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College Level 100%

(Type an integer or a simplified fraction. Use a comma to  separate answers.) c= (Simplify your answer. Use a comma to separate answers  as needed.) Select the correct choice below and fill in any answer boxes  within your choice.


hiley Hyundai Apri Call Summary 99%

Caller Forward Time Duration Status Recording Cell Phone TX 817-609-6109 888-318-4864 26 Apr 03:47 PM 00:05:47 ANSWER Listen Pack B 972-225-9371 888-318-4864 26 Apr 07:22 AM 00:02:58 ANSWER Listen;tid=;


CS5740 Project 3 Report 99%

For our QA system in part II, we use NER tagger for answer type detection and build a logistic regression model for extracting candidate sentences and extracte several types of features for each candidate answer.


89-99 98%

2m3 − 5m2 + 10m + 3 − 2 − 13m + 10m − 4m − The difference is  (Simplify your answer.) 2 6 .


Variable Names – 1.Image.Marked 98%

a) 31 b) 63 c) 12 d) 14 View Answer Answer:b Explanation:ISO C99 compiler may consider only first 63 characters for internal.



Straight Line [Option ID = 2490] Circle [Option ID = 2491] Parabola [Option ID = 2492] None of these [Option ID = 2493] Correct Answer :Parabola [Option ID = 2492] 2) Which of the following has emerged as India’s best university in a countrywide National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF) of educational institutes released recently?


2 97%

37-2016-00004683-CU-PO-CTL ANSWER TO COMPLAINT JURY TRIAL DEMANDED 16 17 Defendant Walter Solomon (hereafter, “Defendant,” “this Defendant” or “this answering 18 Defendant”), an individual, hereby Answers the Complaint filed in this action as follows:


100 mcqs March 2018 by M.U.M.K 97%

None Answer is = B The cash book in maintained by DDO B.


Declarations – 2.Image.Marked 97%

View Answer Answer:d Explanation:char[] str is a declaration in Java, not in C.


application 97%

你还有其他名字吗? ➢ Your answer What is your preferred name?


AQA-SYST3-QuestionPaper-2012 97%

 an AQA 12-page unlined answer book  normal writing and drawing instruments.


Data Types and Sizes – 1.Image.Marked 97%

} a) The compiler will flag an error b) Program will compile and print the output 5 c) Program will compile and print the ASCII value of 5 d) Program will compile and print FAIL for 5 times View Answer Answer:d Explanation:The ASCII value of 5 is 53, the char type-casted integral value 5 is 5 only.


Variable Names – 2.Image.Marked 96%

View Answer Answer:b Explanation:space, comma and $ cannot be used in a variable name.


AQA-PROD3-QuestionPaper-2012 96%

 an AQA 12-page unlined answer book  normal writing and drawing instruments  an Insert Sheet (enclosed).


textbf CS 224N Final Project SQuAD Reading Comprehension Challenge 96%

First, we introduce the baseline model, which uses Bi-directional LSTMs (BiLSTM) to encode the questions and paragraphs separately and a final feed-forward LSTM over the context question and context vectors to get the answer.


Reglement MC quizz 1&2 - Lebanon 96%

The contest consists of one question and only one correct answer.


Gmail - RE Media inquiry #4178838-17961271# 96%

Received: 2017­02­11 02:18:33  To: <info@starbucks.cust­>  Subject: Media inquiry Hello,I'm contacting you today to see if I can get some further information. Information I hope I can be provided with, without having to file records requests. 1) Can Starbucks locations provide private parking spots? Define Private Parking Spots: Any parking spot that has signage posted "XYZ PARKING ONLY", that if any vehicle other than posted on the sign is towed away, and subject to citation from Law Enforcement. 2) Does Starbucks provide private parking spots? 3) Does Starbucks provide any private parking spot(s) to members of Government but not limited to members of Public Safety IE Law Enforcement (Police / Sheriff's), Firefighters, Medics, Any Agency: FBI, XXPD, etc?4) If so, does the Government Agency contact Starbucks requesting private parking spot(s)?5) Any Cost? Any exchange from Agency to Starbucks?6) How many parking spots are provided to Law Enforcement Agencies in San Diego County and which Agencies?7) Any documentation? Any and everything to do with "Parking Spot(s) provided to Government".I'm interested with San Diego County, California. If you can answer the questions and provide me with any documentation between Agencies and Starbucks (FOIA Protection) regarding reserved / private parking spots as defined above (below question 1).I've been asked by members of the public to investigate. Thank you for your time,­Mark JaySons of LIberty Media  ========================================================= Name: Mark Jay Address:  Phone:  Event Date:  Event Time:   Store Location:  Card Number:  Device:  Product:  Lot Code:  Best By Date:  Purchased From:  Reply Required: Yes  ========================================================= The following answers might help you immediately. (Answers open in a separate window.)  Answer Link: Why does the Starbucks app request access to my contacts?


constants -2 95%

enum types are processed by a) Compiler b) Preprocessor c) Linker d) Assembler View Answer Answer:a Explanation:None.


MARKSCHEME.G482.OCR.PHYSICS.spoof.2015 95%

Annotation / (1) reject not IGNORE ALLOW () __ ecf AW ORA Meaning alternative and acceptable answers for the same marking point Separates marking points but will not be awarded marks anyway Answers which are correct not worthy of credit Answers which are not worthy of credit but we don't recognise it Statements which are correct irrelevant Answers that can be accepted Words which are not essential to gain credit Underlined words must be present in answer to score a mark Error carried forward Alternative wording Or reverse argument Highlighting is also available to highlight any particular points on the script.


Data All 151206 95%

other 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% Answer Choices 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Responses By yourself 65.00% 78 with assistance of other health care workers 17.50% 21 other 17.50% 21 Total 120 1 / 10 School Health Office Emergency Response Training Survey SurveyMonkey Q2 Which areas do you train the school staff on?


mi H Physics all 2013 95%

Physics Higher The marking schemes are written to assist in determining the “minimal acceptable answer” rather than listing every possible correct and incorrect answer.


constants -1 95%

} a) PEACH = 3 b) PEACH = 4 c) PEACH = 5 d) PEACH = 6 View Answer Answer:c Explanation:In enum, the value of constant is defined to the recent assignment from left.


Data Types and Sizes – 2.Image.Marked 95%

} uestio s o Data Types a d “izes alo g ith a) equal b) not equal c) Output depends on compiler d) None of the mentioned View Answer Answer:b Explanation:0.1 by default is of type double which has different representation than float resulting in inequality even after conversion.


MidtermExam S3 94%

Exercise 1 (5 points) Complete the table shown on the answer sheet.


TN-HD63-Poll-09-01-16 Topline Report (1) 94%

Answer Percent Absolutely Certain 93.34% Very Likely 6.66% Not Likely 0% Total 100% Q2: