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BI Categories Jumia to AIGX mapping v6 99%

Accessories Small Little Standard TVs, Audio and Video Televisons LCD TVs TVs, Audio and Video-Televisons-LCD TVs Large Bulky Standard TVs, Audio and Video Televisons LED TVs TVs, Audio and Video-Televisons-LED TVs Large Bulky Standard TVs, Audio and Video Televisons Plasma TVs TVs, Audio and Video-Televisons-Plasma TVs Large Bulky Standard TVs, Audio and Video Televisons 3D TVs TVs, Audio and Video-Televisons-3D TVs Large Bulky Standard TVs, Audio and Video Televisons OLED TVs TVs, Audio and Video-Televisons-OLED TVs Medium Bulky Standard TVs, Audio and Video Televisons Smart TVs TVs, Audio and Video-Televisons-Smart TVs Large Bulky Standard TVs, Audio and Video Televisons Cathode Ray Tube TVs, Audio and Video-Televisons-Cathode Ray Tube Medium Bulky Standard TVs, Audio and Video Televisons Other Televisions TVs, Audio and Video-Televisons-Other Televisions Medium Bulky Standard TVs, Audio and Video Home Theatre Home Theatre Packages TVs, Audio and Video-Home Theatre-Home Theatre Packages Large Bulky Standard TVs, Audio and Video Home Theatre Speaker Systems TVs, Audio and Video-Home Theatre-Speaker Systems Medium Bulky Standard TVs, Audio and Video Home Theatre Sound Bars TVs, Audio and Video-Home Theatre-Sound Bars Medium Bulky Standard TVs, Audio and Video Home Theatre Accessories TVs, Audio and Video-Home Theatre-Accessories Small Little Standard TVs, Audio and Video Home Theatre Other Home Theatre TVs, Audio and Video-Home Theatre-Other Home Theatre Small Little Standard TVs, Audio and Video Projectors Screens TVs, Audio and Video-Projectors-Screens Medium Bulky Standard TVs, Audio and Video Projectors Projectors TVs, Audio and Video-Projectors-Projectors Medium Bulky Standard TVs, Audio and Video Projectors Other Projectors TVs, Audio and Video-Projectors-Other Projectors Medium Bulky Standard TVs, Audio and Video Blu Ray &


Schorman's Star Wars LaserDisc Archive 2.0 98%

schorman’s Audio Archive 2.0 schorman’s Star Wars LaserDisc Audio Archive 2.0 COMMENTS I am providing this Audio Archive for the purposes of saving and sharing the various audio mixes of the Star Wars Trilogy presented on LaserDisc over the years.


PiSwitch Wiring Diagrams 97%

PiSwitch Wiring Diagrams (not to scale)   April, 2018 – K. Bell        Raspberry Pi 3 Model B v1.2 – Solder pads  PP26 – Left Audio  PP25 – Right Audio  PP24 – Composite Video (Don’t use)  PP5 – GROUND                   2             3            1              4              5      Adafruit Headphone Jack  Pins 3 and 4 disconnect when headphones are plugged in.  Pin 2 – Right Audio in from Raspberry Pi  Pin 3 – Right Audio out to PAM8302 audio amp  Pin 1 – GROUND (middle pin)  Pin 4 – Left Audio out to PAM8302 audio amp  Pin 5 – Right Audio in from Raspberry pi  NOTE:   The PAM8302 is a mono audio amp only.   It can only accept either Pin 3 or Pin 4 as input.  I  choose the left channel Pin 4.  Audio from the headphones will be in stereo, however.          PAM8302 Audio Amp    This little board is needed to boost the audio to the speaker.   This board is a MONO audio board – it  only outputs to one speaker    A+  Audio in from either the headphone jack (or Raspberry Pi directly if not including a headphone jack)  A‐ GROUND  Vin – 5v power from PowerBoost  GRN – ground from PowerBoost      PowerBoost 1000C  This board distributes power from the battery to the other components (Raspberry Pi 3, PAM8302 audio  amp, 7” Raspberry Pi Official Touchscreen)  The PowerBoost 1000C has three sets of 5V Power and Ground (in Red and Black) that can go to the  three components:      The Power Switch is soldered to the EN and GND points


Audacity 97%

REFERENCE (objašnjenje svakog alata, menija i prozora) TUTORIJAL 1.1 Editovanje postojećeg fajla 1.2 Početno snimanje 1.3 Povezivanje govora sa muzikom u pozadini 1.4 Kopiranje audio kaseta, ploča i mini diskova na CD (sa čišćenjem šuma) 1.1 TUTORIJAL Editovanje postojećeg fajla Korak 1.


ASIO4ALL v2 Instruction Manual 96%

ASIO4ALL v2 Universal ASIO Driver For WDM Audio - Instruction Manual Last reviewed:


IP Audio System 96% IP Audio System is based on TCP/IP protocol.


tech3250 96%



Production Plan 95%

“Figure  something  out”    Production  Plan                                                          Esteban  Cortés     Track  List  Chart,  Toolset  and  Timeline     Track  List  Chart     Track                                                  Type                                Source                                                Tools     Lead  vocal                                  Audio                              Acoustic                                          Mic/audio  interface   Bass                                                          Audio                              Direct                                                    Audio  Interface   Electric  Guitar                    Audio                              Acoustic/Direct              Mic/audio  interface   Acoustic  Guitar                Audio                              Acoustic                                          Mic/audio  interface   String  quartet                    Virtual  inst.


CRV CR-V Radio Connector Pins 95%

8/7/2012 Audio-Navigation Unit Connector for Inputs and Outputs (with navigation) (Except KX) AUDIO-NAVIGATION UNIT CONNECTOR A (24P) Audio-Navigation Unit Connector A (24P) Cavity Wire Color Terminal Name A1 BLK GND A2 Not Used Not Used A3 RED B_BACK_UP A4 Not Used Not Used A5 BLU RL_PRE A6 PNK RL_PRE * SH_RL_PRE A7 GRY Description Ground for audio-navigation unit (G503) ― Continuous power source ― Outputs sound signal for left rear door speaker Outputs sound signal for left rear door speaker Shield for terminals No.


NTi-Audio-AppNote-AES3-AES-EBU 94%

Audio Engineering Society Standard #3 EBU:


Standard Resume 94%

August 2014 Metalworks Institute Mississauga, ON Audio Production &


Audiomonitor US 94%

The first statistically and demographically representative measure of all US audio, across all formats, genres and devices.


Report 94%

“Note Recognition System” is a MATLAB based audio signal processing project that tries to extract the notes of an audio or music signal.


Madavan CV May 1 2016 93%

Having around Six years’ Experience in Audio/Video Editing and 2D/3D Animation.



    - Sunday 27 Monday 28 3 4 Tuesday 29 5 Audio Editing 12-2PM Vibe Office 10 Wednesday 30 11 6 Music Review &



    - Sunday FEB 28 Monday FEB 29 Tuesday 1 Wednesday 2 Audio Editing Scripting and Voicing 3-5PM 1:30-3:30PM Studio Backroom Vibe Office Reporting 1-4PM Room 311C 6 7 Audio Editing 12-2PM Vibe Office 13 8 Music Review &



    - Sunday FEB 28 Monday FEB 29 Tuesday 1 Wednesday 2 Audio Editing Scripting and Voicing 3-5PM 1:30-3:30PM Studio Backroom Vibe Office Reporting 1-4PM Room 311C 6 7 Audio Editing 12-2PM Vibe Office Reporting 11-2PM Room 315C 13 8 Music Review &



   - Sunday MAR 27 Monday MAR 28 Tuesday MAR 29 Wednesday MAR 30 Thursday MAR 31 Friday 1 Saturday 2 Audio Editing 3-5PM Vibe Office 3 4 Orientation One Time:


Proceso producción de obras 93%

Nuestro proceso creativo se basa en los talleres e intervenciones que se llevarán a cabo, en  dichos eventos recolectamos material para revisarlo y posteriormente intervenirlo.     Estos son los calendarios y la planeación de obras respecto a los mismos.        Evento   Nombre   Lugar   Fecha   Material   Taller   Colores  Sonoros   Play Kids   18 de  julio/12 de  agosto 2016  ­Papeles  Documental  pintados por  niños.   ­Fotografías   ­Video   Intervención   Clase de  teclado   Play Kids   19 de julio  2016  ­Audio  Documental   ­Fotografías   ­Video   Intervención  Play Kids  26 de julio, 2  ­Audio  Documental  y 9 de  ­Fotografías   agosto 2016   ­Video  Intervención   CMS  The  Contempora ry Music  School  26 de julio  2016  ­Fotografías   Documental   Taller   Aproximació n al arte   NÄNXU    18 de  agosto­8 de  septiembre  2016  ­Audio  Obra:  ­Fotografías   “Tiempo”  ­Video  Taller   "Aproximaci ón al  entorno a  través del  arte"  Preparatoria   26 de  septiembre  ­28 de  octubre  2016  ­Audio  Documental  ­Fotografías   ­Video  Intervención   Espejos de  baños   Preparatoria  26 de  septiembre  ­28 de  octubre  2016   ­Papeles  Documental  intervenidos   ­Fotografías   Intervención   Clase de  biología   Preparatoria  26 de  septiembre  ­28 de  octubre  2016  ­Audio  Documental  ­Fotografías   ­Video  Recreo   Resultado   Taller     "Aproximaci Escuela  ón al  Primaria   entorno por  medio del  arte sonoro "  1 al 30 de  noviembre  2016  ­Audio  Obra:  ­Fotografías   “Tiempo”  ­Video  ­Audio  Obra:  ­Fotografías   “Intervención  ­Video  en patio de  escuela”   Intervención   Patio de  escuela   Escuela  Primaria  1 al 30 de  noviembre  2016  Taller   Escuela  Primaria   1 de  ­Audio  Documental   noviembre al  ­Fotografías   15 de  ­Video  diciembre  2016  Cine


aes-ebu-eg 93%

ENGINEERING GUIDELINES THE EBU/AES DIGITAL AUDIO INTERFACE EBU UER John Emmett 1995 european broadcasting union C O N T E N T S EDITOR’S INTRODUCTION ..........................................................................................................


0-15W SDA-15B PC Control FM transmitter Manual 93%

With DAC function, digital audio transmission, more clear and stable audio effect.


KDL-55W804A 93%

Normal/ Full1/ Full2, 4:3 Default Picture Mode Vivid, Game-Standard, Game-Original, Graphics, Sports, Animation, Standard, Custom, Photo-Vivid, Photo-Standard, Photo-Original, Photo-Custom, Cinema1, Cinema2 CineMotion/Film Mode/Cinema Yes Drive 3D Comb Filter 3D Yes Passive Simulated 3D Yes Sound Mode Standard, Cinema, Sports, Music, Game, Compressed Audio Audio Sound Enhancer Yes S-Master Yes S-Force S-Force Front Surround 3D Audio Codec Simulated Stereo Dolby® Digital, Dolby® Digital Plus, Dolby® Pulse, HE-AAC Yes Stereo System NICAM/A2 Audio Output Power 10W+10W Speaker Configuration 2 Full Range (30x80mm) x2 Terminals HDMI™ Connections Analog Audio Input(s) for HDMI USB 2.0 Ethernet Connection Composite Video Input(s) Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Input(s) RF Connection Input(s) 4 1 (Side) 3 port 1 (Vertical) 2 (1 Rear/1 Rear Hybrid w/Component) 1 (Rear/Hybrid) 1 (Bottom) Analog Audio Input(s) 2 (Rear) Digital Audio Output(s) 1 (Rear) Audio Out Headphone Out MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) 1 (Side/Hybrid w/HP) 1 (Side/Hybrid w/Audio Out) Yes Other Features BRAVIA Sync Yes Fast Zapping Yes USB Play DLNA Yes (USB viewer supports FAT16, FAT32, exFAT and NTFS file systems) MPEG1/ MPEG2PS/ MPEG2TS/ AVCHD/ MP4Part10/ MP4Part2/ AVI(XVID)/ AVI(MotionJpeg)/ MOV/ WMV/ MKV/ WEBM/ 3GPP/ MP3/ WMA/ LPCM/ JPEG/ MP Picture Frame Mode Scene Select Yes Photo, Music, Cinema, Game, Graphics, Sports, Animation Parental Control Yes Clock Yes Sleep Timer Yes On/Off Timer Yes Teletext Yes PAP (Picture And Picture) OSD Language PAP(Variable) Afrikaans/ Arabic/ Persian/ English/ French/ Indonesian/ Portuguese/ Russian/ Swahili / Thai/ Vietnamese/ Chinese(Simplified)/ Chinese(Traditional)/ Zulu/ Assamese/ Bengali/ Gujarati/ Hindi/ Kannada/ Malayalam/ Marathi/ Oriya/ Punjabi/ Tamil/ Telugu OSD Language TV Guide On-Screen/EPG Yes (Left 15°/ Right 15°) / Yes Network Features One-touch Mirroring Yes*1 Screen Mirroring Yes*1 TV Sideview Yes Wi-Fi Connectivity Yes Wi-Fi Direct Yes Skype™ Ready Yes Sony Entertainment Network Internet Video Yes Facebook and Twitter Yes ECO Features Dynamic Backlight Control Yes Backlight Off Mode Yes Light Sensor Yes Power Saving Modes Yes General Power Requirements AC 110-240V Power Consumption Approx.


Révisions Données 93%

Type Exemple de moyens de création Exemple d’utilisation Extensions Texte Bloc-notes, Word, Wordpad Traitement de texte, création de documents .txt / .doc(x) Présentations PowerPoint, Pezzi, PowToon Création de présentations .ppt(x/m) Tableaux Excel, Google Drive, Libre Office Création de tableaux automatisés .xls(x/m) Base de données MySQL, Access, Oracle Database Traitement de données massives et automatisées .db / .mdb Diagrammes Visio, Xmind, Dia Diagram Editor Création de petits diagrammes aux éléments interdépendants .xml / .svg Graphiques‫٭‬ Paint, Photoshop, Gimp Création d’une image .jpg / .png Audio Audacity, Ableton Live, FL Studio Ecouter de la musique .mp3 / .wav Vidéo Win Movie Maker, Sony Vegas Regarder une vidéo ou un film .wma / .avi Programmes Visual Studio, Teamspeak, etc… … .exe / .bat ‫٭‬Pour ceux qui hibernaient pendant les cours, on parle ici de fichiers graphiques et non pas de graphiques (diagrammes).


basics of editing - sonar x2 93%

Naming Your Track Once you have a inserted an audio track, you can give it a name.