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GCSE Greek Vocab List 100%

guide, leader already, by now pleasant, sweet we day our θ θάλασσα sea θάνατος θάπτω θαυμάζω θεά θεός θυγάτηρ θύρα θύω death I bury I am amazed at, admire goddess god daughter door I sacrifice ι ἰατρός ἱερόν ἱερός ἵνα ἱππεύς ἵππος ἰσχυρός doctor temple sacred in order that, in order to cavalryman, cavalry horse Strong κ καθεύδω καθίζω καί Καίπερ (+ participle) καίω κακός καλέω καλός Κατά (+ acc) Κατά (+ gen) κατὰ γῆν κελεύω κεφαλή κίνδυνος κλέπτω κολάζω κόπτω κρύπτω κτάομαι Κωλύω (+ inf) I sleep I sit and, also, even, too although I burn, set on fire bad, wicked I call beautiful, handsome, fine according to, by, down, along down from by land I order head danger I steal I punish I cut (down) I hide I obtain, get I hinder, prevent λ λάθρᾳ Λακεδαιμόνιοι λαμβάνω (aorist ἔλαβον) in secret, secretly the Spartans I take, capture


history of the future-o- Early Church Fathers 45%

**Aorist Indicative verb tense -meaning that it describes a punctiliar act (that is to say a single act at an undetermined point in time past that does not need to be repeated because its consequence continues on into the present and the future).