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Outcomes-Map-for-Cognitive-Model-PHARMD-2. 96%

by END OF PY3 by END OF PY1 by END OF PY2 Can describe patient problems (e.g, signs, symptoms, risk factors, severity) which Recognizes when care by other health care professionals is required and identifies what type Appropriately refers patients to other health care professionals when required.


2 Ortolano final SJEL Vol 5.1 2015 2 94%

Appropriate Care Under the Brownfield Amendments:


2015-2016 Report Cards 94%

241 PERFORMANCE LEVEL RATINGS 4 = Exceeds Standards - Independently and consistently exceeds marking period benchmark 3 = Achieves Standards - Meets marking period benchmark 2 = Approaching Standards - Demonstrates progress toward meeting marking period benchmark 1 = Needs Support Demonstrates limited progress toward meeting period benchmark + = Student achievement is currently in upper range of indicated performance range LANGUAGE ARTS LITERACY FOUNDATIONAL SKILLS MP MP 1 2 BEHAVIOR INDICATOR KEY E = Excellent S = Satisfactory I = Improving N = Needs Improvement U = Unsatisfactory MATHEMATICAL DEVELOPMENT COUNTING and CARDINALITY Recognizes and names uppercase letters of the alphabet Knows number names Recognizes and names lowercase letters of the alphabet Identifies letter sounds Knows count sequence to 100 Counts to tell the number of objects in a group Recognizes rhyming words Understands ordinal numbers 1st-10th Produces rhyming words Reads high frequency words Applies phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words Uses multiple strategies to read text (pictures, context, phonics, word knowledge) READING LITERATURE and INFORMATIONAL TEXTS Demonstrates comprehension of a text read aloud Asks and answers questions about key details in text Retells a text, with prompting and support Makes connections to text, with prompting and support WRITING Uses a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose opinion, informative and narrative texts Uses a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing in response to reading Forms letters Spaces letters and words correctly Creates and presents personal response to a patricular author or theme LANGUAGE Uses developmental spelling or phonic-based knowledge to spell Recognizes and names end punctuation Applies conventions of capitalization SPEAKING and LISTENING Expresses and shares ideas clearly Participates in group discussions actively and appropriately ELA COMMENTS MP1:


Skills Sheets Combined 93%

Areas denoted by “**” may be integrated within sequence of Primary Survey/Resuscitation Takes or verbalizes appropriate body substance isolation precautions SCENE SIZE-UP Determines the scene/situation is safe Determines the mechanism of injury/nature of illness Determines the number of patients Requests additional EMS assistance if necessary Considers stabilization of the spine PRIMARY SURVEY/RESUSCITATION Verbalizes general impression of the patient Determines responsiveness/level of consciousness Determines chief complaint/apparent life-threats Airway -Opens and assesses airway (1 point) -Inserts adjunct as indicated (1 point) Breathing -Assess breathing (1 point) -Assures adequate ventilation (1 point) -Initiates appropriate oxygen therapy (1 point) -Manages any injury which may compromise breathing/ventilation (1 point) Circulation -Checks pulse (1point) -Assess skin [either skin color, temperature or condition] (1 point) -Assesses for and controls major bleeding if present (1 point) -Initiates shock management [positions patient properly, conserves body heat] (1 point) Identifies patient priority and makes treatment/transport decision (based upon calculated GCS) HISTORY TAKING Attempts to obtain SAMPLE history SECONDARY ASSESSMENT Head -Inspects and palpates scalp and ears (1 point) ** -Assesses eyes (1 point) -Inspects mouth**, nose** and assesses facial area (1 point) - (1 point) Neck** -Checks position of trachea (1 point) -Checks jugular veins (1 point) -Palpates cervical spine (1 point) Chest** -Inspects chest (1 point) -Palpates chest (1 point) -Auscultates chest (1 point) Abdomen/pelvis** -Inspects and palpates abdomen (1 point) -Assesses pelvis (1 point) -Verbalizes assessment of genitalia/perineum as needed (1 point) Lower extremities** -Inspects, palpates and assesses motor, sensory and distal circulatory functions (1 point/leg) Upper extremities -Inspects, palpates and assesses motor, sensory and distal circulatory functions (1 point/arm) Posterior thorax, lumbar and buttocks** -Inspects and palpates posterior thorax (1 point) -Inspects and palpates lumbar and buttocks areas (1 point) VITAL SIGNS Obtains baseline vital signs [must include BP, P and R] (1point) Manages secondary injuries and wounds appropriately REASSESSMENT Demonstrates how and when to reassess the patient Actual Time Ended:


Final2016Protocols 89%

 No patient requiring immediate advanced stabilization (i.e., pleural decompression, intubation, defibrillation etc.) is to be left on-scene awaiting additional resources unless an appropriately Credentialed and equipped Provider is present and able to perform such care.


ANTI BULLYING POLICY guidance potters 88%

• The target of bullying is offered support • The perpetrator is reprimanded, punished appropriately and warned that there must be no recurrence of such anti-social behaviour.


ESw-15 88%


SwP 88%

Mark scheme for Software Product Weight Planning &


backgroundfile-65180 (1) 88%

The on-going Built Form Study and Heritage Conservation District Study will propose an amended policy framework and performance criteria to manage taller buildings that can be appropriately scaled within the physical context, while addressing the fundamental need to provide hard and soft infrastructure and to protect the remaining heritage fabric in the area.


oral pres rubric 87%

10 Bresciani and Bowman, 2002 10 0 5 0 Time is appropriately used, but may run Presentation lacks conclusion and/or slightly over or under allotted time and/or time is not appropriately used.


J340C&B 87%

EXCERPT FROM Alaska Native Sovereignty:


variklis 87%

-J05483 REV.