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Graph (1) 100%

k-cross validation (illustration for k = 3) A citation network is defined as a graph in which the nodes represent research papers and the edges the connections between these papers.


Limar.Synchronicity313 99%

Schrodinger’s Cat ‘Wanders’ Between Chromosomes Igor V.


Biomedical-Semantic-Similarity 97%

{jm, jorgemar} Abstract Computing accurately the semantic similarity between terms represents an important challenge in the semantic web field.


Semantic-Similarity-Using-Google 97%

date Abstract Computing the similarity between terms (or short text expressions) that have the same meaning but which are not lexicographically similar is a key challenge in the information integration field.


Intestacy flowchart 97%

Yes Estate divided between children equally No Do you have any parents?


displayofnumberplates 96%

Characters Height 79mm Width (except the figure 1 or letter l) 50mm Stroke 14mm Space between characters 11mm Space between groups 33mm Top, bottom and side margins (minimum) 11mm Space between vertical lines 19mm The character width has been slightly reduced from 57mm to 50mm to accommodate the Eurosymbol on the number plate.


KMeansRE 96%

similarity) to the same nearest mean, then the actual distance between these items also tends to the minima.


Ethyl Carbamate FAC 96%

Between 1986 and 2004, 631 cherry, plum or mirabelle (yellow plum) spirits were analysed for ethyl carbamate using gas chromatography in combination with mass spectrometry after extrelut extraction.


First Nations Oral Histories on Trial 96%

Finding a voice between narrative and discourse Karen Wendelboe MA Intercultural / International Communications 2010 Royal Roads University Word count:


indifference 95%

If a person is really indifferent between two alternatives, then he cannot and will not choose between them.


CHAS - Prof. Chiriano - English 95%

Liz Poore THE COMPROMISE In 1691 the German organist Andreas Werckmeister discovered an ingenious way of tuning instruments, the closest ever achieved to an equal temperament [1], that is to say, to a tone system where the distance between semitones (two successive notes in the chromatic scale) is constant.


Transferable skills poster 95%

§  A significant effect was found between race and donation.


Transferrable skills poster 95%

Participants were asked how much they would donate, and whether the amount would change if they had A positive relationship has been found between age and charitable received a letter from the charity , not giving (Alpizar, Carlsson, &


Semantic-Similarity-Web-Intelligence 95%

date Abstract Computing the textual similarity between terms (or short text expressions) that have the same meaning but which are not lexicographically similar is a key challenge in many computer related fields.


Hardin Simmons 95%

A post-hoc Tukey test was used to determine the differences between groups.


2012 devinli biophysj 95%

Two early single-molecule atomic force microscopy (AFM) studies (14,15) have shown the mechanical stability of globular protein domains depends strongly on the linkage between domains, which defines the loading direction.



3- UPSC gives minimum 4 months gap between its notification and preliminary exam date.


R D Paper sub 95% Not for citation - Comments Welcome Abstract Does cooperation between different countries accelerate the global pace of innovation?


the economics of postal services - NERA- 07-2004 95%

In the next section, Section 6.2, we explore the relationship between costs and mail volumes in more detail.


lanesplitting guidelines 94%

The term lane splitting, sometimes known as lane sharing, filtering or white-lining, refers to the process of a motorcyclist riding between lanes of stopped or slower moving traffic or moving between lanes to the front of traffic stopped at a traffic light.


L20072012Sr 94%

Limar ABSTRACT This paper deals with the version of Jung’s synchronicity in which correlation between mental processes of two different persons takes place not just in the case when at a certain moment of time the subjects are located at a distance from each other, but also in the case when both persons are alternately (and sequentially, one after the other) located in the same point of space.


ContentServer.asp-10 94%

By way of a relational discourse step2 analysis of popular music album reviews, which applies the ecological technique of measuring niche overlaps in the analysis of an ‘aesthetic discourse space’, the genre structure of popular music is compared across a time period in which the field of popular music has been argued to have undergone a process of growing ‘isomorphism’ step3 of aesthetic principles and a blurring of boundaries between genres.


Poster2 94%

Kupfer, 1989) revealed that participants had an average of 7 hours 20 minutes sleep (SE = 0.18) between Time 1 and 2, and 78% rated their sleep quality as ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ good Design and Procedure • The experiment was of a within-participant design where the independent variables were emotional valence (positive or neutral) and task type (image and text) • The chronological format of the experiment is shown in Figure 1, this was organised to avoid floor and ceiling effects • The procedures for the image (the training task involved steps 1-3, with step 4 added during testing Time 1 and 2) and text task are shown in Figure 2 and 3 Participants read a positive (hospital visit to see a newborn cousin) and a neutral (date to a museum) short story for 3 minutes each Step 2 Step 3 Participants rated each text on 11 dimensions (see Wagner, Gais &


Vex 94%

- Move between 2 different points - Ignore the player - Lethal upon contact  Sentry:


HIOKI 3554 ENG 94%

AUTO MEMO soon as reading is stabilized re Toggle between 4 different ways to save data TEST &