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jesuslovesyou 100%

Technology has been blinding me for much longer and keeping me occupied for too long and kept me far from believing his true will to spread the word because NONE of my friends and family were openly spreading the gospel, that is the social pressure of learning, paying mass amounts of money and being normal our teenagers and young adults live in today because they've taken God out of everything, our schools and our pledge of allegiance.



Sometimes I think I’ll marry her because she’s the only one I can stand to spend twenty minutes with.


Assignment2 98%

This is because the data (both x and y) can take on any value within a range.


Roadblock - School problems 98%

I hated Mississippi because many people were corrupted, disrespectful and treated each other lower then dirt.


GeekyBugle12 98%

I’m going to because honestly Joe Glass is a blabbering fool and I feel sorry for the guy, and also because I doubt any of them have the capacity of read anything from “The Enemy” and take it at face value.


pp 97%

I believed that missions 11 and 12 would be great topic choices, because they explored and encountered the moon, and they were part of the exchange that was the space race.


Survival and Prepping-Dooms Day Manual 97%

The Doomsday Skill Manual The concept of “doomsday preparation” often creates images of batty individuals doing strange things because they think the world is about to end.



Salah didn’t buy the farm because he didn’t get financial support from the bank.


Wireframe 97%

Opening Doors “I gave to SIU because I’m proud to be a Saluki!” Student Story:


May, 2018 96%

The man without Christ is still under the bondage of sin, whoever wants to be saved from sin should must come to Jesus because only Him can save the people from their sins.


epicuruspdf2 96%

Epicurus would not deny that we are justified in fearing death because it is often associated with pain.


4852HW1 96%

Alex Pomerenk  arp257    1)  providers either good or bad,   p(negative experience) given provider is bad=.95  p(negative experience) given provider is good=.01    a)  providers are good, eg .005 are bad  p(b) given negative experience  p(bad|neg)=p(neg|bad)p(bad)/(p(neg|bad)p(bad)+p(neg|good)p(good)  =.95*.005/(.95*.005+.01*.995)  =.323=32.3%  if there is a second review that is bad, then that is the same as the probability that it is  bad from the first review OR the probability that it is bad from the second review. This  equals   P(bad|neg) || p(bad||neg)=p(bad|neg)+p(bad|neg)=2*32.3%  =64.6%    b)  providers are good, .7 are bad  p(bad|neg)=.95*.7/(.95*.7+.01*.3)  =.955=95.5%    2)  a)  1) disagree that they must, converse is not always true (if a­>b then not necessarily  b­>a)  2) agree, contrapositive is always true, if a­>b then !b­>!a  3) disagree, inverse is not always true, if a­>b then not necessarily !a­>!b  b)  1) david active, jessica not active; kim good scores, ethan not;  a) if you ask david if he got a good grade, and if he did, then that will confirm  the study (a­>b)  b) if you ask ethan if he participated and he didn’t, then that would also  confirm the study (!b­>!a)  c) if you ask kim if she participated and she did, then that would also confirm  the story (a­>b)  d) jessica’s grades will neither confirm or deny the study (!a does not lead to  anything)  3)  a) neither dominates the other, as b is more likeable but g has more convenience so  neither is at least as good as the other on both counts  b) G dominates F because 3>2 and 4>=4, dominates A because 3>1 and 3>=1,however G  is not pareto­optimal because it is dominated by C (3<4 and 4<8)  c) no it is not pareto­optimal because it is dominated by C(4<=4 and 8>3), however it  pareto­dominates A (4>1 and 3>=2)  d) no because there is no restaurant that is at least as good as all the others in both  categories, and so there can be no optimal restaurant      4) talked to Mike Merrill and Emmett Kotlikoff about this problem  a)  proof by counterexample:  take the example graph below  a­>d  b­>d  c­>d    the set {a,b} and the set {b,c} are both constricted sets, however, the intersection is the  set {b}. |N({b})|=1 and |{b}|=1. 1 !>1 so the intersection of two constricted sets is not  always a constricted set    b)  1) An augmented path alternates between nodes that are in the matching  and not in the matching. Because we cannot end the path at a matched  node, there has to be an unmatched node after. And since the path  always starts with an unmatched node, the path must always be of the  form unmatched, (matched, unmatched), (unmatched,matched), which  has length 1+2(number of sets of matched and unmatched nodes), which  is always an even number  2) Neither is true because the path can start with an unmatched or a  matched node, which means that it could have an odd or even length.


Cultural Marxism book - outline 2 96%

This is because cause and effect are so loose and hard to determine.


online liwayway 96%

I look back at my unspoiled face, a picture I kept preserved in my memory which later became blackened from sorrow and grief, and I would morn because soft features where traded against deep, worried lines.


mock final solutions 95%

0 · 78 ≡ 1009 (mod 1009) 1 · 78 −13 · 78 ≡ 78 (mod 1009) (subtract 13 times from previous) ≡ −5 (mod 1009) (add 16 times to previous) −207 · 78 608 · 78 ≡ −2 (mod 1009) (subtract 3 times from previous) ≡ 1 (mod 1009) Because 608 ∈ {bp/2c+1, bp/2c+2, ..., 3bp/4c} the third circle must be checked.


fuckthis 95%

I started crushing on a dude (Unit One), which was weird for me because I hadn’t had feelings for another person like that in a while.


RG - Pietro Grossi interview transcript final edit 95%

the second story is about two brothers who are given two horses by their father, basically to give them something to do in life because he doesn’t want to have to worry about them.


Email from L 95%

Of course I was blamed - which is just ludicrous because not only was I not there but that is accounting's responsibility.....



 also,  I  enjoy  working  with  people   every  day…  overconfidence,  alternative  stressing  optimism,   every  day  versus  everyday,  everyday  versus  in  general   I  have  learnt  to  work  under  pressure  because  of  the  fact  of   dealing  with  costumers  and  sorting  out  stressful  situations…   British  conjugation,  subordinating  clause,  spelling,  verb  choice   I  am  available  for  an  interview  from  Monday  to  Friday…   preposition  usage   I  would  be  grateful  if  you  consider  my  application…   desperation  versus  appreciation   Dear  sir  or  madam…  formality,  connotation,  alternatives…  To   whom  it  may  concern…    At  the  present,  I  am  working  at  the  municipal  swimming  pool   in  this  town  but  it  would  not  give  me  the  opportunity  to  get   more  experience…  gratuitous  article,  negative  implication,   professional  advancement   To  take  or  do  a  course…  I  got  my  raft  license...


Stana Birthday iBook 2014 95%

You deserve to be more recognized because you are a true talented actress.


Appellant's Reply Brief filed 3-11-15 95%

Sharpe argues that Appellant’s claims are barred by limitations because Appellant judicially admitted that his claims should have been filed before 12/31/09.


Stana Katic Birthday iBook 95%

You deserve to be more recognized because you are a true talented actress.


Romeo and JulietEnglish Version 95%

JULIET Because it’ll mean more if I don’t tell you.


Trends in Tourism Industry (1) 94%

strengthen​ ​security,​ ​cards​ ​instead​ ​of​ ​keys​ ​-->​ ​safer​ ​locks,​ ​training​ ​for​ ​staff​ ​to​ ​be​ ​aware​ ​of danger​ ​of​ ​certain​ ​situations more​ ​camera​ ​security​ ​and​ ​strengthen​ ​security​ ​staff economic​ ​volatility​ ​and​ ​new​ ​business​ ​models money​ ​value​ ​influences,​ ​you​ ​want​ ​to​ ​have​ ​less​ ​tourist​ ​who​ ​spent​ ​more​ ​money because​ ​unsafe​ ​bc​ ​attacks because​ ​its​ ​cheap,​ ​money​ ​is​ ​not​ ​worth​ ​much the​ ​importance​ ​of​ ​ ​the​ ​public​ ​planning how​ ​to​ ​split​ ​tourists,​ ​more​ ​promotion​ ​for​ ​different​ ​cities,​ ​control​ ​airbnb​ ​is​ ​unfair​ ​competition because​ ​no​ ​costs​ ​and​ ​no​ ​control,​ ​to​ ​keep​ ​inhabitants​ ​happy,​ ​uber make​ ​infrastucture​ ​better socio​ ​economic​ ​development​ ​on​ ​all​ ​levels///​ ​network​ ​society linked​ ​in affiliates​ ​because​ ​they​ ​connect​ ​the​ ​person​ ​with​ ​the​ ​company blogs​ ​&​ ​vlogs​ ​ ​because​ ​inspiring​ ​other​ ​people​ ​about​ ​the​ ​next​ ​destination online​ ​booking​ ​platforms,​ ​making​ ​things​ ​easier


Easter bulletin 94%

Because He Lives God sent His Son, they called Him Jesus;