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C172SP Checklist 100%

Cessna​ ​172​ ​SkyHawk​ ​SP​ ​Procedures Before​ ​starting​ ​engine Before​ ​takeoff TEST​ ​AND​ ​SET Parking​ ​Brake SET Electrical​ ​Equipment OFF Flight​ ​Controls FREE​ ​AND​ ​CORRECT Autopilot OFF Flight​ ​Instruments Avionics​ ​Master​ ​Switch OFF Fuel​ ​Quantity Brakes Fuel​ ​Selector​ ​Valve Throttle Open​ ​¼​ ​INCH Mixture Rich Propeller​ ​Area Clear CHECK​ ​BOTH Elevator​ ​Trim SET​ ​for​ ​takeoff Engine​ ​Instruments Auxiliary​ ​Fuel​ ​Pump​ ​Switch ON Strobe​ ​Lights START​ ​then​ ​RELEASE After​ ​engine​ ​start Oil​ ​Pressure AS​ ​DESIRED SET Autopilot OFF SET​ ​for​ ​takeoff Off Brakes ON​ ​as​ ​required Nav​ ​Lights ON​ ​as​ ​required Airspeed Avionics​ ​Master​ ​Switch RELEASE En​ ​route​ ​climb 70-85​ ​KIAS FULL​ ​OPEN ON Throttle Flaps Retract RICH​ ​(lean​ ​>​ ​3000​ ​ft) Mixture Takeoff Climb​ ​Speed 1000​ ​RPM​ ​or​ ​less Radios​ ​and​ ​Avionics Flashing​ ​Beacon Elevator​ ​Control CHECK Check Wing​ ​Flaps Auxiliary​ ​Fuel​ ​Pump Mixture 1800​ ​RPM Throttle ON Throttle Ignotion​ ​Switch RICH Fuel​ ​Selector​ ​Valve Master​ ​Switch Throttle CHECK BOTH Mixture Engine​ ​start Wing​ ​Flaps CHECK​ ​AND​ ​SET Cruise 0-10​ ​degrees Power FULL​ ​OPEN Elevator​ ​Trim RICH​ ​(lean​ ​>​ ​3000​ ​ft) Mixture Lift​ ​nose​ ​wheel​ ​(55​ ​KIAS) 70-80​ ​KIAS 2100-2700​ ​RPM ADJUST LEAN​ ​(if​ ​>​ ​3000​ ​ft) Descent Landing AS​ ​DESIRED Airspeed Power 65-75​ ​KIAS FULL​ ​RICH​ ​for​ ​idle​ ​power Wing​ ​Flaps Mixture Fuel​ ​Selector​ ​Valve AS​ ​DESIRED 60-70​ ​KIAS BOTH Airspeed Before​ ​landing Fuel​ ​Selector​ ​Valve Mixture MAIN​ ​WHEELS​ ​FIRST Touchdown BOTH Landing​ ​Roll Lower​ ​nose​ ​wheel​ ​gently MINIMUM​ ​REQUIRED RICH Braking Landing​ ​Lights ON Taxi​ ​Lights ON Wing​ ​Flaps Autopilot After​ ​landing OFF Securing​ ​airplane UP REFERENCES Maneuvering​ ​Speed 105​ ​KIAS​ ​MAXIMUM Parking​ ​Brake SET Max​ ​Cruising​ ​Speed 129​ ​KIAS Avionics​ ​Master​ ​Switch OFF Never​ ​Exceed​ ​Speed Electrical​ ​Equipment OFF Stalling​ ​Speed 48​ ​KIAS Autopilot OFF Best​ ​Glide​ ​Speed 68​ ​KIAS Mixture IDLE​ ​CUT​ ​OFF Ignition​ ​Switch OFF Flaps​ ​Degrees Master​ ​Switch OFF 10 Fuel​ ​Selector​ ​Valve 163​ ​KIAS LEFT​ ​or​ ​RIGHT 15-30 KIAS 110 85


N2686U Project 0405 95%

Updating an Older Airplane A forty year old Cessna 172 gets a facelift and a new heart April, 2005 Stan Cooper A Metamorphosis from This… …to This 2 N2686U – A ’63 Cessna 172D • • • • • • • • • 2200 Hours Airframe Total Time 220 Hours SMOH – Continental O-300-C Original “Shotgun” Panel Avionics Stack Limited to ½ Height (“T” Control Column) Optional 35 Amp DC Generator Electrical System Circuit Protection:


Notre Dame des Landes OUI ou NON 90%



resume updated 4-13-15 81%

Jun 01, 1986 – Jul 01, 1990 US Navy AT3 – Electronic Warfare Operator (EWOP) Avionics Technician (performed primarily organizational, but also did some intermediate level maintenance).


Alpha 80%


Hundimiento P-78 78%

Patrullero de altura P-78 Cazadora.


PLAN 77%


Pike NAR L3 Package 77%

long Avionics Bay:


Célérité, réalisation d'un court-métrage (TM) 69%

Réalisation d’un court-métrage Célérité Azadbek Bekchanov &


Dogfight Estrecho. EFAs 69%

Mar Mediterráneo. Estrecho de Gibraltar.


Grad portfolio 67%

Space Travel Research EDEN CAPSULE # 4 Working closely with Brandon Pearce, Senior Director of Avionics Hardware Development at SpaceX, the team took on the challenge of desiging a spatial experience for the inside of ElonMusk’s hypothetical Mars Colonial Transporter for a hundred people to travel on a six month journey to Mars.


AA 356 67%

1   Alpha Aeronautics   XJ-2 Personal Jet Aircraft    Final Design Report   EMAE 356     Arik Legman, Alexander Borgestedt, Allyson Beach,  Atniel “Otto” Katan, Chanisara Netsuwan, Felipe Gomez  del Campo, Jonathan Goldson, Masihuddin Ahmed, Tyler  Bauer        2             XJ-2          3                             Abstract  Proposed  herein  is  the  preliminary  design  of  a  personal  jet  aircraft  for  personal  ownership.  The  aircraft  costs  under  $200,000,  is  designed  to  carry  two  passengers,  cruise  for  over  1000  nm  and  operate  from 2,000’ runways.  Specifications for the design of the new aircraft  and  engine  are  listed,  and  manufacturing  methods  and  materials  selections  are  presented.  The  economic  feasibility  of  the  aircraft  are  presented,  and  800  whole  aircraft  sold  per  year  are  required to meet the cost goal.  Cost reduction measures for a kit aircraft are also explored.           4 Table of Contents  Alpha Aeronautics  Personal Jet Aircraft  Final Design Report  EMAE 356  1.0 Introduction  1.1 Mission Overview  2.0 System Overview  2.1 Functional Block Diagram  2.2 Critical Interfaces and Interdependencies  2.3 Risk Identification and Mitigation  3.0 Project Management Plan  Organizational Structure/ Assignments/ Leads  Work Breakdown Structure  Schedule (Full Semester)  4.0 Systems Modeling  Trade Studies  Major Driving Factors  Significant Design Decisions  Technology Readiness Level  5.0 Vehicle Design  CAD model  Weight Budget  6.0 Mission and Operational Capabilities  6.1 Concept of Operations (CONOPS)  6.2 Mission Profiles and Options  6.3 Fuel and Range charts  V-n Diagram  Flight Envelope  Stability Arguments  6.5 Logistics  6.6 Economics  6.7 Reliability  5 6.8 Safety  7.4 Fuselage  7.1 Wing Subsystem  7.1.1 Block diagram  7.1.2 Analysis and Trade Studies  7.1.3 Risk/Mitigations  7.1.4 CAD  7.1.5 Weight Budget  7.2 Flight surfaces and Control  7.2.1 Block diagram  7.2.2 Introduction  7.2.3 Flaps  7.2.4 Control Surfaces  7.2.5 Risk Mitigation  7.2.6 Results  7.3 Landing Gear  7.3.1 Landing Gear FBD  7.3.2 Calculations and analysis  7.3.3 Risk Mitigation  7.3.4 CAD  7.3.5 Other Concepts Considered  7.6 Avionics/Power/AUX Subsystem  7.6.1 Block Diagram  7.6.2 Power  7.6.3 Risks/Mitigations  7.6.4 CAD  8.0 Compliance  9.0 Conclusions  9.1.1 Conclusion  9.1.2 Future Work  10.0 References


Media Package Commercial 67%

One Stop MRO Solutions • Instruments • Avionics • Pneumatics • Electrical Accessories • Mechanical Accessories • Highly experienced team • High quality service • Extensive inhouse repair • Repair management programs • Rotable exchange pool • Global support • 25,000 ft2 Facility • Spares support • Modern equipment • 13960 NW 60th Ave Miami Lakes, FL 33014 • Phone:


Falcon 10 CAM 67%

1422 Exterior Completely Stripped and Repainted by Duncan Aviation in 2004 Overall Matterhorn White with High Gloss Finish Accented with Kingston Grey, Black, and Deep Red Glass Very Clear Avionics RVSM Certified Dual Collins FD-109 Integrated Flight Systems with Flight Director Universal UNS-1K Flight Management GPS Sperry Color Primus 400 Radar Collins VHF20A Honeywell Altimeter ALT-50 AOA Indicator Collins ADF DF-206 Dual Collins DME-40 Fairchild CVR Fairchild FDR Autopilot Collins AP-105 IFCS (941) 896-2655 McGill Aviation, Inc.


agenda-A-20150518-00 (1) 64%

• AMAURI SOUSA – Sócio da Virtual Avionics.