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aussiemade 100%

distribution of money, these people are known as billionaires &


rich 93%

Despite some global economic turmoil — plummeting oil prices, weakened Euros, ruinous rubles — it was still a pretty good year for billionaires overall.


Jewish Privilege 1%b 82%

If Jewish Americans make up 2% of the population1… Then why are half of billionaires Jewish?2 Did they just “work harder”?


bernie2016events zoo 65%

  ü Tuition-Free Public Universities ü Making the Rich Pay Their Share of Taxes ü $15 Minimum Wage ü Your Rights o o o o Racial Justice LGBTQ Rights Right to Paid Maternity Leave Right to Quality Healthcare ü Initiatives to Reduce Climate Change ü Stopping Billionaires from Buying Elections !


vinylLp1 65%

J Zone the old maid billionaires superrappin vol.2 visionaries up above brand nubian one for all rasco /planet asia 20.000 leagues under the street j zone a bottle of whup ass battle axe warriors comp.


Green Leaders on GOP vs Dems shorter 62%

more voices, more choices… He is with the progressives on challenging the rigged trade agreements… it's a breath of fresh air… By being brazen, Trump is punctuating the progressive agenda -- the progressive critique of big business, Wall Street over Main Street… I’ve always said the only people who can break up a two party tyranny that stifles the voices of small parties and independent candidates are billionaires, and we got one called Trump.


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the old maid billionaires! ! black marvel!


MMA Hausarbeit Journalismus 60%

Forbes – The World’s Billionaires ..............................................................


Script 58%



2018 Democratic Party Survey 48%

(please choose four) • The repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) • The unconstitutional ban against immigrants from Muslim-majority countries • The deportation of law-abiding immigrants and the building of a border wall • A federal budget that increases military spending by billions of dollars while cutting funding for Medicaid, education, and other programs that help working families and seniors • Defunding public schools and creating “voucher” programs for private schools • Attacks on the civil rights of LGBTQ Americans • Dismantling of EPA regulations that protect our clean air and water • Tax cuts that benefit corporations, billionaires, and millionaires while doing nothing for the middle class • Opposition to common-sense gun safety measures • Loosening restrictions on Wall Street and big banks • I am not troubled by the policies of the Republican Party 2) Which aspects of the Trump presidency do you find most troubling?


Gondwana Alive low-res - Coy 46%

3) potential sponsors¾ megasponsors¾ from among the top billionaires, corporations and foundations around the world;


Glaring-Shadow - A stream of consciousness novel 44%

“Maybe in our age of the billionaires, the ratio could as well be one in a million.” “You may not be off the mark after all,” he said.


Great Awakening 42%

The Great Awakening As best as I can tell.


Exhibits part 2 41%

Gold Sinks to 3-Year Low, and More E •Cigarettes Running Into Serious Hurdles Content from our Sponsors n Car Technology's Biggest Failure Newlywed'c Suicide Exposes Women's Plight in India €» 2 of 4 THE RICHEST China's Top 10 Richest Biiiionalres in 2013 IM/ESTOPEDt* 4 Billionaires Who Broke the Mold m .


dollar 40%

Because for the first time in the history of Indian art collection, the top billionaires are buying art.