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CNA-11 Clausen 2007 54%

The decline of the mainline churchesin numbers and prestige is a majorfactor in the controversies that beset church and state in America today.


Bay Area Rebellion 50%

A number of locals saw the space as a beacon of hope in a neighborhood beset with widespread drug use and violence.


pamphlet1eng 49%

Canons of the Holy Local Council of Laodicea    34. It has pleased the Council to decree that no one shall sell any ecclesiastical  property,  or  anything  owned  by  a,  church;  which  thing,  if  it  affords  no  revenue,  and  there  is  a  serious  exigency,  should  be  presented  to  the  eyes  of  the Primate (or Chief Bishop), and together with the fixed number of Bishops,  he should deliberate as to what ought to be done with it. But if there be such  an urgent  exigency of the church as  to  preclude  deliberation before  the sale,  the Bishop must call in neighboring Bishops as witnesses, taking care to point  out to the Synod all the circumstances that have beset his church; which if he  fail  to  do  so  he  shall  be  responsible  to  God  and  to  the  Synod,  and  shall  be  alienated from his own honor.  (An cc XXXI, XLI; c. XII of the 7th; c. XV of Ancyra; c. XXIV of Antioch; c.  XLI of Carthage; c. II of Cyril.).    Interpretation.  Church property ought to be inalienable and irremovable from the churches  owning  it.  For  this  reason  the  present  Canon  forbids  every  bishop  to  sell  anything belonging to his church. But if it should happen that any real estate  of a church fails to produce fruits or a profit, and an occasion arises in which  it becomes necessary to sell the property owing to some urgent exigency, the  bishop  must  communicate  this  fact  to  the  Metropolitan,  and  they  must  take  counsel  and  deliberate  concerning  this  matter  with  the  twelve  bishops  appointed for this purpose. But if there should ensue any such great urgency  that  time  does  not  suffice  for  such  interrogation  and  the  holding  of  a  deliberate  council,  he  must  at  least  call  in  the  neighboring  bishops  as  witnesses, in order to be able to use their testimony as evidence to show to the  Synod which is held annually and declare all the circumstances and needs of  his church, on account of which he was compelled to sell the real estate. If he  fail to do this, he is to become responsible both to God and to the Synod, and  is to be shorn of his prelatical dignity and deposed from office. See also Ap. c.  XXXVIII.


The Baruch Plan - One World or None by Nuclear Blackmail 46%

In our success lies the promise of a new life, freed from the heart-stopping fears that now beset the world.


w E 18840000 39%

(John 7:30, 32, 4446.) When Pilate was beset with the Jewish rabble, headed and instigated by the priests, crying, “ Crucify him,” he tried various methods to restore order and spare the innocent;


w E 18940315 39%

We publish the letter now in hope that it may benefit others who may be similarly beset by the adversary.


w E 18930000 38%

Nor do such ever find themselves so beset with the cares The spirit of the world— the disposition and sentiments and vexations of the present life that they can find no of the world on every subject— we find all about us, and cause for thanksgiving;


The Dartmouth Review 10.17.2008 Volume 28, Issue 3 30%

Dartmouth’s Only Independent Newspaper Non-Profit Org.


w E 18910000 24%

we arc forewarned of all the snares and dangers that beset our onward way, so that we may avoid and overcome them;


w E 18870000 22%

She is beset by her dependencies, whose people, under the increasing light of this day of increasing knowledge, are demanding greater privi­ leges and liberties than she feels would be consistent with her self-preservation.


w E 18830600 21%

Every individual child of God is beset with countless snares and dangers.


w E 18980000 21%



w E 18940701 21%

32:8, 9) In this intelligent and proper The Lord and the Apostles take special care to point out to the church the serious significance of her present position, attitude he would have us beware—be cautious, careful and upon which the weighty considerations of her eternal welfare watchful— against all the deceptions and dangers that beset depend.


w E 18940715 21%

the average mineoperator, storekeeper, and manufacturer is so beset with com­ petition and with maturing debts that even an attempt to change from the rut of present custom would mean financial suicide— the wreck of his own business and that of others more or less dependent upon its prosperity.


w E 18940301 21%



w E 18800900 21%

"Let us lay complete immersion into Christ, and who will doubt that if aside every weight and the sin that doth so easily beset and thus dead to self and the world and alive only as a member run with patience the race set before us.'' They that so run (I) [132] Sl!P'tl!MBER, 1880 ZION'S WATCH TOWER (1-2) shall win the prize-be the Bride-the body.