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readme 100%


Armored for Battle 96%

Page 1 of 4 Armored for Battle Edited by Greg Cook Introduction This process was given to me by a friend who got it from a friend who transcribed it from Ian Clayton.


MWO crossmember reinf 94%

Cargo/Troop Carrier Cargo/Troop Carrier Cargo/Troop Carrier, W/W Cargo/Troop Carrier, W/W Tow Carrier, Armored Tow Carrier, Armored Armament Carrier, Armored Armament Carrier, Armored Armament Carrier, Armored, W/W Armament Carrier, Armored, W/W NSN M998 M998A1 M1038 M1038A1 M966 M966A1 M1025 M1025A1 M1026 M1026A1 2320-01-107-7155 2320-01-371-9577 2320-01-107-7156 2320-01-371-9578 2320-01-107-7153 2320-01-372-3292 2320-01-128-9551 2320-01-371-9584 2320-01-128-9552 2320-01-371-9579 MWO 9-2320-280-20-7, 1 January 2001, is changed as follows:


Great crusade Adeptus Mechanicus rule set 3 93%

Armored Crew Compartment 20 points Boosters 5 points Ceramite Armor 25 points Electro Hull 15 points Extra Armor 5 points Havoc Launcher 15 points Holy Icon 15 points Hover Lifters 20 points Hunter-Killer Missile 15 points Power of the Machine Spirit 20 points Pintle Mounted Heavy Stubber 10 points Pintle Mounted Twin Linked Bolter 10 points Pintle mounted Heavy Graviton gun 15 points Pintle mounted Graviton gun 10 points Rough Terrain Modifications 5 points Searchlight 1 point Servitor Crew Installation 20 points Smoke Launchers 3 points Void Armor 45 points Void Shield 50 points Special Rules Tech Quest The Cult Mechanicus is in a never-ending search for lost technology from the Dark Age of Mankind, but also is always on the lookout for new or alien weapons and vehicles to study.


Great Crusade Imperial Rule set 6.1 93%

Great Crusade Imperial Rule Set Get’s Hot:


tESOchar 93%

DRAGONKNIGHT Ardent Flame Standard of Might:


MWO parking brake 92%

Cargo/Troop Carrier Cargc/Troop Carrier, W/Winch TOW Carrier, Armored TOW Carrier, Armored, Winch TOW Carrier, W/Supplemental Armor TOW Carrier, W/Supplemental Armor, W/Winch Armament Carrier, Armored Armament Carrier, Armored, W/Winch Armament Carrier, W/Supplemental Armor Armament Carrier, W/Supplemental Armor, W/Wnch Truck, Ambulance, 4x4:


Keggy 92%


Great Crusade Imperial Rule set 6.0 92%

Great Crusade Imperial Rule Set Get’s Hot:


Great Crusade Imperial Rule set 5.8 92%

Great Crusade Imperial Rule Set Get’s Hot:


Great Crusade Imperial Rule set 5.9 92%

Great Crusade Imperial Rule Set Get’s Hot:


Great Crusade Imperial Rule set 6.3 92%

May purchase an Auspex and/or Street Fighters for +2 points, Grenadier, Gung-Ho, and/or Dust of a Thousand Worlds for +5 points, Oath of the Moment, True Grit, Tenacity, Angel's Wrath, Hatred Incarnate, Booby Trap, Krak Trap, Spectral Assault, Scorched Earth, Scaling Ladders and Grapnels, Better Equipped, and/or Cognis Signum for +7 points, Terminator Honors, Inviolate Armor, teleport homer, Voice Amplifier, Conqueror of Cities, Unleash the Hounds of War, Righteous Broadcast, Wire Cutters, Battle Hardened, and/or Targeting Scanner Array for +10 points, Grav Dampener, Bionic Body, Intimidating Presence, Face of an Empire, Armored Spearhead, Tunnel Assault, Teleport Barrage, Master Sniper, Tremor Mine, Orbital Assault, and/or a Nuncio Vox for +15 points, bionics, Cyber-Familiar, ULUMEATHI PLASMA SYPHON, Grav Repellor Access, and/or Cortex Controller for +18 points, Battlefield Command Uplink, Enhanced Frame, Soul Stealer, NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS, and/or Immortal Commander for +20 points, Through Attrition, Victory, Repulsion Shield, Visions of Speed, and/or I’ve Been Expecting You for +25 points, and/or Slayer of Giants and/or NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS for +30 points.


Great Crusade Imperial Rule set 5.4 91%

Great Crusade Imperial Rule Set Get’s Hot: