accrediting, accredited, accredit the akrobacie - of acrobatics, stunts, aerobatics, acrobatics, Circus akrobat - Aerobatic, The Acrobat, an acrobat, acrobat akrobatický - an acrobatic, an aerobatic, acrobatic, aerobatic aksamit - Aksamit, velvet akt - act of, act, the ACP, ACP, nude aktivismus - activism, activism of, activism is aktivista - an activist, activist aktivita - activity of, the activity, activity of the, activities, activity aktivnost - activity aktivní - the active, search, relevant search, active, an active aktivovat - activated, activate the, to activate, enable, activate aktivátor - activator, an activator, the activator, activator of aktovka - attache, portfolio, bag, briefcase, satchel aktualita - actuality, novelty, news aktualizace - update, updated, updating, updates, Review aktualizovat - update, to update, upgrade, updated, update the aktualizování - upgrading, updating the, updating of, update, updating aktuální - recent, current, actual, the current, topical akumulovat - accumulating, accumulate, accumulate the, accumulated, to accumulate akupunktura - acupuncture, of Acupuncture akustický - sonic, audible, sound, acoustic, an acoustic akustika - acoustic, acoustics of, Akustika, acoustics akutnost - acuteness of, acuteness, The acuteness of, The acuteness akutní - the acute, an acute, acute, both acute, of acute akuzativ - the accusative case, the accusative, accusative case, an accusative, accusative akvadukt - aqueduct in, an aqueduct, aqueduct, aquaduct, the aqueduct akvarel - watercolor, a watercolor, aquarelle, water color, Akvarel akvizice - acquisitions, acquisition, the acquisition, acquisition of, the acquisition of akvárium - an aquarium, aquarium, the aquarium alabastr - Alabastr, alabaster alarm - the alarm, an alarm, alarm is, alarms alarmovat - alarm, be alerted, alerted rapidly, alarmed alchymie - alchemy of, the alchemy, alchemy, of alchemy alchymista - an alchemist, The Alchemist, alchemist, Alchymista ale - yet, but the, but it, but, however alegorický - an allegoric, allegoric, allegorical, the allegorical, an allegorical alegorie - allegory of, allegories, an allegory, allegory, an allegory of alej - further, below, alley, avenue aliance - the alliance, alliances, Alliance of, the Alliance of, alliance alikvotní - accrued, aliquots, overtone, aliquot, An aliquot aliterace - the alliteration, of the alliteration, alliteration, alliterations, of alliteration alkohol - liquor, the alcohol, of alcohol, alcohol, an alcohol alkoholický - an alcoholic, alcoholic, the alcoholic, alcohol alkoholik - the alcoholic, drunk, drinker, alcoholic, an alcoholic alkoholismus - alcohol abuse, alcoholism, of alcoholism alkoholový - alcohol, the alcohol, alcoholic, an alcohol alkovna - alcove almara - Almara almužna - charity, almsgiving, handout, alms, pittance alpinismus - mountaneering, alpinism, rope access, and rope access, mountaineering alpinista - alpinist, mountaineer alt - alto, the alt alternativa - an alternative, an alternative to, alternative, alternative to, option alternativní - an alternate, alternative, alternate, an alternative, the alternative alternovat - to alternate, Alternating, alternate alternující - Alternate, of alternating, an alternating, the alternating, alternating altruismus - altruism, altruism of altruista - an altruist, altruist, altruistic altruistický - an altruistic, the altruistic, altruistic, altruism altán - arbor, pavilion, summer-house, gazebo, a gazebo aluviální - of alluvial, an alluvial, alluvial, the alluvial, of an alluvial amarant - amaranth amatér - amateur, an amateur, the amateur, ham, dabbler amatérský - amateurish, amateur, the amateur, amateur and, an amateur ambice - the ambition, the ambitions, ambitions, ambition, ambitions of ambiciózní - the ambitious, ambition, ambitious, an ambitious ambrózie - of ambrosia, ambrosia, the ragweed, of ragweed, ragweed ambulantní - ambulant, outpatient, ambulatory americium - the americium, are americium, of americium ametyst - amethyst, Ametyst, an amethyst, of amethyst, the amethyst amfiteátr - the amphitheater, amphitheater, Amphitheatre, an amphitheater amfora - The Amfora, Amfora, the amphora, amphora amnestie - by amnesty, amnesties, amnesty, an amnesty, the amnesty amnion - of the amnion, the amnion, an amnion amnézie - fugue, of amnesia, amnesia amorfní - an amorphous, the amorphous, amorphous, of amorphous amortizace - of depreciation, amortization, amortization of, the amortization, depreciation amortizovat - amortize, amortized, to amortise, amortise the, amortise amorální - the amoral, an amoral, immoral, of amoral, amoral amplituda - amplitude, the amplitude, the amplitude of, amplitude of, amplitude of the ampulka - ampoule, ampule, phial, ampoule of, vial amputace - amputations, of amputation, amputation, for amputation, amputation of amputovat - amputate, of amputating, amputating, amputate the, to amputate amulet - an amulet, the amulet, talisman, charm anachronický - an anachronistic, anachronism, anachronistic anachronismus - an anachronism, anachronistic, anachronism, anachronism of analfabet - an illiterate, illiterate, the illiterate analfabetismus - illiteracy analgetický - analgetic, an analgesic, the analgesic, analgesic analogický - analogous, analogue, analog, analogical, analogous to analogon - an analogue, an analogue of, an analogue of the, analogue of analogový - an analog, analog, the analog, an analogue, analogue analytický - the analytical, analytical, analytic, Analysis, an analytical analyzovat - analyzed, analyze the, to analyze the, to analyze, analyze analyzátor - parser, analyzer, the analyzer, Analyser, the parser analýza - analysis of the, analysis of, analysis, the analysis, an analysis anarchický - anarchic, the anarchic, anarchical, more anarchic anarchismus - anarchism, anarchism is anarchista - the anarchist, anarchist, an anarchist anarchistický - the anarchist, anarchistic, anarchical, anarchic, anarchist anatom - anatomist, an anatomist, the anatomist, anatomists anatomický - anatomic, anatomy, anatomical, an anatomical, the anatomical anatéma - anathema andílek - an angel, cherub, Little Angel, a little angel, angel andělský - angelic, cherubic, angel, an angelic, seraphic anebo - or, or a, or the anekdota - joke, an anecdote, anecdote, the anecdote, story anekdotický - anecdotic, anecdotal anemický - the anemic, an anemic, anemic anemometr - anemometer, an anemometer, wind-gauge, echo, the anemometer aneroid - the aneroid barometer, aneroid barometer, an aneroid barometer, an aneroid aneurysma - an aneurysm, aneurysms, aneurysm, the aneurysm anexe - annexation of, the annexation of, annexation, the annexation, anion exchange ani - or, either, neither, even, nor animismus - of animism, animism animozita - animosity animálnost - animalism animální - animalistic, animal, animal animals anketa - questionnaire, Poll, Anketa, survey, inquiry ano - Ano, yea, yeah, so, yes anomálie - abnormality, anomalies, an anomaly, anomaly, abnormalities anomální - the anomalous, anomalous, anomaly, an anomalous, abnormal anonym - poison pen, anonymous anonymita - the anonymity, anonymity of, anonymity, the anonymity of, anonymous anonymní - anonymous, an anonymous, the anonymous anonymně - anonymous, anonymous basis, anonymously, an anonymous anorganický - the inorganic, inorganic, an inorganic, mineral anotace - annotations, annotation, annotation of, the annotation antagonismus - antagonism, antagonism of, antagonism of the, the antagonism, antagonisms antagonista - antagonist is, the antagonist, an antagonist, antagonist of, antagonist antagonistický - an antagonistic, the antagonistic, opposing, antagonistic, antagonist antedatovat - backdating the, backdate, backdating, antedate anticipace - anticipation of, anticipating, anticipations, anticipation, of anticipation anticipovat - to anticipate, anticipate, anticipate the, anticipating antický - an antique, antique, ancient, classical, the ancient antika - Antique, Antika, antiquity, the Antika, the ancient world


19/11/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

IJETR011740 75%

In order to investigate the effect of selected nano-materials (CNTs) on the microstructure and mechanical properties of composite, a new method is used to avoid agglomeration and segregation of particles.


27/12/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

Mayonnaise Production with the Right Mixer 72%

The possibility of dosing binding dry stuff directly into the dispersing chamber enormously reduces the danger of agglomeration.


19/07/2019 www.pdf-archive.com

3I50-IJAET1201208-v12-i2-pp37-44 66%

Some special requirements are essential (i.e.) negligible agglomeration of particles, uniform, durable and stable nanofluid and the chemical properties no change, etc.


07/06/2019 www.pdf-archive.com

Fertilizer Coating Machine 66%

It can enable the surface of compound fertilizer or mixed fertilizer to form a layer of protective film to isolate the surface from the air, thereby protecting fertilizer from agglomeration, improving the surface brightness.


29/02/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

Fertilizer Coating Machine 65%

It can enable the surface of compound fertilizer or mixed fertilizer to form a layer of protective film to isolate the surface from the air, thereby protecting fertilizer from agglomeration, improving the surface brightness.


23/04/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

The Best Solution For Controlling the Dust - DustOut 64%

The products are being made in a way so that they can ‘achieve 100% solubility in water’ with enhancement of the agglomeration of the DustOut solution.


07/08/2014 www.pdf-archive.com

IJEART03806 64%

The idea is that in the future the system would allow the management of municipal waste not only from the area of capital city of Warsaw, but also from neighboring municipalities forming urban agglomeration.


10/09/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

How Much Do You Know about BB Fertilizer 61%

It has characters of granule uniformity, less water, granule intensity moderate, no agglomeration store, easy to use and low cost.


23/04/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

EUROWEEK 2014 61%

Finally, it can be stated that the expression of urban areas or cities on which we would like to refer in the given thesis, can be described by an urban agglomeration with economic, cultural and social features.


27/04/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

Philip McGonigal CV 56%

• • • • • • • • • Artist agglomeration and liaison.


26/09/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

Compound Fertilizer Production Line 56%

Uniform particle size distribution, no segregation and agglomeration.


31/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

60 55%

It is equipped with a dust removing device at the top of the cement silo to prevent dust from leaking, an arch breaker at the bottom of the cement silo to prevent dust agglomeration so as to make the powder material discharge smoothly.


25/10/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

10-Things-To-Consider-in-a-Roller-Compaction-System 53%

R oll compaction is a form of high-pressure agglomeration.


29/11/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

JDIT-2015-0210-012 48%

Journal of Diagnostic Imaging in Therapy.


30/05/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

Factors Affecting on Wood Pellet Durability 46%

Additionally, activation of inherent binders promotes the formation of solid bridges, a primary mechanism of agglomeration of particle.


11/02/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

PB in English Russian Federation Safety Regulations in English 43%

PB in English, Russian Federation Safety Regulations in English https://gostperevod.com/russian/pb ПБ на английском языке, Правила безопасности на английском языке https://gostperevod.ru/russian/pb PB 03-75-94 in English - Rules for arrangement and safe operation of steam and hot water piping https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-75-94.html PB 03-108-96 in English - Process pipeline design and safe operation rules https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-108-96.html PB 03-110-96 in English - Safety regulations on pressurized storage of liquefied petroleum gas and highly inflammable liquids https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-110-96.html PB 03-164-97 in English - Regulations for fabrication of steam and hot-water boilers, pressure vessels, and steam and hot water piping by welding https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-164PB 03-182-98 in English - Safety rules for ground storage of liquid ammonia https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-182-98.html PB 03-221-98 in English - Rules of development, manufacture and application of diaphragm safety devices https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-221-98.html PB 03-246-98 in English - Rules of examination of industrial safety https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-246-98.html PB 03-273-99 in English - Certification guidelines for welders https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-273-99.html PB 03-278-99 in English - Process rules for qualification tests of welders and welding production specialists https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-278-99.html PB 03-314-99 in English - Requirements for Conformity Assessment of Industrial Safety Declarations https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-314-99.html PB 03-372-00 in English - Attestation rules and main requirements for non-destructive examination labs https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-372-00.html PB 03-381-00 in English - Regulations of installationof vertical cylindrical steel reservoirs (steel scroll tanks) for petroleum and petroleum products https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-381PB 03-384-00 in English - Rules for design manufacture and acceptance of steel welded vessels and apparatus https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-384-00.html PB 03-428-02 in English - Safety rules for construction of underground structures https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-428-02.html PB 03-438-02 in English - Safety rules for waterworks of liquid industrial waste reservoirs https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-438-02.html PB 03-440-02 in English - Attestation rules for non-destructive inspection personnel https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-440-02.html PB 03-445-02 in English - Safety rules at industrial smoke and vent stacks exploitation https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-445-02.html PB 03-498-02 in English - Unified safety rules for open-cut mining of deposits of useful minerals https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-498-02.html PB 03-517-02 in English - Regulations for organizations executing activity in the field of industrial safety at hazardous production facilities https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-517-02.html PB 03-538-03 in English - Rules of certifying electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-538-03.html PB 03-553-03 in English - Uniform Safety Requirements for Underground Development of Ore, Non-Ore, and Placer Mineral Deposits https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-553-03.html PB 03-557-03 in English - Safety Requirements for Operation of Railway Tank Cars for Transportation of Liquid Ammonia https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-557-03.html PB 03-571-03 in English - Uniform Safety Requirements for Mineral Resources Crushing, Sorting, and Dressing and for Ore and Concentrate Agglomeration https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-571-03.html PB 03-576-03 in English - Rules for design and safe operation of pressure vessels https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-576-03.html PB 03-581-03 in English - Rules for installation and safe operation of compressors, air pipelines, and gas pipelines https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-581-03.html PB 03-582-03 in English - Rules for installation and safe operation of piston-type compressors running on explosive and foul gases https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-582-03.html PB 03-583-03 in English - Rules for development production and application of membranous safety equipment https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-583-03.html PB 03-584-03 in English - Rules for design manufacturing and acceptance of welded steel vessels and apparatuses https://gostperevod.com/pb-03-584-03.html PB 03-585-03 in English - Process pipelines.


14/06/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

LPJ Croatia Issue 135 42%

June 1, 2015 / Page 4 www.legislative-journal.com Selected Procurement TENDER Building Construction Psychiatric Hospital Vrapce Reconstruction and Upgrade of Development Centre and Technology Park Krizevci Block Transformers Replacement CLIENT University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapce, Zagreb City of Krizevci Croatia Electra (HEP) VALUE €6.5 million (excluding VAT) €4.1 million (excluding VAT) €4.6 million (excluding VAT) De-mining of MineInfested Areas Croatian Mine Action Centre €4.7 million (excluding VAT) Pacemakers and Installation Equipment Clinical Hospital Centre Rijeka €1.2 million (excluding VAT) Project Documentation - Construction of Agglomeration Biograd-PasmanTkon Technical Assistance to Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds Komunalac Ltd, Biograd (Local Utility Company) Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds €1.8 million (excluding VAT) €396,000 (excluding VAT) By Ivan Vukovic SUBMISSION DEADLINE DESCRIPTION 7 July 2015 The tender includes the construction of a building for the Forensic Psychiatry Institute and the reconstruction of the existing ground-level facility within the complex of the Psychiatric hospital Vrapce, in accordance with the technical documentation developed by the Faculty of Architecture.


10/05/2018 www.pdf-archive.com