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Top 10 Government Auction Sites 100%

Top 10 Government Auction Sites Your Complete Guide to Online Government Auctions These days, if we’re looking to purchase an item, we want the most value for our money.


top-10-real-estate-auction-sites 99%

Top 10 Real Estate Auction Sites Your Guide to Online Real Estate Auctions.


RCIAgent 99% Agent Program        The RCI Auction group offers an Agent Program to individuals and businesses who are  interested in working with RCI. The Agent program allows Agents to both find work and help  conduct online auctions on a limited basis.     Becoming an RCI Agent is easy ­ we provide you with the training and tools to find new auctions  and make extra money.        What does being an RCI Agent Entail?     An RCI agent has the permission of RCI to solicit new business/auctions using the RCI Auction  Group name and website ( Agents have an overall agreement with  the RCI Auction Group and then will have a separate agreement with each individual warehouse  that the Agent works with when finding new business. The separate agreement with the  individual RCI warehouse protects both you the agent, and the RCI warehouse.    For example, a registered Agent knows about a bar or restaurant that has closed down in  Virginia. The Agent visits the restaurant/bar location and finds a "for lease" poster on door with a  phone number for inquiries. The agent calls and finds out about the details of the equipment and  if it is for available outside of the lease (either for purchase or auction).    If the equipment is available, the Agent can then contact the RCI Virginia warehouse and make  an agreement regarding the possible sale. The Agent and the RCI Virginia warehouse will decide  who will handle what in regards to the auction process and will work.       How much does an RCI Agent make?     RCI Agents are generally paid on a per auction fee, or in accordance to the agreement they sign  with the local RCI warehouse/division that the Agent works with.    The typical RCI Agent receives a percentage of the proceeds or profit.  2 examples below for use  as a guide only ­ please remember all agreements are up to the individual RCI warehouses and  the Agent to agree to.    Example #1. An Agent finds a potential new auction, gets the RCI contract signed, and assists  throughout the auction process. The auction brings in $25,000.00 (not including buyers  premium), the Agent would receive $1,250.00 from the RCI warehouse who handles the sale.  This 5% agreement typically requires the Agent to assist during the auction process with  inventory/pictures, being present on the inspection date, helping with advertising/getting the word  out, and being present and assisting bidders on the removal date.    Example #2. An Agent has a good lead for a new auction and gives the RCI warehouse the  phone number/contact details of the lead. RCI calls the lead, signs the contract and handles the  sale without any further assistance from the Agent. In this case, the Agent can expect to make  5% of the NET PROFIT from the auction. This figure varies, and depends on a number of  factors. A rough estimate for a $25,000 auction would be the Agent receiving anywhere from  $200­$500.        The RCI warehouse/division that is closest to where the equipment is located will sign an  agreement with the Agent for each new auction sale. We strongly recommend communicating  via email/in writing when doing these agreements so there is no confusion regarding fee's paid to  the Agent.       How do I become an RCI Agent and what are the costs?     Becoming an RCI Agent is easy and is a great way to get into the online auction business  without a large financial commitment. The RCI Auction group charges registered Agents  $250/year, due at the start of each year.    In return, the Agent receives from RCI:     1.  Training. RCI will provide the Agent with an email with useful information for finding new  auctions and will also provide up to 1 hour of over the phone training.  2.  Marketing Packet. Each new Agent receives a folder with RCI business cards, RCI  brochures, RCI information sheets, RCI consignment agreements/contracts  3.  Agreement with RCI Auction Group to use the RCI name when finding and soliciting new  business.              Ask a Question / Contact RCI:     We are here to help and want to see RCI grow ­ but we can't grow unless we find quality people  like yourself who are motivated to make some extra income and help us find new online  auctions.     Please email:            


5 real estate auctions in Alabama 98%

Foreclosure Auctions - What Occurs at the Auction?


Sewell GwM SaleBill 11X17PROOF5 98%

SEPTEMBER AUCTIONS 3 10 17 24 4 5 11 12 18 19 25 26 6 7 13 14 20 21 27 28 1 2 8 9 15 16 22 23 29 30 SERVICE 660-646-8630 LOCATION:


Top 10 Salvage Auto Auction Sites 97%

According to the Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc.



2018 AUCTIONS YEAR IN REVIEW “I’m the sort of person that likes to build relationships with people, and obviously Norwest Commercial have got the right guys on-board.


Instructions 96%

Auction Experiment Hopefully you’ll have now watched the video explaining how second price auctions work.


Instructions2 96%

Auction Experiment Hopefully you’ll have now watched the video explaining how second price auctions work.


ZONE 2 95%


Bidder Registration Form 95%

I further understand that I am liable for payment of all real estate purchased on my Bidder Number and that Motley’s Auctions, Inc.


Sewell Ward 8x11SaleBill 94%

AUCTIONS 660-646-8630 SERVICE don ward estate auction Saturday, march 17, 2018 • 11AM LOCATION:


9 Sell 93%

Four Added benefits of Making use of Online Auction Web-sites to Shop Receiving into the planet of on the web auctions could be a bit daunting at first, although you might get utilized to it at some point.


Tablet Press 92%

Wide variety of respected OEMs, constantly updated inventory, thousands of listings, regular online auctions, and the huge network of corporate clients make EquipNet the perfect place to find the equipment you are looking for.


Fancy Flea Article 92%

While there, two nurse friends started taking me to auctions, and I was really bit by the “bug.” I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and the opportunity to rent a small house on Main Street happened.