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Classical mechanics lamah let leh lawk ila Classcial mechanics-ah khan angular momentum kan zawn dawnin engtin nge kan tih thin kha?


Fall 2016 Schedule 96%

Thurs Nov 3 10.1-10.11 HW 19 Scattering Recitation 12 – The Angular Momentum Principle - I 20.


Formulário 96%

versão 0.6 Cinemática Equações de posições Linear Angular 1G 1 G G G s = s0 + v0t + at 2 θ = θ 0 + ω0t + α t 2 2 2 G JG l0 = Iω G JJG dl M= dt JG JG d p F= JG dt JG Δ p = F Δt Impulso Equações de velocidades Linear Angular G G dr v= dt G G G v = v0 + at dθ ω= dt ω = ω0 + α t v 2 = v0 2 ± 2aΔs ω = ω0 ± 2αΔθ v = ωr 2 Linear Angular G JJG G G JG Δp = I = F Δt ( Ns) I = M × Δt ( Nms ) Aceleração Linear α= JG dω dt Frequência k m ϖ0 = Força atrito ( Hz ) Fa = μe Rn μ = tan θ Fluidos Massa volúmica ρ= Trabalho JJG G W = M Δθ W C + W NC = ΔEC Se → W = 0 0 = ΔE p + ΔEc P= F S ( N / m2 ) Impulsão I = ρliquido ⋅ g ⋅Vsubmerso ↓ W C = −ΔE p m (kg / m3 ) v Pressão NC ↓ Angular JG Equação do movimento Forças JG G G G G JG F r = ma ( N ) M 0 ( F ) = r × F ( Nm) JG G W = FΔr ( J ) W = F Δd cos θ WFr = ΔEc dθ dt A = amplitude de oscilação Ø = atraso y ''+ ϖ 0 2 y = 0 Angular ω= G G dv a= dt G dv G at = ex dt G v2 G an = ey r Linear 2 Velocidade média G G Δr vm = Δt y(t ) = A sin( ft + φ ) y '(t ) = Af cos( ft + φ ) y ''(t ) = − Af 2 sin( ft + φ ) 2 Δs = Δθ r ( Hz ) Molas Momento de Inércia I = mr g l ϖ0 = ΔEmec = 0 Lei fundamental da hidrostática p = patm + ρ gh Energia Relatividade Linear Movimento at = α r Aceleração média Linear Angular G G Δv am = Δt G αm = Rotação JG Δω Δt 1 Ec = mv 2 ( J ) 2 Ep = mgh Emec = Ec + Ep 1 Ec = I ω 2 2 Colisões JG JG psi = ps f Elásticas 1 T= f Ec f = Eci Força elástica Dinâmica F = −k.Δl (k = const.


Urakhchin-Serge-Front-End-PDF-Corrected 95%

Web Tools Bower, Gulp, Grunt AngularJS Front-End Framework Angular Models, Views, Controllers, Factories, Services, Directories, Expressions, Filters Angular 2-Way Databinding &


2 Tyrolit Abrasivos Flexibles 95%

SUMINISTROS INDUSTRIALES ABRASIVOS FLEXIBLES Una empresa del grupo SWAROVSKI TYROLIT general RECTIFICADORA ANGULAR TYROLIT en expansión Seguridad Principios Líneas de calidad Visión general de catálogos Información general 4 5 6 8 9 61 AMOLADORA RECTA Rectificadora angular 11 Amoladora recta 23 Disco de fibra natural Disco de fibra vulcanizada Disco de cambio rápido TYROLIT Tabla de aplicaciones 12 14 Manguitos Tabla de aplicaciones 24 26 18 20 Tabla de aplicaciones 62 Pictogramas 63 Información de seguridad 65 Lo que debe y no debe hacer 66 Velocidad de trabajo recomendada:


Serge Urakhchin Resume 2020 94% Serge A Urakhchin – Full Stack Web Developer Skills HTML CSS JavaScript TypeScript Bootstrap jQuery Angularjs and Angular 8 (RXJS observables/operators components modules models routers views controllers states services directories expressions filters databinding dependency injection templates) NodeJS REST AJAX MongoDB Express AWS EC2 S3 Lambda DynamoDB MVC SPA MEAN Karma Jasmine Protractor NPM Bower Gulp SourceTree Git GitHub Bitbucket Docker PostgreSQL/pgAdmin Postman Slack JetBrains SSH Experience October 2017– January 2020.


Dan Turcotte Resume 93%

Foreign Language​:  JavaScript, PHP, Sass, Java, SQL, NoSQL  Angular, React, Laravel,  Node, MongoDB, Apache, Postgres, MySQL, Firebase  GIT, AWS, IoT  Mandarin Chinese (advanced proficiency)    WORK                ​Web Developer​, ChatLingual Boulder, CO, Nov '16 - Present  Solving staffing and organizational challenges through a centralized foreign language support platform   •​ Develop several new key features from concept to launch for an early stage startup    •​ Involved in all aspects of company product direction, securing pilots with fortune 100 companies                     Web Developer​, Fuzz Productions NYC, Mar '15 - Nov '16  Responsive design, RESTful APIs, production-ready IoT, and voice translation services   •​ Lead developer on Node Amazon Alexa eCommerce application for ZX Ventures (AB InBev)   •​ Lead developer on Fuzz company website frontend/backend overhaul in Angular and Laravel   •​ Frontend developer on a $1.5m Angular/Node social media site for CBS which promotes volunteerism    •​ Optimized Angular/MongoDB Anheuser-Busch ordering system queries to improve load time by 99%   •​ Created documentation, testing suites, and task runners to streamline the development workflow   •​ Developed RESTful APIs in Laravel and Django for YMCA and Shake Shack   •​ ​Other projects include​: created a foreign language Speech app to manipulate, narrate, and translate      content on the fly, a Slack bot in Node which spoofs users, and a tree traversal animator in Raphael JS         PROJECTS   Senior Web Analyst​, United Technologies Corporation CT, May'11 - Mar '15   ​•​ Managed a $1.1m project to centralize 100+ legacy brand websites onto SharePoint   •​ ​IT Leadership Program​: created workflows which saved the business over $100k  Creator​, Lexicana's Destiny, language learning game CT, Summer '14 - Present  Designing a web adventure game that facilitates language learning through well-defined heuristics   • ​Held three rounds of beta tests at middle and high schools in Connecticut   • ​Implemented speech recognition and native pronunciation to test users' oral and listening skills   •​ Building JavaScript frontend with Laravel API to track players’ language learning progress   • ​Designed quest system, in-game dictionary, AI interaction and a translation interface   •​ Created puzzles, mini games, and features to effectively teach target foreign language    Developer​, Dynamic Dental Education test prep web app CT, Winter '15 - Summer '16  Lead developer on a team of four to conceptualize and deploy a comprehensive test prep platform   •​ Created an intuitive Angular frontend and full CMS, with an OAuth2-secured Laravel API   •​ Designed dynamic feedback dashboard to provide the user insight on test preparation progress    OTHER  Teacher​, Global Connection Program, Junior Achievement (JA) Shanghai, China, Summer '14   •​ Sought UTC company sponsorship to support 20 American high school students create a mock company     Mandarin Interpreter​, Beijing Olympics, General Electric Company Beijing, China, Summer '08    •​ Facilitated cross-cultural communication and logistics planning for General Electric’s Board of Directors    EDUCATION University of Connecticut  BS​: Management Information Systems; ​Minor​: Computer Science Study Abroad​: Advanced Chinese, National Cheng Chi University Digital portfolio available at  Storrs, CT, Spring '11  Taipei, Taiwan, Spring '08


ChristinaHZieglerResume.docx (2) 93%

Expertise in developing front end user interface using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Angular JS and Python.


TESASCAN News, 17.03.14, advanced package, EN 92%

Angle Angle A-B Angular difference between two angular positions.


sirtutim 17.04.18 92%



SandeepaHariharaBhatY 91%

    SANDEEPA HARIHARA BHAT   Software Engineer  Bengaluru | ​​ | Mob: 8050130759 | Site:  EXPERIENCE ( Formerly,  Bengaluru​ - Software Engineer  ​JAN 2017 - PRESENT  Software Developer is a cloud management platform which automates computation in AWS across multiple  availability zones with pre defined apps and also supports scheduling of individual AWS  instances.  ● Technologies - Angular 2, TypeScript, JavaScript, C#, REST API, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap  ● Built a web App in a month and a half using Angular 2.   ● Integrated Single-Sign On to the Angular 2 app.  ● Implemented Lazy-Loading in it with a modular design.  ● Implemented multiple features related to AWS apps.  ● Involved in designing and implementing REST API in C#.  ● Implemented Intercom integration to the web app of  Hewlett Packard Enterprise R&D,  Bengaluru​ - Software Engineer  ​AUG 2015 - JAN 2017  Virtual Connect Product Development  Virtual Connect is a switch-like device which is a part of a blade server environment which  virtualizes NICs in a server while enabling easy provisioning of servers along with the reduction in  cabling complexity.  ● Technologies - C/C++, Linux   ● Built Audit Logging feature which uses the rsyslog of linux kernel to effectively log all  important events in the system along with support for logging on system bootup.   ● OpenSSH modification to suit the product enhancing the security of the product for  different modes of operation like FIPS mode and Non-FIPS mode.  ● Gave a presentation to senior management on the current state of Cloud Security  Sonus Networks, Bengaluru​ - Software Intern  JUNE 2014 - AUG 2014  Technology Used:  ● Perl Scripting   Created a FSM Call Flow Diagram by analyzing SBC Debug Logs to help understand complex  FSM of different modules running on the SBX system and easily identify the point of failure.         HOBBY PROJECTS  ● Matchmaking Android mobile application for a local community as community service  Technologies Used :  Frontend: Angular, Bootstrap, Ionic Framework  Backend: Golang  Database: MongoDB  ● Slack-like application for voice and text communication over LAN   Technologies Used :  Frontend: WxPython  Backend: Python  EDUCATION  The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore ​- B.E , Computer Science  2011 - 2015   CGPA - 9.123   Poorna Prajna Pre-University College, Udupi ​- P.U , PCMC  2009 - 2011  PCM - 81.66%  Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2, Kasaragod​ ​- SSLC CBSC , PCMC Grade - 93.20%   ACHIEVEMENTS  ● ● ● ● Achieved 90% placements for my batch as a Placement Coordinator (PC)   Served as Class Representative (CR) in the college.  Developed a robot using ATmega32.  Part of Onyx National Level winning team of 2011-12.  2008 - 2009


Microsoft software tech in 2017 90%

I'm currently looking at ASP.NET Core in combination with node.js and Angular 2, because today is not possibile to think about a Microsoft-only frontend stack.


TL15 G1 Indut ncia (3) 89%

3 3.1.1 Determinação da Velocidade Angular ω0 do Motor .


Singularity Universe 88%

Universe Observer Reflection Singularity of Form relative to the illusion of time Parallel Observation of the Ego Empty of form Observation of Trinity Exponentially accurate observation of form via increasing definition of angular data You are here .


Resume 87%

HTML5, CSS(SASS) , SQL, JavaScript , JQuery, JSON/XML , Angular 2 , JAVA Familiar with:


Urakhchin Serge Full Stack Dev Resume Online 86%

- Developed portfolio project with Angular Framework and hosted on GitHub Pages1 Enhanced portfolio project with custom CSS animations, additional Angular templates, Bootstrap modals, social buttons, and new content2 Feb 2016 – May 2017.


MarekSokol (1) 85%

● Leading of small team working on e-magazines reader (based on Angular.JS) for mobile &


Resume Charles-Shisler 84%

Bloc-time Angular Time management SPA that uses the Pomodoro Technique where users can define and keep a log of tasks that are time-limited.


B037106014 83%

The 8 DOF systems consists of two DOF of center of gravity (CG) for curvilinear motion along n and t direction, and single DOF of hip, knee, and ankle joints for the angular displacement.


Resume Charles-Shisler 80%

Angular Diablo Valley College – Pleasant Hill, CA Major Focus:


test 80%

Node.js, Angular.js, JQuery Software:


Alexander-Pavlenko 80%

_________________________________________________________________ В последнее время начал увлекаться front-end технологиями и изучать Angular 2 (TypeScript).


abhilash.shrivastava 80%

Built a real-time analytics service with Angular 2, Lambda, ElasticSearch and Node.js.


curriculum vitae 79%

- Backend en java ( Jpa/Hibernate, API Rest(Jersey), Maven) - Front end en Angular 2 ( Http Directive, Boostrap, Html 5 ) - One single app sur le thème Pokemon Création d’un pokédex en ligne en Angular 2/Boostrap :