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The Real Choice 100%

The Real Choice Scotland’s Future / The Tory Threat The Real Choice NHS LABOUR’S  WARNINGS  ON  FUTURE  OF  NHS     Labour  on  Conservative’s  pre-­‐election  NHS  plans   Labour’s   warnings   on   the   plans   of   the   Conservatives   to   pursue   austerity   driven   cuts,   privatisation   of   the   NHS,   and   patient   charging   pre-­‐dates   the   coalition   government   in   Westminster  coming  to  office.


media-policy-independent-journalism-greece-20150511 92%

The financial crisis and the austerity measures imposed since 2010 have served to strengthen these relationships.


David Grodzki-Eurozone Crisis and the future 87%

The Greek government’s request for a joint EU/IMF bailout package in April 2010 saw the interest rates of the country’s twoyear bonds soar to over 15%4 after S&P, but also Moody’s and Fitch, downgraded its sovereign rating to “junk” status.5 Investors, banks and credit rating agencies did not believe the announcements that the bailout package would be sufficient to help Greece return to a more sustainable economic policy, and they were proven right in early May when the country declared it would apply for a three-years €110bn loan, more than twice the original €45bn loan Athens had requested only a week earlier.6 All eurozone countries, except for Slovakia, contributed to the bailout, which was not yet handled by the newly established European Financial Stability Faculty (EFSF).7 Despite austerity measures, severe pay cuts and other attempts to regulate sovereign debt, the Greek economy fell into a deep recession which made a second bailout package unavoidable in October 2011.



It’s a job that affects the daily lives of everyone who lives here, especially as we continue to return the Council to the mainstream after the corruption of the previous independent mayor and fight to protect services from deep Conservative austerity cuts.


TSM general assembly 2013-06-13 agenda 79%

Report back from austerity politics session held immediately prior to general assembly (Martin M) 7.


Jamaica Essay 79%

It can help Jamaica as they can pay off their foreign debt, and also end austerity in the country.


WIN SUMMER Newsletter 2012 79%

While Europeans are sick of austerity, Americans are hoping that congress would embrace a little austerity and balance the budget.


ETUCE Solidarity with GreekTUs2015 78%

5, Bd du Roi Albert II, 9th 1210 Brussels, Belgium Tel +32 2 224 06 91/92 Fax +32 2 224 06 94 European Director Martin RØMER Treasurer Mike JENNINGS While the Greek government and its international creditors are once again at the table to come to terms and find a way out of the devastating economic and social situation of Greece that has its main cause in the austerity policies imposed on the country by the ECB, the EC and the IMF.


Introduction 78%

stability meaning servitude, misery, subservience and development means selling out, privatization, fiscal austerity, cheap and precarious labor.


Academics to BC govt - End Homelessness Not Tent Cities 77%

Tent cities are the product of austerity budgets that have cut social housing spending in Canada;


Press Release - End Homelessness, Not Tent Cities 77%

Tent cities are the product of austerity budgets that have cut social housing spending in Canada;


What is going on in the NHS Feb 2017 76%

Spending needs to increase by 3-4% annually – but Tory austerity means that the increase is much lower than this.





Index Trader July - Final PDF 75%

“Austerity measures look like being around for the foreseeable future and only time will tell whether we will witness 30 years of hurt.” Morris explained that the job of balancing the UK’s books continues to prove an unpopular challenge for the coalition government and that this is only likely to get worse.


VideoGameAnalysis 73%

Video Game Analysis  Tuesdays 6:30­7:20  ​ Syllabus  Instructor:  Name : Nathan Carter Williams  Email: ​  You can contact me at anytime and expect a reply within a few hours.    Course Goals:  In this course, we will discuss how to create a valuable analysis, look at existing  critiques, and write our own analyses. We will examine the influence that visual cues,  non­diegetic sounds, and control schemes play in the total experience of the game. By the end  of the semester, students should ask the questions: "How does the narrative motivate player  action?", "Do all of the mechanics convey the same message?", "How does the art style frame  the rest of the experience?"     Structure:  We will meet every Tuesday from six­thirty to seven­twenty. Here we will either discuss  the reading for the week or I will present a game and/or analysis. There will be a mid­term and  final consisting each of an analysis of your own.    Readings:  There is no textbook for this course. We will be reading materials that I had out in class  and provide online via *blackboard/google drive*. I can recommend a few books though,  Introduction to Game Analysis ​ , by Clara Fernandez­Vara or ​Rules of Play: Game Design  Fundamentals, by Katie Salen and Andrew Zimmerman.    Grading:  A passing grade means that you half participated in at least half of the discussions and  have shown evidence of understanding on your mid­term and final. You should only fail if you do  not engage actively with the material.    Discussion:  During discussion, when you want to contribute, you may raise your hand, and I will write  your name down. After each person in front of yourself has talked, you will be given a chance to  share. You are expected to listen and respond to your classmates and reference the reading to  support your claims.     Your Work:  You have to take your new skills and implement them in your own analysis. For your  midterm, you will observe a game in class and return the next week with a piece of work  deconstructing, critiquing, or interpreting the game. The final requires you to play a game of  ​ ​ your choosing and provide an analysis as a final product of your ability. It is recommended that  you choose a very short or free game (this course is 3 units, so you should not let it interfere  with your busy cmu schedule). You are encouraged to discuss your ideas with other students,  and will be expected to do so in class, but you should cite ideas that others contribute if you do  use them in your paper.     Readings:   Dates all TBD  “Ecce, soror” ; Discount Thoughts   “Flower Song” ; Michael Abbott  “Urban Flight” ; Brett Cutler  “Exchanging Marriage Plows: Gender & Sexuality in ​ ​ Stardew Valley” ; Alayana  “Messianism and ​Earthbound” ; Ethan Gach  “Entropy and austerity and ​Little Inferno” ; Jackson Wagner  “Playing to Suffer­Suffering to Play” ; G Christopher Williams  “Pacing Morality and ​The Walking Dead” ; Daniel Starky  “I Hate Magic” ; Robert Rath  “How I Ruined Journey” ; Accurate Observation  “Finding Myself in the Wastes” ; Daniel Starkley



Planet, taking university from 94 th to 85 th in Green League over three years Shortlisted for the Greenpeace Airplot Architectural Competition 2010 Seat on the FYEG London Youth Forum on Austerity and Socio-Economic Policy 2014 o o Seat on the FYEG Brussels Youth Forum on Social Equality, Education and Unemployment Save The Children Campaigner Conference and Training 2014 EMPLOYMENT Sustainable Architecture Placement – SAP Arquitectos, Sevilla, Spain 21st April-21st July 2014 o design of private residences, offices and hospitals o translation work (English-Spanish and vice versa) Lead Moderator – The Freecycle Network at February 2014-present o maintenance of worldwide online registry, coordination of local groups and forums o promotion of gift economics and community-based society o administrate local groups, moderate posts and provide additional customer support Architecture Work Experience – Gerry Lytle Associates, Guildford 9th-15th July and 6th to 12th August 2012 o design, planning and visualisations of Burpham Foundation Primary School o design and visualisations of Glebelands School o site visit, site analysis and planning of University of Surrey Architecture Work Experience – T.


pretravel-info-pack 71%

With the economy pulling out of a severe economic recession, the new government of President Michel Temer faces threats to its stability from continuing corruption investigations, weak public approval ratings and protests against austerity measures;


QTR 1 2011 70%

Libya uncertainty Japanese nuclear crisis Portugal votes against more austerity measures:


Rassegna OGI 6 maggio 2013 69%

10 Corriere della Sera 11 Financial Times 2 Soldi dai giochi, i conti sbagliati - Coperture con le accise sui giochi solo Stella Gian_Antonio un bluff di conti sballati 7 Italy's change from austerity is all talk, no action Münchau Wolfgang Financial Times 6 Letta's dream book ...


Restoring+Trust 68%

It is highly offensive that a pro-austerity government that has taken so much away from the disadvantaged would vote for a massively above inflation pay rise.