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Heats-DelhiOpen 100%

Delhi Open 2017 3x3x3 Heat 1A Heat 1B Heat 2A Heat 2B Aakash Mangla Aashish Raj Gupta Aayush Garg Abhay Agarwal Abhay Gupta Abhi Gawande Achint Mathur Adhyan Mahajan Aditya Jain Aditya Parameswaran Aditya Saxena Agamdeep Singh Mahal Akshar Doshi Akshat Agarwal Akshat Jain Akshat Jha Akshay Sinha Amaan Syed Acchyut Jolly Akash Rupela Akshit Bhardwaj Aman Kashyap Aman Sharma Anant Kuru Ananya Gupta Anirudh Gupta Ankur Verma Anmol Bose Anuj Singh Anurag Bachheti Apoorva Arora Arbaz Ali Arjan Minocha Arnav Batla Aryan Bansal Ashish Nirwal Ankit Kataria Ansh Arora Arnav Arora Ashmit Arya Atharv Bansal Aviral Chaturvedi Deepanshu Darmwal Devaansh Dhingra Devangad Singh Bhullar Devank Kapur Dewanshu Pratap Singh Dhruv Gupta Dhruv Singh Gaurav Jain Gaurav Raj Gourav Sharma Gursimar Singh Tuteja Hardik Arya Aryan Chhabra Aryan Sehgal Garv Soni Hargun Singh Tikku Hariprasad Patra Harsh Singh Harsh Vashisht Ishaan Gupta Ishaan Singhal Ishan Bhardwaj Jainendra Jain Javin Tewari Jay Naulakha Karan Singh Kartikey Sangwan Kshitij Bagga Kunal Kumar Kundan Kumar 1 3x3x3 Heat 3A Heat 3B Heat 4A Heat 4B Hemang Sarkar Kriday Borwankar Lakshay Modi Lakshay Sharma Madhav Adhikari Mahit Gupta Manan Flora Manit Gupta Mayank Das Mohd Faisel Mohit Kumar Gautam Mohit Lulla Muhammad Mursaleen Nakshatra Mittal Naman Chug Naman Flora Naman Jethani Navish Goyal Mani Kumar Neel Arora Nikunj Gupta Nilabjo Mookherji Nishit Bohra Nitin Kumar Paarth Chhabra Paarth Gulati Paarth Mehla Paras Gangolia Parth Talwar Parv Rustagi Parvesh Kumar Praanshu Sharan Prakshal Jain Pranay Verma Prashant Kumar Rana Pratham Jain Palaash Goel Piyush Passi Pradyun Bajaj Pravin P.


AryanDawn 99%

ARYAN DAWN Ray Ruggiero Introduction If they can keep the truth of race from us, the public, without question.


Gavels Club Newsletter Issue 14 93%

2 Message from the President – Aryan Shah ...................................................................................................


traditional 93%

Why Bright Eyed Aryan Caucasians Are The Traditional Owners Of Technology.


robo 90%



originsofthewhiteman 88%

By some 15,000 years ago, the great glaciers covering much of northern Eurasia had  melted and soon a vastly important group of these ancients would travel by  horseback throughout Europe and Western Asia. Known from early times as the  Aryans, they would infuse a strong commonality to the diverse regional tribes that  had developed over many millenia. Exactly what portion of Aryan culture was strictly  original and what portion was found and treasured along the way is hard to  determine with certainty, but, these historical giants would spread their philosophy,  language, and civilization across all of Europe and shape forever the identity of the  European.


space 77%

Eventually PAA, Pan Aryan Associations will be established for each field of space work listed below &


History, Fringe, Aryanism, Thule - Maria Orsitsch 69%

Vril Society The Vril Society was formed by a group of female psychic mediums led by the Thule Gesellschaft medium Maria Orsitsch (Orsic) of Zagreb, who have received communication from Aryan aliens living on Alpha Cen Tauri, in the Aldebaran system.


resources 66%

AUSTRALIAN NATURAL RESOURCES Version 1.2 by Pan Aryan University.


resources 66%

AUSTRALIAN NATURAL RESOURCES Version 1.2 by Pan Aryan University.


X Result Analysis 2016-17 66%

8251686 Name CGPA 10 ANKITA SINGH 8251688 ASHISH ASTANG 10 8250692 AYUSH 10 8250699 DIVYANSHU 10 8251711 RITU SUHAG 10 8251718 ANVAY 10 8251723 HARSH KUMAR 10 8251742 SAGAR SINGH 10 8251745 SANISHA 10 8251752 ADITI SINGH 10 8251757 ARYAN GD SINGH 10 8251760 HARSH BHARDWAJ 10 8251779 SWATI SINGH 10 Range of CGPA No of Students Cumulative Total Perfect 10 13 13 9 &


Lorenzo Livrieri- EGE-TN 65%

That portion of the ancient Aryan race which poured from the central plain of Asia, through the rocky defiles of what we now call “The Frontier,” to populate the fertile lowlands of India, had gods who must once have been wholly heroic, but who came in time to be more degraded than the most vicious of lustful criminals.


retail 60%

ARD, Australian Retail Directory, Version 1.2 By PAU, Pan Aryan University.


matriarchy pamphlet draft 59%

Even a faggot or gender dysphoriac of the Aryan race is far more manly at its most substantial core than the physiological, anti-cerebral narcissists, to borrow Sam Vankin terminology, of the equator, ever the overcompensating neurofeminine “hypersensitive” and soft-speaking practical-translesbian (but ever-suppressing due to its “powuh” fetishism) that is the negroid “heterosexual 'male'”.


repair 56%

AUSTRALIAN GUIDE TO MOTOR VEHICLE MAINTENANCE Version 1.1 By PAU, Pan Aryan University So what work do you do to a motor vehicle that has clocked 150,000 km or more?


Eve NL 55%

Aryan 125 B25 44 6 B24 Acrobatic Feints (Acrobatics) 37 20 +4 5 B231,MA73 20 +4 5 B231,MA75 20 +4 7 B231,MA75 Default:


high-priest-vovim-baghie 54%

And To Adolf Hitler And Heinrich Himmler, The Heroes Of The Aryan Race And Satan’s People!


Eve Nought 2018 54%

Aryan 32 B29 125 B25 90 6 B24 12 B24 B180 4 B182 Climbing 14 DS+0 1 B183 Combat Art (Knife) 14 DS+0 1 B184 14 DS+0 4 B184 Hiking 14 SL+0 2 B200 Jumping 14 DS+0 1 B203 Lifting 14 SL+0 2 B205 Parachuting/TL8 1 4 DS+0 1 B212 14 +0 1 B233 Running 14 SL+0 2 B218 Scuba/TL8 14 CI+0 2 B219 Sports (Tennis) 14 DS+0 2 B222 Swimming 14 SL+0 1 B224 22 CI+8 4 B217 Computer Operation/TL8 Speed-Reading 18 CI+4 12 B184 14 CI+0 2 B222 Teaching 14 CI+0 2 B224 18 CI+4 12 B24 18 +2 16 CI+2 1 B174 Cryptography/TL81 6 CI+2 12 B186 Holdout 16 CI+2 8 B200 16 +0 21 B233 20 Espionaje Expert Skill (Computer Security) Spanish Prisoner (Acting) 74 20 B193 2 B230,MA67 Valore por defecto:


hitler 48%

level BackgrouNd Player Name Human/Aryan Lawful Good race aligNmeNt exPerieNce PoiNts inspiratiOn strEngth 17 +3 prOficiEncy bOnus 11 0 30 armOr class initiativE spEEd No one could doubt by looking at my regal bearing that I am a cut above the unwashed masses.


GeekyBugle08 46%

The time was 1920, the place Germany, the NAZI party published their 25 points manifesto, in which they declared their intentions to segregate Jews form the “Aryan” society and to abrogate their political, legal and civil rights.


union 46%

Australian Professional Associations, version 1.2 By the Pan Aryan University Australasian Society for General Relativity and Gravitation Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine Australasian Society of Clinical &


US & B Monarchy - Proof 37%

The USA, and the UK, and the British Monarchy:


19CambrianLawReview45 37%

22 Certainly, amongst practically all the so-called Aryan nations of ancient Europe-the Greeks, 23 Romans, 24 Teutons,25 Celts,26 and Slavs 2 7-an animal which did serious damage (such as causing the death of a man) had to be given up to the injured party or his family, obviously in order that it might be retaliated upon.