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Announcement of Vacancy for District Superintendent and Chief Executive Officer of the Cattaraugus-Allegany Essential Partner Core Values Instructional Support Management Customer Satisfaction Administration Special Education Risk Career and Technical Innovation Collaborate Adult Respect Educate Lead Board of cooperative educational services To have highly satisfied customers To treat all individuals with respect To provide an environment of innovation and risk To enhance the quality of education through shared resources.


2013-ProtectiveOrderDecisions 65%

2013 PROTECTIVE ORDER DECISIONS LOCATION GRANTED % GRANTED Allegany 82 61% Anne Arundel 620 73% Baltimore 842 65% Baltimore City 960 74% Calvert 112 66% Caroline 65 66% Carroll 189 78% Cecil 143 73% Charles 281 75% Dorchester 61 71% Frederick 250 77% Garrett 30 70% Harford 270 87% Howard 151 63% Kent 21 68% Montgomery 895 77% Prince George's 1,599 74% Queen Anne's 45 59% Saint Mary's 184 84% Somerset 46 96% Talbot 44 73% Washington 238 67% Wicomico 122 77% Worcester 61 70% TOTALS 7,311 73% DENIED 52 234 446 335 58 34 54 53 94 25 74 13 39 88 10 268 553 31 34 2 16 118 37 26 2694 % DENIED 39% 27% 35% 26% 34% 34% 22% 27% 25% 29% 23% 30% 13% 37% 32% 23% 26% 41% 16% 4% 27% 33% 23% 30% 27% DISMSD 97 713 1107 1442 95 34 148 149 218 49 174 19 249 126 11 504 1601 44 159 26 18 293 138 65 7479 DISMSD 42% 46% 46% 53% 36% 26% 38% 43% 37% 36% 35% 31% 45% 35% 26% 30% 43% 37% 42% 35% 23% 45% 46% 43% 43% TOTALS 231 1,567 2,395 2,737 265 133 391 345 593 135 498 62 558 365 42 1,667 3,753 120 377 74 78 649 297 152 17484


space 57%

Problems and prospects Alexander Bolonkin, Non-Rocket Space Launch and Flight Algerian Space Agency Algol variable Alien invasion Aliens can't hear us, says astronomer | Science | The Guardian Allegany Ballistics Laboratory Alliance to Rescue Civilization Alliant Techsystems Almagest Alouette 1 Alpha Canum Venaticorum variable Alpha Centauri Alpha Cygni variable Alpha process Altair (spacecraft) Altius Space Machines Aluminium Alvan Clark Amateur astronomy Amateur rocketry Ambox current red America's Space Prize American Institute of Physics American Rocket Company American Society of Civil Engineers An Earth-mass planet orbiting Centauri B :


Belmont June 2011 Flyer 48%

Must be made at time of Pickup Cash, Checks, or Money Orders Made out to Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES Treasurer General Rules:


FuturePlaceTypeMap December2012 25%

Eggert Rd Clement Rd Lebrun Rd ry Suffolk St Orleans St Leonard St Janet St Kay St Beiter Walk Eggert Rd Edison Ave Collins Walk Harriet Ave Wright Ave Rom a Ave Freund St Weber Ave E End Ave Hazelwood Ave Wilkes Ave Erb St Newburgh Ave Courtland Ave Newburgh Ave Hagen St Hazelwood Ave Floss Ave Hum ason Ave Eller Ave Dom edion Ave Goethe St Schiller St Wood Ave Wex Ave N Ogden St Goethe St Davey St Gold St Ideal St Benzinger St Longnecker St Greene St Schiller St Central Ave Stewart Ave Wisconsin Pl Littlefield Ave Poplar Ave Briscoe Ave Sprenger Ave Countess Ave Zelmer St Peace St Sattler Ave Saint Marys Rd Sumner Pl Sumner Pl N Central Ave Academy Rd Roslyn St Haven St Blake St Brinkman Ave Burgard Pl Fay St Gatchell St Shepard St Liddell St Wick St Fisher St Suffolk St Texas St Roslyn St Ericson Ave Roebling Ave Drivew ay Wende St Zenner St Burgard Pl May St Goembel Ave Rapin Pl May St Koons Ave Schutrum St Hirschbeck St Brownell St Sw inburne St Bud Mil Dr te Dr Va len MS GR Drivew ay Ba bc o Cambria St ck St De po tS t Ne w St Allegany St Taylor Pl Southside Pkwy Da sh Cochr ane St Wheelock St Willett St Willett St S Ogden St Polish Pl Re m er v Riv y Pk w P er Ca ze no v ia l Walkway Hancock Ave McKinley Pkwy St Dundee St Cushing Pl Densmor e St Ward Ct Hansen Ave Onondaga Ave Ithaca St y Be Pl S Park Ave an Hines St m Susan Ln c nti Shenandoah Rd Carlyle Ave Whitehall Ave High View Ter Durant St S Pontiac St Pontiac St S Pierce St Pierce St Weiss St Weimar St Cable St Barnard St Fenton St Holly St ew ay in Le Av g to Un am o n ge n in Pl Pl rA Av gt o ve on n P ie w da l Ju Pl nia le Pa Pl ta Sa ul Pl Pl ge Po Av m e on Ar Ro a Se a n min Pl m o P in ke l ol P e Pk k w y w y Ba il Dri v ey Av e Pulaski St Weaver St Krakow St Spann St Fredro St Gorski St Rober ts Ave Kelburn St Glenn St Cliff St Olsen St Ho Hu ba r bb a rd t St St He us s Kim y Av e me lA ve Mid la n dS t o Pl Alam on Av e Pa y s Lilac St St bb y A Boone St Folger St w Ne Zollars Ave e Av Hopkins St s Arbour Ln tt Rd Abbo Dr r Rd Downing St Aldrich Pl Nia Eden St Evanston Pl Latona Ct Dorrance Ave Rd a or na Han nic al D Brost Dr Cantwell Dr Dallas Rd Leland Dr ar y Eden St d P kw Okell St Culver Rd Ridgewood Rd R Coolidge Rd Ramona Ave sc Tu Sheffield Ave Harding Rd Colgate Ave Marilla St d ld Germ ania St Godfrey St Com stock Ave Elm er Ave Leslie St Colorado Ave Kilhoffer St Moselle St Goodyear Ave Nevada Ave Montana Ave Rustic Pl Bissell Ave Moselle St Saint Louis Ave Oberlin Ave Miller Ave Titus Ave Goodyear Ave Koons Ave Titus Ave Peck St Freem an St Thatcher Ave Poultney Ave Norfolk Ave Northumberland Ave Olympic Ave Norfolk Ave Wyoming Ave Cornwall Ave Cambridge Ave Stevens Ave Cornwall Ave Cambridge Ave Hum ber Ave Ernst Ave Mohr St Becker St Schmarbeck Ave Milburn St Rom mel Ave Person St Person St Armbruster St Deerfield Ave Schuele Ave Carl St Donovan Dr Young St Curtiss St Warren Ave Houghton Ave Newell St is Le w D Du ole St nc an St O Ne w gs R Sprin al Miner Fie Abby St y Mariemont Ave Woodside Ave Reading St Pa rk w s er Whitfield Ave Altruria St Bo ta Pk tt Po al Can Carter St ne e e Av Sh ip ay 5 Draft v ew Dri y Hw City of Buffalo Office of Strategic Planning December 18, 2012 te Sta 1 Casim ir St e Av Amber St Colgate Ave Griswold St nd la St 0.5 Dr y Ohio 0 an r be ay Crystal Ave Lockwood Ave Ladner Ave Marilla St Ludington St Dempster St Chauncey St St t en n S yd ya e R Ha Av e St ry an d Av t e Ct r ea G e y pe h dS Av t W m an t be o r Ka rm a r mf S t lS M u ns No itt e M Pl Z bi le Pl St Ro Ya on Pl m d t R ce on l f fu in ch t P Bu Pr ur St g s nt Ch St da ve Kin mo n k on lA e re ac t m dia e l Av e r t S P b a In l b k Dis in S m e St ho Hu e fic A v v e Ta t t te S m s A n A e St o le er n en v Ke om od Sa Du s o St id C wo e A v e a er r Ed Com o Ave vi A M g le mo s e no Ea a th bu Av ze Olcott Ave r m d Ca St olu oo ve A Columbus Ave C ge w e ve c Ed ls a e A d A y e R a in w e rr Av Pk er Lo te et ed oa ck lv Ch Ja Be d Choate Ave Re W Woodside Ave Miles Hennepin St Ludington St m Cu ew Payne Ave Garvey Ave BOA Boundary Reiman St St St Osage St St ge Koester St rid wb ve Tro e s A Pri Drivew ay St Tifft Regent St Pk w ley v Dri d B lv e Av od Go Sirret St Beacon St C-R (Rail Corridor) C-G (Greenway Corridor) Stanley St P Ch e ru P e ro l ke eP Ch l e ro ke eP l Kin Mc n an C-H (Highway Corridor) Keystone St ay Dri v ew Parkridge Ave Clarence Ave Clyde Ave Liberty Ave Federal Ave Montclair Ave Manhattan Ave Marigold Ave Durham Ave Grider St Birch Pl Sheridan Ave Howlett St Wasm uth Ave Barthel St Barthel St Gittere St Ivy St Ruhland Ave E Parade Ave Marshall St Ba bc oc St kS Tro t up Mil eS to n t St Ha rris on Le St ste rS Ha t ye sP l th y yS t Mystic St Bell Ave St King t Reiman St nk m C-T (Transportation Corridor) gS Kin Dr r on D gi n Le io N L eg S hr Fu Transportation Corridor (C-T) way Broad a Fr ay St aga Bar Ave St Stone Pa w v ew Dri D-ON (Natural) Blv d Ba kos y Dr Mc Ca rth n Ave Queen St 5 D-OC (Civic);