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AssClu P1 Q7 100%

Unit Purpose of assessment TAEASS403 TAEASS402 TAEASS502 To assess the candidate’s skills and knowledge required to participate in an assessment validation process To assess the candidate’s skills and knowledge required to implement an assessment plan, and gather quality evidence to assess the competence of a candidate using compliant assessment tools.


addition,to,the,application 98%

SSSI will assess your qualifications and skills as either "suitable"


ODNIDeclassifiedIntelCommAssessmentRussianActivitiesElection 96%

 When Intelligence Community analysts use words such as “we assess” or “we judge,” they are conveying an analytic assessment or judgment.


Skills Sheets Combined 96%

Areas denoted by “**” may be integrated within sequence of Primary Survey/Resuscitation Takes or verbalizes appropriate body substance isolation precautions SCENE SIZE-UP Determines the scene/situation is safe Determines the mechanism of injury/nature of illness Determines the number of patients Requests additional EMS assistance if necessary Considers stabilization of the spine PRIMARY SURVEY/RESUSCITATION Verbalizes general impression of the patient Determines responsiveness/level of consciousness Determines chief complaint/apparent life-threats Airway -Opens and assesses airway (1 point) -Inserts adjunct as indicated (1 point) Breathing -Assess breathing (1 point) -Assures adequate ventilation (1 point) -Initiates appropriate oxygen therapy (1 point) -Manages any injury which may compromise breathing/ventilation (1 point) Circulation -Checks pulse (1point) -Assess skin [either skin color, temperature or condition] (1 point) -Assesses for and controls major bleeding if present (1 point) -Initiates shock management [positions patient properly, conserves body heat] (1 point) Identifies patient priority and makes treatment/transport decision (based upon calculated GCS) HISTORY TAKING Attempts to obtain SAMPLE history SECONDARY ASSESSMENT Head -Inspects and palpates scalp and ears (1 point) ** -Assesses eyes (1 point) -Inspects mouth**, nose** and assesses facial area (1 point) - (1 point) Neck** -Checks position of trachea (1 point) -Checks jugular veins (1 point) -Palpates cervical spine (1 point) Chest** -Inspects chest (1 point) -Palpates chest (1 point) -Auscultates chest (1 point) Abdomen/pelvis** -Inspects and palpates abdomen (1 point) -Assesses pelvis (1 point) -Verbalizes assessment of genitalia/perineum as needed (1 point) Lower extremities** -Inspects, palpates and assesses motor, sensory and distal circulatory functions (1 point/leg) Upper extremities -Inspects, palpates and assesses motor, sensory and distal circulatory functions (1 point/arm) Posterior thorax, lumbar and buttocks** -Inspects and palpates posterior thorax (1 point) -Inspects and palpates lumbar and buttocks areas (1 point) VITAL SIGNS Obtains baseline vital signs [must include BP, P and R] (1point) Manages secondary injuries and wounds appropriately REASSESSMENT Demonstrates how and when to reassess the patient Actual Time Ended:


doc10 95%


HSSCO Needs Assessment 2016-2017 95%

The HSSCO needs assessment for the July 2016-June 2017 HSSCO grant year seeks to assess (a) how much support and collaboration already exists amongst HS/EHS grantees and (b) what supports are needed amongst grantees that the HSSCO Director may be able to provide.


Health and Safety completed 95%

d) Assess the risks to the health and safety of anyone who may be affected by work activities.


AssClu P2 Q4 94%

The assessor must use expert judgment to assess the candidates’ responses accordingly.


RMLSweb - Tax Full 93%

1/15/2016 RMLSweb - Tax Full Presented by:


Overview on EIA Concepts by A. Aqeel 93%

1 Overview on Environment Impact Assessment Concepts by:


ImpactAssessment 92%

Rui  Chen     Memorandum To:


Assesment Powerpoint 91%

WALTERS MARYMOUNT SCHOOL OF NEW YORK STEM THINK TANK + CONFERENCE JULY 12, 2017 Participant Survey The Challenge with Assessment Ask a teacher to assess a student’s understanding and application of basic or advanced science skills and concepts, and we can quickly write a formative or summative assessment.