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EMBARGOED ABMB 2016 l Talks l E 97%

Conceived of and moderated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director, Serpentine Galleries, London, the talk will feature the artist Glenn Ligon (b.


Abby Butcher CV 96% PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Pink Fringe / Marlborough Theatre, Brighton Producer Sept 2013 – present (part-time) - Overseeing all artistic activity in the organisations alongside fellow producers - Project creation and planning - Writing funding applications to a range of funding bodies (with a success rate of 84%) - Managing project budgets up to £30,000 - Supporting and understanding the needs of LGBT artists - Seeking out new funds and partners to grow and enhance the sustainability of the organisations - Programming performance for seasons and club night Traumfrau - Event planning and management, including curation, technical liaison, managing staff and volunteers - Building relationships with national and international arts organisations and artists whilst maintaining strong links to the Brighton LGBT community.


FINALWPA-Call for Artists-4-4-16V2 96%

• The artist’s work reflects artistic excellence, innovation and originality, as evidenced by a unique vision or perspective.


The Cedar Program and Artistic Director 96%

Program and Artistic Director Organization:


Press Release CHRISTEENE PJ Residency 96%

With demonstrated leadership in the advancement of partnerships with creative talent worldwide and an innovative approach to projects in the arts, fashion and cultural industries, Barrett Barrera Projects offers versatile consulting services and industry leadership in artistic representation and exhibition development.


interrogation design2 96%

The result was a series of artistic interventions, which could be viewed as an elaborate but effective method for consulting the public on public space and public art.


mailart5 95%

mail art send it!


mailartNEW2 95%

mail art send it!


On Fine Art 95%

Moulding and Image ................................................................................38 1) The Theme Should Be Expanded in a Variety of Ways ...................................38 2) The Personalities of Characters Should Be Expressed Conspicuously ................43 3) The Main Thing in the Representation of the Characters Is the Depiction of Their Faces .......................................................................52 4) Nature Should Be Depicted in a Meaningful and Emotional Way .....................59 5) Composition Integrates Artistic Representation into One .................................67 6) Plastic Images Must Have Three-Dimensional Quality ....................................76 7) The Moment Should Be Determined Properly................................................82 3.


Surviving Art school CC 95%

Surviving Art School:


AimSmithBioCV-2 95%

Bio     Why Yesterdaynite?     Mom: It’s Last night, not Yesterdaynite!  Me: we give life to this dry ass language but when we use slang and flip words around  Then that’s “black magic”. Our people can turn wrong into better than good, that’s what we ​ do!    Alim Smith is a Delaware born interdisciplinary artist whose work has been exhibited in  American art galleries primarily on the east coast. His artistic process expands beyond a  singular medium due to several years of applied studies in Visual Art, Communicative Arts as  well as Photography. Smith’s creative exploration stems from experiences and events within his  culture, applying a variety of ideas based on his knowledge of self and understanding of others.       Artist Statement    Everyday I am trying to think of ways to expose who I am and how I feel. My process often  begins with a palette filled with colors. I don’t have an image in mind of how I want my work to  look, I just know that I want to paint and use all the colors that I have.     This process of using all the hues from each paint tube started in high school, I really enjoyed  viewing images but I didn't always have the appropriate colors for skin tones. I didn’t want to mix  paint colors so instead, I decided to use the colorful palette that I had to express the idea I  wanted to capture.     I love the idea of unconventional painting.                                                     Alim Smith      Artist CV    Education:  Cab Calloway School of the Arts, Wilmington, DE    Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions     2016    “Artsy Morale”, 661 S Dupont Hwy, New Castle, Delaware     “Philly Meets Brooklyn”, 2055 Fulton & Rockaway, Brooklyn, New York     “The Impromptu Art Show”, 316 N. Market, Wilmington, Delaware    “Honey, Ode to Babel” for Oshun NYC, Brooklyn, New York          4th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Peace March & Community Celebration     Oriinufilm Album Release Party , MoCADA Museum, New York    2015    Goldilocks Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania     Prismatic, Miami Art Basel, Downtown Miami Beach, Florida     “These Walls” Solo Exhibition, Wilmington, Delaware    “Home” Group Exhibition 54+FINEART, Washington D.C     “God Em Festival”, Brooklyn, New York    “Color Brothers” Group Exhibition, Wilmington Delaware    “Black Stars Block Party Takeover”, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania    Solange Knowles, Green Party, Brooklyn New York.    Afropunk Festival, New York     Chris White Gallery and Shipley Artist Lofts, Wilmington Delaware    Levitea, Wilmington Delaware     Summer in The Plaza, H.B Dupont Park, Wilmington Delaware    Love Us, The 6th Annual  Grand Production     Curation DC, Manor DC, Washington D.C    “In Living Color”, Solo Exhibition, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania     “Elevated Trap”, Atlantic Ave,  Brooklyn, New York    “Planet Her”, Solo Exhibition, Wilmington Delaware    “Life Through Color”, Live Painting for Terrance Vann Solo Exhibition, Wilmington Delaware    2014     Silent Auction, Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, Delaware     “The Bassment”, Live at the Nomad, Wilmington Delaware    Philly Fest, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania       Commissions    54+FINEART logo, Washington D.C     Oshun NYC Flyer, Houston Texas Show    Before the Quarter, Kelechief, Album Cover, New York    Press        “Art on the Town”, The Wilmington Art Loop, Delaware :­loop­wilmington­artist­feature­alim­smith/     “What does black history look like for a millennial?”, Blavity :­what­does­black­history­month­look­like­for­a­millennial    “Hip Hop Illustrators”, Green Label:­hop­art­illustrators/    “Artist Spotlight”, The Eclectic Society Movement :­spotlight­alim­smithyesterday­nite/    “Artist Feature”, Afropunk :    “Interview”, Juviemag :    “Wilmington Artist shares creative impulses”, UDReview :­artist­shares­creative­impulses/    “Profiles”, Grungecake :­yesterday­nite/    “What Yesterday Nite means to Black People”, Letemag :    “Artist Profile”, 54plusfineart :­nite    “10 artist commandments by: Alim Smith”, Stereotypeco :­art­commandments­by­alim­smith    “Just, Yesterdaynite”, After 3 Mag :­yesterday­nite/    “Curation DC: The Art of Party ”, Whatartevokes :­partying­with­the­arts/      “Figuring out Yesterday Nite”, Nubiism :­figuring­out­yesterday­nite