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46-Sri Enny Triwidiastuti 100%

PERBANDINGAN METODOLOGI REDUKSI VARIABEL ANTARA AXIOMATIC DESIGN DENGAN ANALYTICAL HIERARCHY PROCESS DALAM PENGAMBILAN KEPUTUSAN, TINJAUAN DARI SUDUT PANDANG PENGENDALIAN KUALITAS BERKELANJUTAN Sri Enny Triwidiastuti Universitas Terbuka Email ABSTRAK Reduction of variables required for selecting and specifying some of the most important variables without losing the overall information is needed in decision making.


4-Sri Enny Triwidiastuti 73%

METODE AXIOMATIC DESIGN SEBAGAI ALTERNATIF REDUKSI VARIABEL PADA PEMETAAN DAN ANALISIS PROSES BISNIS Sri Enny Triwidiastuti ABSTRACT A business process consist of process analysis, process mapping, review of profit, holistic review and process definition.


CS280StudyGuideExam1Chapters3-5 55%

- Operation - Axiomatic - Denotational operational​ - state changes are defined by coded algorithms denotational​ - state changes are defined by rigorous mathematical functions Chapter 4 If a grammar has left recursion, either direct or indirect, it cannot be the basis for a top down parser.


Thucydides&Rationalism 2005 53%

Nevertheless, keeping in mind the axiomatic nature of all History, which is to say that "elle a pris le parti d'un certain mode de connaître,"i the popularity of the purely rationalist re-constitution of the historical past attests only to the stubbornness of the rationalist presuppositional framework ensconced in the field of historiographical studies, and not necessarily to the historical 'truth of the matter.' For Dr.


thing 52%

Lecture 1 Problems 1*.


Horney - On the Genesis of the Castration Complex in Women 52%

In this formulation we have it assumed as an axiomatic fact that females feel at a disadvantage in this respect of their genital organs, without this being regarded as constituting a problem in itself­ possibly because to masculine narcissism this has seemed too self­ evident to n�ed explanation.


quantalm 46%

This is a paper incorporating quantal topology, algorithmic information theory, axiomatic probability, Kolmogorov complexity, quantum mechanics, and wavelets.


Honors Pre-AP Calculus Final Study Guide 2013-2014 42%

Recent developments in axiomatic probability [34] have raised the question of whether S(M ) ≤ |a|.


BEING - S. Foulkes 41%

This approach - the axiomatic approach I call it has clear potency when the case is such (as it has been for most of the history of Philosophy) that Philosophical theory and/or theory in general is not yet prepared to fully address the concerns of the world.


SonyTriceraPI 39%

Finally, “it is virtually axiomatic that the public interest can only be served by upholding copyright protections.” Tree Publ’g, 785 F.


qunatsym 37%

The first is the Axiomatic Probability Theory, and the second is called Kolmogorov Complexity.


Message to Peterson 34%

Peterson, I’ve spent some years in the attempt to philosophically justify social justice, to provide an axiomatic foundation that creates total logical consistency and subsequently an explanation for the beliefs, actions, and justifications of social justice warriors themselves.


Functors in Differential Geometry 34%

"Therefore he defined the concept of parallel transport in a more axiomatic way.


Masterwork Armaments 33%

Axiomatic Ward Aura :


Masterwork Armaments 2 32%

Axiomatic Ward Aura :


3 30%

Though concessions towards mother-tongue use can be found in some teaching manuals and course books, the basically monolingual TL approach is still largely understood to be axiomatic, and as such, has a major impact on teaching beliefs, teaching methods and teacher training programs (Macaro, 2001, 2005).


The Front Range Voluntaryist Issue #6 - Google Docs 29%

types as "Nazis."  Two sides of the same, shitty, anti-liberty coin.    My  hope  in  writing  this  article  is  to  set  things  straight:  AnCap"  does  not  equal  "Alt-Right!  It  never  has,  and  it  never will. No matter how many  KEK-frog-donning  profile  pictures  emerge  sporting  the  black  and  yellow,  resting  above  content  declaring  the  perceived  inferiority  of  "Jews,"  the  necessity  of  border  security  (even  for  land  not  homesteaded  or  legitimately owned, and  to  clarify,  I  don’t  support  open  or  closed  state-borders),  or  the  virtues  of  gassing  entire  groups  of  millions  and  millions  of  individuals  (No,  I  am  not  joking,  message  me and I will try to  dig up the quote for you, spoken by a leader of the  "Alt-Right-Light"), this stuff remains irreconcilable  with  anarcho-capitalist  principle.  Namely,  the  axiomatic,  immutable  and  objective  reality  of  individual  self-ownership.  The  individual  self  ownership  axiom  dictates  that  it  is  always  objectively  unnatural  and  illegitimate  (if  the  value/goal  is  minimal  violent  conflict)  to  initiate  force  against  another  individual.  Screaming  that  "all  Democrats  should  be  gassed!"  is a violation of  this principle, clearly.    So,  there  you  have  it,  Antifa.  Please  attack  the  real  enemy,  and  not  a  group  of  people  (Voluntaryists/AnCaps)  who  really  just  want  to  leave  you  alone,  and,  more  importantly,  to  be  be  left  alone  by  you.  (If  you  think  I  should  be  killed  for  wanting  to  leave  you  alone,  then  you  are  an  idiot).    Communism  and  Fascism  are  two  sides  of  the  same  coin.  As  an  Anarcho-Capitalist,  I  recognize  the  philosophical  and  objective  illegitimacy  of the  fiat coin and toss it in the trash.    As  usual,  the  Voluntaryists/AnCaps  remain  individualist  aliens  amongst  their  robotic  bandwagon-bastardized  "counterparts,"  who  seem  to be ever-frothing at the mouth to be part of  this  or  that  "movement,"  and  ever-terrified  to  be  an  independent,  self-responsible,  self-thinking,  individual.    To  both  the  Antifa  "left"  and  the  "Alternative  right,"


aer%2E103%2E1%2E415 28%

Fudenberg and Levine (2011) provide an axiomatic approach to model social preferences that include fairness measures that are defined on ex ante versus ex post comparisons.


Opinion 27%

It is axiomatic that we interpret statutes according to their plain language when they are not ambiguous.