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13139176 Daniel Evans Fieldnotes Report 100%

Twitter was used to re-tweet when backers would tweet after funding the campaign.


Resume GarrettLey (1) 95%

ART DIRECTOR • Approached artists, curated, and designed the Only Human Artbook layout featuring my illustrations and 5 other artist’s as a reward to backers.


Resume GarrettLey 95%

ART DIRECTOR • Approached artists, curated, and designed the Only Human Artbook layout featuring my illustrations and 5 other artist’s as a reward to backers.


Dawgen Insight Everything starts with an idea 84%

The documentations made can be used by the entrepreneur once he secures capital from financial backers.


Dawgen Global Insights Vol 1 January 2020 77%

Well, according to some from financial backers so that their decisions will not be affected people, entrepreneurs are great thinkers and so they by their own vested interest.


Milan Samuel W17 v3 74%

Bay Area Immersion, San Francisco, CA, Jan-March 2017 Studied as one of the 11 engineering students--23 total--in a highly selective pilot program that merges journalism, engineering, entrepreneurship, and design in the context of Silicon Valley culture wo r k exp er i ence Beeline Reader, Intern, Winter 2017 skills Industrial Design UX / UI Design Graphic Design Web Design Presentation Design Sketching Prototyping User Research 3D Modeling Assisted Kickstarter campaign for “Read Across he Aisle,” an app that encourages people to break out of their filter bubbles by reading from news sources across the political spectrum-- app exceeded $4500 goal with 127 backers donating $5376 in total Hamamatsu Corp., IT Design Intern, Summer 2015, 2016 Redesigned and organized SharePoint intranet website for company sales employees Revolutionized 300+ slide New Product Introduction for customers by improving its aesthetic and creating a unique navigation system using animation triggers co u r s e s Human-Centered Service Design Communication Design Design Sketching I, II Industrial Design Solid Modeling:


Eloquent JavaScript[1] 70%

The second edition of Eloquent JavaScript was made possible by 454 financial backers.


www-fitness-china-com-flat-bench-press 65%

Make the body cooperate with the machine very well Specifications Date Dimensions (L x W x H) Order ID 1140*680*450 Date Machine Weight Order ID 27kg Date Cushioning Order ID Contoured cushions utilize a molded foam for superior comfort and durability Pads have plastic backers to protect and increase durability Date Instructional Placards Order ID Easy-to-follow instructions illustrate proper use and muscles trained Date Hand Grips Order ID Grips retained with aluminum collars, preventing them from slipping during use;


ALS Brochure-Square 2015 63%

• Complete Design Services • Full Color Printing • Brochures • Promotional Pieces • Clam Shell Inserts • Blister Backers • Top Sheets / Sell Sheets • Instruction Sheets • Warranty Manuals • Folding Cartons • Store Signage • Labels / Tags


Las Vegas Form 56%

Always gives his backers great value and will be there again front and centre, and at the very least his phone going missing is almost a certainty.


CNA-23 Mearsheimer 2006 56%

Its backers also argue that it deserves unqualified 3 de 47 23-01-14 18:28 John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt · The Israel Lobby:


Y2W Sponsor Proposal 54%

As a benefit to our sponsors Y2W will strive to provide the highest level of customer service standards as well as respect and uphold the reputation and values of our investors and backers.


Michael Lindsay Interview 51%

He and I probably did, God, at least 20 shows, you know, backers auctions, that kind of stuff, before it hit.


The Grant Group 2016 Mid-Year Report 49%

The plan would add 51 miles of new and landscaped medians to 100 miles of road medians—backers say this impresses tourists and improves property values.


Kleroterion Short Paper v03 40%

Users of decentralized eBay will claim that sellers failed to send the goods as specified in the agreement, guests in decentralized Airbnb will claim that the rented house was not “as shown in the pictures” and backers in a crowdfunding platform will claim a refund as teams fail to deliver the promised results.


Conference 1 37%

Over the long term, stability and structural transformation within the region will require a new model that can redefine power relations between regional actors (and their international backers).


drudgetoday 33%

3/9/2017 {"R":[[{"color":"n","href":"‐action/senate/323163‐mcconnell‐tax‐reform‐ unlikely‐by‐august","text":"MCCONNELL: TAX CUTS WILL HAVE TO WAIT...","ele":"a"}, {"b":"0","ele":"hr"},{"color":"n","href":"‐calls‐on‐congress‐ to‐raise‐debt‐limit‐as‐deadline‐approaches‐reuters.html","text":"HERE WE GO AGAIN: Mnuchin calls on  Congress to raise debt limit...","ele":"a"},{"b":"0","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐p‐jeffrey/391‐cbo‐says‐us‐has‐ highest‐top‐statutory‐corporate‐tax‐rate‐g20","text":"CBO: USA Highest Corporate Tax Rate In All Of  G20...","ele":"a"},{"b":"0","ele":"hr"}, {"src":"","ele":"img"}, {"b":"0","ele":"hr"},{"color":"n","href":"‐abuse‐ of‐painkillers‐and‐other‐drugs‐described‐in‐court‐filings/2017/03/09/be1a71d8‐035a‐11e7‐ad5b‐ d22680e18d10_story.html","text":"NFL ALL PILLED UP","ele":"h"},{"b":"0","ele":"hr"}], [{"color":"n","href":"‐obama‐shares‐photo‐brother‐baracks‐ kenya‐certificate‐birth/","text":"ALL IN THE FAMILY: Malik Obama shares photo of brother Barack's  'certificate of birth'...","ele":"a"},{"b":"0","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐malik‐obama‐tweets‐alleged‐ barack‐obama‐birth‐certificate‐kenya/","text":"Kenya?","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐trump‐sends‐b‐52‐nuclear‐bombers‐ to‐south‐korea‐after‐north‐fires‐missiles‐at‐japan‐and‐us‐warns‐of‐overwhelming‐ response/","text":"Trump sends B‐52s to SKorea...","ele":"a"},{"b":"0","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","i":1,"href":"‐a‐korean‐missile‐crisis‐ ahead/","text":"BUCHANAN: Is missile crisis ahead?","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐ships‐in‐european‐waters‐spark‐ terror‐fears‐hkdbffdv5","text":"'GHOST SHIPS' IN EUROPEAN WATERS SPARK TERROR FEARS...","ele":"a"}, {"b":"1","ele":"hr"},{"color":"n","href":"‐news/first‐photos‐ radioactive‐wild‐boars‐9996080","text":"First photos of radioactive wild boar roaming Fukushima  wastelands...","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}, {"src":" g","ele":"img"},{"color":"n","href":"‐clinton‐nationalism‐ 235894","text":"BILL WORRIES ABOUT FUTURE OF USA...","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐story","text":"$42M SanFran Penthouse Could  Smash Record...","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐schwarzenegger‐senate‐ 235905","text":"Schwarzenegger for Senate?","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐man‐charged‐after‐dead‐dogs‐found‐inside‐ home/","text":"HORROR: 21 dead dogs found in home...","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}], [{"color":"n","href":"‐","text":"Crime‐fighting robots to  join police force...","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐fast‐radio‐bursts‐powering‐alien‐ spacecraft.html","text":"Scientists propose alien space probes may be source of mysterious 'radio  bursts'...","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐paramounts‐chinese‐partners‐ havent‐paid‐a‐penny‐promised‐1‐billion‐984679","text":"PARAMOUNT Chinese Backers Refuse to Pay  Promised $1B...","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"},{"src":"